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Golden Futures (GF) Volunteers

Welcome to our new GF volunteers, Toby, Emma, Verity and Shyam who will be working for NFC for the next six weeks! They are quite ambitious in taking on updating the GF created Phnom Penh University Guide, counseling recent NFC graduates on university and curriculum choices, helping with loan applications, helping to find work opportunities for older students. In addition they will be conducting life skills workshops and teaching English to NFC students as well as students from other NGOs and the local community.

Our thanks go to both the Golden Futures Board of Directors, who have consistently sent enthusiastic, qualified volunteers to help the students at NFC, and to our current volunteers who are anxious to get started on the many tasks before them!

6th Annual NFC Cycle Challenge Raises 1950 GBP!

We are thankful to Tony Sparrow, the 6 riders, 3 support people and sponsors of  the sixth annual NFC Cycle Challenge which raised over 1950 GBP for New Future for Children!

This is a description of the ride:

"A month before 'Le Tour de France' sets off, we (roughly) followed the route over the weekend of 7th-8th June - that's 132 miles one day and 123 the next! The 6 riders - Howard, Bob, Al, Steve, Neil, and Lee - covered the route in 3 stages each day; they all did at least 2 stages, though Al completed them all - that's over 250 miles and some 18 hours in the saddle! There were 3 support vehicles - Tony, Andy and Neil - who shepherded them round and got them to and from the staging points."

- Cycling time – 17hrs 22min    
(like 2 full days at work!)
- Calories burned – 11,192       
(nearly 4 times average daily intake for a man; 5 times for a woman!)
- Climbing (ft) – 21,914                     
(nearly 75% of the way up Mt Everest!)
- Distance – 260 miles                      
(10 marathons!)
- Average Speed – 15mph                        
(with all them hills!)

Congratulations on a great job in riding and raising funds!

NFC Midway House Residents Elect 1st Female Coordinator

Aon Bopha, a 3rd year student of dentistry at International University, has been elected as the latest coordinator of the students at Midway House (MWH). She said there are three reasons she wants to be the house coordinator; 1) she wants to get the experience in leadership and management, 2) she wants to improve the house environment to be a better place to live and 3) she wants to keep the MWH students focused on the original goals of the project.

The goal of creating MWH was as a transition environment where NFC university students and students from NFC partner organizations could live and learn how to become independent, responsible individuals and how to deal with each other.

Children's Family Celebration

NFC's charter is to help orphans and vulnerable (at risk) children. April 11th was a day where children's closest relatives, whether parents, grandparents, brothers or sisters, were invited to celebrate and learn more about the children's life's and the people that take care of them in a family celebration.

The NFC director, Suon Socheat, presented how NFC has cared for the children and how they have progressed. The celebration was funded by NFC and NFC Midway House students. NFC guests were served Khmer Curry with Khmer style noodles, bread and soft drinks. All of the children's relatives really appreciated what NFC has done to support their children. Many expressed fears of what might happened if these children had not been taken care of and educated at NFC.

Australian Gym Provides New Football Uniforms for NFC Players!

Michael Davitt, the owner of Jetts Wollongabba Gym in Australia, funded the purchase of football uniforms for all the NFC football players.

Westline School Representatives Meet with NFC

All the children at NFC studying academics attend The Westline School (private). Administrative Staff and Senior Teachers of The Westline School met with NFC director Suon Socheat on June 27th at NFC to discuss strengthening relationships and maintaining good cooperation between both institutions. 

Specific topics included discussion of how to improve the children's education at Westline and renewal of the financial contract with NFC requesting continuing discounts for the children's fees. The meeting went very well!

We would like to thank The Westline School staff for donating notebooks to the NFC students during their visit!

Japanese GFA Group Provides 2nd Football Clinic for NFC Players

Global Football Academy Soriya (GFA) is soccer academy in Cambodia coached by Japanese professional football player Mr. Ota. Members visit orphanages and schools in Cambodia to give football lessons and organize football tournaments. On May 6th they made their second visit to NFC to teach and play football with the NFC children.

NFC Children Receive Final Hepatitis Vaccination

June 8, 2014 was the 3rd and final vaccination against hepatitis B for the NFC children. Many thanks to Mrs. Srun Phana, and her medical colleagues who volunteered their time to vaccinate the children. Sincere thanks to the Huber family for funding this project in memory of their son, Clemens, who volunteered at NFC.

Gerardine Raises Funds for NFC at Her Birthday & Farewell Party 

For her birthday party, Gerardine Scully asked for donations to NFC instead of gifts. Through this event she raised over $500 for NFC! The party was at Raffles Hotel Le Royal and featured an excellent buffet, dance performances by the NFC children, an updated "Introduction to NFC" video, a presentation by NFC director Suon Socheat and dancing until the late hours! Thanks so much to Gerardine! We will miss you!

We also wish to thank 
Muriel Stockheim, Master of Ceremonies and Elisabeth Gjemmestad, co-organizer.

NFC Child Recognized as an Outstanding Student at Westline School!

Our grade 10 student, Lang Sokheng, was recognized as an outstanding student at The Westline School for the 2013-2014 academic year and presented with an achievement certificate from the CEO of the Westline Education Group!

Gerardine Donates Refrigerator to NFC!

NFC is excited to have been given a modern, reliable refrigerator to store perishable groceries and provide refreshing, cool water to students and staff during the hot Cambodian summer!


3 NFC Students Sponsored to Study at University by Laurence! 

Laurence Peak, who visited NFC with the Hove Curry Club and played against the NFC football team, has offered to sponsor three NFC students to study at university! We are very thankful for this generous support that will make a huge difference in these children's future's!

NFC Graduates Mnorsen & Boreth Wedding Celebration!

Many NFC students joined Doch Mnorsen (left) and his lovely bride Mon Boreth as they celebrated at the reception after their wedding on May 11, 2014 at Takeo province. Mnorsen and Boreth got to know each other well before they were married as they grew up together at NFC.

Mnorsen  and Boreth both came to NFC in 2003. Boreth graduated from Norton University in Finance and Banking in early 2013 and left Midway House in August 2013.

Mnorsen started studying Information Technology (IT) at SITEC University at the end of 2010, has completed his in class studies and will graduate in early 2015. Mnorsen has secured a full time job at a local Phnom Penh company.

Our thanks to the donors and sponsors who invested their funds, energy and love to make it possible for these students work towards a bright new future

We hope Mnorsen and Boreth enjoy their new life together. Congratulations!

International Children's Day at NFC

On the 2nd of June, 2014 NFC celebrated International Children's Day.
The purpose of the celebration was to help children from NFC and other organizations understand their rights as well as to have fun. The children came away with a better understanding of their rights and certainly had fun playing a variety of games during the event.

Chris's Birthday and Gerardine's Birthday & Farewell Party at NFC

On behalf of NFC, I would like to say "thank you" to Gerardine Scully and Chris Merritt who celebrated Chris's birthday party and Gerardines birthday and farewell party at NFC on June 21st. They sponsored a special meal with chicken, beef, fish and vegetable dishes accompanied by soft drinks followed by ice cream for all the children, staff, volunteers  and special guests at NFC. - Suon Socheat

I know that Gerardine and I thoroughly enjoyed the party! The traditional and break dance performances by the NFC children never cease to amaze us and the one this night was no exception! The meal was wonderful, followed by enthusiastic dancing that covered styles from traditional to hip-hop with special solo performances from kids, staff, volunteers and visitors. - Chris Merritt

Pannasastra Staff Meets with NFC to Offer Help to NFC Students

On June 22nd, senior professors from Pannasastra University (Phnom Penh) came to visit NFC.

We had a discussion covering three significant points;
1) NFC requested information and assistance with scholarship programs that might be available for our children,
2) NFC requested a discount on Pannasastra's University fees for NFC students, and
3) NFC requested help from Pannasastra for NFC children who have difficulties learning.

Afterwards Mr. Ratha, the dean at Pannasastra University, met with the children and shared his experiences and gave some advice on how to be succeed in studying and in life. The children appreciated this advice coming from a successful Cambodian educator who graduated from a well known Cambodian university.

One out of these requests, the 3rd, has been acted on already as there is a competent, foreign volunteer from USA who has come to help two NFC boys who have a problem with reading. The boys will join a reading program on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings.

Points 1 and 2 will be brought to their managerial committee for possible solutions. They have promised to help with the children's education as needed..

Our thanks to Ms. Nimol, the coordinator of Outreach International Cambodia, who arranged this worthwhile meeting! - Suon Socheat

UK Volunteer Teaches
Math & Sciences

A volunteer from the UK, Benjamin Williams, is teaching mathematics and science to NFC students. Ben started on June 3 and will be volunteering for three months. It has been a bit challenging for him as he is teaching different grade levels in the same class, but we are really excited about the great work he is doing in these important areas of education that have seldom been taught at NFC. Great job Ben!

Students Achievement Records

Grade 10:
- Lang Sokheng: # 3 in May, # 2 in June
- Ngoun Dara: # 4 in June
 (Total students = 12)

Grade 11:
- Sorn Sreychom: # 3 in May     
- Im Touch:          # 4 in May    
(Total students = 12) 

Grade 12:
- Nouch Sareoun: # 4 in May    
- Sao Kosal:        # 4 in June    
(Total students = 13)

Children Given Clothes Shopping Spree Sponsored by local restaurant owner Intan!

On Sunday afternoon the 8th of June the NFC children were treated to a shopping spree to the amount of $15 each to buy clothes of their choice! This was generously sponsored by Ms. Intan Kosem, co-owner of the Tamarind Restaurant.

Westline Mobile Library visits NFC

On July 26th, The Westline School mobile library came to NFC for a full day program which was organized by teachers from the Dept. of Social Work, librarians and volunteers from The Westline School.There were many worthwhile activities organized during the day, such as reading and learning to summarize a story, lessons in hygiene, a leadership workshop, performances and sport activities.

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