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Dads from Singapore Play Soccer with NFC Children and Raise Funds!

March 15th, 2014 an enthusiastic group of Dads (expats) based in Singapore came to NFC to have a friendship football match with the NFC children. The soccer dads are members of the Hove Curry Club (HCC) 

The Dads visited NFC in the morning, were welcomed by the NFC children and were taken on a tour of the facilities where the kids answered lots of questions! Afterwards the HCC group invited some of the children to join them for lunch. This time the kids asked as many questions as the visitors!

The HCC group next visited Midway House before heading to the Cambodia Country Club soccer field for the Soccer games. Despite the intense heat, the teams from both groups  were intent on winning. During the entire game sweat dripped profusely from players brows! After lots of good action, a few mishaps and some hilarious moves the score ended with NFC 5 and HCC 3.

After the games everyone headed back to NFC where the NFC children, some who had been playing in the soccer games earlier, performed traditional Khmer dances and break dances to the amazement of the HCC group. The NFC kids still had energy to spare!

Everyone then headed up for a well deserved banquet of Thai Curry, Sweet & Sour Grilled Fish, fresh, stir fried vegetables, corn on the cob and soft drinks followed by an assortment of Cambodian fruits.

Afterwards everyone had a chance work off some of the meal by joining in traditional and Khmer dancing. It was a fun ending to a great day that will be remembered for a long time!

On returning, HCC wired over $5,000 to NFC that they had raised to help support the children! Sincere thanks on behalf of the children of NFC to the HCC group and they look forward to a return visit next year!

German Guests Join NFC Party Hosted by Elisabeth

On 22nd February 2014 our advisor to director, Elisabeth Gjemmestad, sponsored a party for her visitors from Germany, Klaus Stegemann and Christa Dohmann. They appeared to thoroughly enjoy the traditional and break dance performances by the children as well as the food! They brought soft drinks for the party and candy from Germany for everyone, which was much appreciated.

Thanks to NFC Sponsor Minera!

We wish to express our sincere thanks on behalf of the children of New Future for Children for Minera's commitment of significant support to the NFC budget for the children in the year 2014! Representatives from Minera visited NFC last year. Minera is an innovative company with a future-oriented and market-driven supply around the themes of mobility and heat energy. 

Japanese Coaches Run Football Clinic at NFC

On Monday 10th February, 2014, four football coaches from GFA (Global Football Academy) Soriya, Japan came to NFC to do a small football clinic. The winning team received beautiful football shirts, while all the participants were given sports towels. GFA trainers donated footballs and pencils to the NFC children. The NFC children thoroughly enjoyed the event from beginning to end! 

Progress Update on Recovery of Students in Accidents

Two NFC students legs were broken and required surgery after motorbike accidents as reported in the NFC November Newsletter. Both Sorn Sreychem and Luy Bonthou have recovered well and are walking unassisted! We want to convey sincere thanks to the sponsors who paid for their surgeries, Kerry Sieh, Elisabeth Gjemmestad and Gerardine Scully!

Vitchheang Studies English in Singapore

We are pleased to announce that Thy Vitchheang officially began his full time study of English at Uptrend College in Singapore on February 17th, 2014! He is our first student to study in another country.

NFC Students Progress in Studying for international ICDL Certificate

We are proud to share that Thy Vitchheang has become the 3rd NFC student to pass all 7 modules of International Computer Driving License (ICDL) and has received the internationally recognized certificate! With only 1 module to go, Chhorn Laluy, Ngoun Dara and Ny Samnim are close on his heels. Sao Kosal has 2 to go and Hang Sochann 3.

Chea Sopheak Graduates, Works as a Nurse!

Former NFC student, Chea Sopheak, graduated from nursing school and moved out on her own in late 2013. She succeeded in securing a full time position working as a nurse at the Color Kids International School in Phnom Penh. Sopheak has a flat-mate and lines in an area north of Phnom Penh that is very close to her work place. She feels happy and proud to have a job in nursing, a good place to live and enough income to cover her living expenses.

NFC Clinician Trainee Photo Used in Newspaper Article!

NFC Student Cheat Hun, seen in the photo above, is one of the eight students being trained as a clinician at All Ears Cambodia (AEC)! This is an except from the full article:

"AEC opened a school last August to train Cambodians in ear healthcare and audiology. A high school education is required, along with a commitment and unwavering passion to help people. It follows the World Health Organization-approved methodology for addressing hearing loss in the developing world.

“There is a desperate need for more professionals,” Chroston said. “We’ve taken on eight students and we’re trying to move toward a fully accredited course so that we can take in a larger pool of students, but as a two-year course, it takes a little time.”

The two-year course is a way to build human resources in Cambodia and is meant to equip the students (future clinicians) with the ability to deliver audiology services and primary ear healthcare to those who need it in the country."


NFC PSE Student Sor Pech

We are pleased to report that Sor Pech is very happy studying residential and commercial painting at the one of the best vocational training centers in Cambodia, Pour Un Sourire d'Énfant (PSE), which translates to "For the Smile of a Child". 

We Welcome NFC's New Accountant!

We would like to welcome Mok Amarakangha as the new accountant for NFC! She started work on the 17th of March. Before coming to NFC she worked at Namin International Cambodia.

NFC Expands it Programs to reach Community Children!

March 17th NFC welcomed and enrolled five children from the local community for computer courses at NFC! This is part of a move for NFC to expand our services to the local, poor residents in the Chhbar Ampov area.

Please pick the "Donate" button above to donate to the children at NFC or go to:



Gift Aid Arrives from 2013 Bike Event

We are thankful to Tony Sparrow for organizing the amazingly successful and continuing bike events in the United Kingdom! This year it was an intense 470 mile relay ride! We are also thankful that, years ago, he created a charity in the UK for NFC that allows NFC to receive additional Gift Aid funds, which we have recently received. Thanks so much!

Lydia, Long Term Supporter of NFC, Sponsors Dinner for NFC Children!

The party was sponsored by Lydia Sparrow, who was a long term volunteer, NFC Board of Director's member, and who successfully encouraged her family to start a charity that raises a significant amount of funds for the children at New Future for Children every year!

She said reuniting with the NFC children and staff was a pleasant change after the several years she spent working in Afghanistan where there were very limited social opportunities.
The dinner party was celebrated on Valentine's Day, which seemed like an appropriate time to share and receive love from those she had helped. 


Thank You Michael!

On behalf of the children of New Future for Children (NFC), we would like to express our sincere thanks to Michael Gainger, the owner of The Tamarind Bar & Restaurant, who purchased and donated ten new bicycles, fifteen bicycle helmets, school supplies, stationery and batteries for UPS systems for the computer lab.

Welcome New NFC Board Members!

We would like to welcome Ngoun Kimleng (photo on right) and Uong Narath as new members of the NFC Board of Directors!

Ngoun Kimleng comes to the board having a wealth of experience with day to day operations and finances at NFC as, until recently, she was the accountant for NFC. We deeply appreciate her willingness to continue helping the children of NFC through volunteering to be an NFC board member.

Chork Ratana's Wedding

A large number of NFC staff, students and volunteers were very glad to attend and celebrate the wedding of Chork Ratana to Pheap Sokreth from his home province of Prey Veng! We wish them the best in the future!

Student Achievements

After graduation from the General English Program (GEP) at the Bonna Institute of Cambodia (formerly New World Institute - NWI), Thy Vitchheang and Chhorn Laluy had the initiative to apply to take Anglia exam (Advanced Level) to gauge the level of their English abilities. Both of them passed the exam at the advanced level for listening, speaking and writing. The Anglia Certificate is recognized by most European countries.

NFC Artist Yem Da visits Japan

NFC's artist, Yem Da, along with about 190 other vocational school and university students from Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam were sponsored to visit Japan from March 9th to the 19th as part of a program on the theme of “History and Culture” under the JENESYS 2.0 project.

Yem Da visited Tokyo to observe historical buildings and music-related facilities and also to have one on one exchanges with university students. The large group was then divided into six groups to learn about six different prefectures through visiting a local government office, a local company and several popular sights. They stayed with local families learning hands-on about the culture and exchanging views with the family members and local residents.

This program is expected to enable these youths to deepen their understanding of, and interest in, Japanese brands and Japanese values. It is hoped that when they return they disseminate their experiences to their respective countries.

NFC Students Graduate from Bonna Institute!

Under the the category of, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!", Nouch Sareoun  passed the highest level English exam at Bonna Institute with a very good score of 83/100. She had failed the exam in a previous attempt five months ago, but asked to retake the same level again since this was the last level needed to graduate. She worked very hard and secured one of the highest scores achieved by an NFC student.
Sareoun wants to continue her study of English by studying for the "Test of English as a Foreign Language" 
(TOEFL) exam. This will help her as she applies for scholarships to study abroad.
Sareoun is in grade 12 and will graduate from high school this year. If she is unable to secure one of the very few full scholarships available for study overseas, she hopes to find a sponsor for attending university in Cambodia.

We are also pleased to report that Sorn Sreychom, a grade 11 student, has successfully completed the General English Program (GEP) at Bonna Institute of Cambodia.

Solar Energy Workshop At PicoSol Cambodia

NFC students had the opportunity learn about solar energy and it's use in Cambodia through a workshop provided by PicoSol. The workshop included a gift of the materials and instructions for each child to make a solar powered sunflower pinwheel.

"PicoSol considers Cambodia's solar resources as an opportunity for a sustainable development of the rural areas. The sun is a free, inexhaustible resource of energy. Cambodia has great opportunities for solar energy. Even during the rainy season, the conditions are excellent.

About 75% of the 15 million Cambodians have no access to reliable electricity. Basic infrastructure like an electricity grid is mainly available in Phnom Penh and provincial towns. Most of the people live in the countryside. In PicoSol's vision, the introduction of solar power for Cambodia's population will contribute to improvement of rural life."

NFC Student Ratana Interns at Angkor Brewery

As part of Chork Ratana's Civil Engineering program he is doing an engineering internship at Angkor Brewery in Sihanoukville.

Ngoun Dara Accepted into the "Opportunity Scholars Program"!

NFC student Ngoun Dara has been accepted into a program to assist Cambodian students to be admitted to and apply for scholarships to USA colleges and universities!

Dara, currently in 10th grade, will begin intensive English language study after school at Pannastra University.  In 11th grade he will begin preparation for the TOEFL and then move on to SAT preparation.  In 12th grade, with program assistance, he will apply for admission and scholarships to U.S. institutions of higher learning.

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