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Is this the End of NFC? Another Financial Crisis...

First I wish to thank of all you who responded so generaously to our plea for funds in March for the basic operating expenses for the children at New Future for Children. This has allowed us to continue from the end of March through to the end of August at which point our funds will be exhausted.

We have been working hard to try to find new donors as we know many of you have given as much as you can. We have some people who have expressed interest in helping us, but so far no commitments, so I am called to ask if any of you, former or new, can help the children here continue to live and learn here.

As per articles in this newsletter, we have found people to fund the cost for continuing the students education at Westline School and have found funding for school supplies, clothing, school bags and school shoes but lack the basic funds to enable the children to stay at NFC.

Please help the children stay here if you can by selecting the "Donate" button at the end of this newsletter.

NFC Student Achievements!

Sorn Sreychom received recognition at the Westline awards ceremony as the 3rd best student for the year in her class! Ngoun Cheata placed 1st for the Semester in her class of 8. 
Our four students taking the important 9th grade exam all passed! Congratulations to: Im Touch, Im Chantha, Lo Rotha and
Sorn Sreychom. Other results from the Westline School include:

Grade : Name : Rank (#)
12: Pet Sreypov   #1 in Mar, #2 Apr & May
12: Sao Pheasa    #1 in Apr & May, #2 in Mar
12: So Vannak     #3 in April & May
  9: Sorn Sreychom #2 in Feb, 1st Semester, Mar, Apr, May, June, #3 for 2nd Semester & Annual Result
 7: Sorn Tola      #3 in Feb
 5: Ngoun Cheata  #1 in Feb & 1st Semester, May & Annual Result, #3 in Mar & Apr

NFC English Classes (2 groups):
1: Sorn Sreychom  #1 in Feb, Apr, Jun & Jul, #2 in Mar & May
1: Ngoun Dara     #1 in Mar, #2 in Feb, Jun & Jul
1: Lo Rotha       #1 in May, #2 in Apr
2: Pet Sreypov    #1 in Feb, Jun & Jul, #2 in Apr & May
2: Sao Pheasa     #1 in Mar, Apr & May, #2 in Jun & Jul
2: Thy Vitchheang #2 in Feb

Khmer-English Classes (2 groups)              
1: Seur Solida     #1 in Feb & May, #2 in Mar & Apr
1: Ngoun Cheata    #1 in Mar & Apr, #2 in Feb
1: Chea Chansreyda #2 in May
2: Lay Sovanronika #1 in Feb, #2 in Apr & May
2: Sambath Sokha   #1 in Jun, #2 in Feb & Mar
2: Lang Syna   #1 in Mar, Apr & May, #2 in Jun

Outstanding Volunteer Ian Returns to the UK

We have had a number of outstanding volunteers at New Future for Children and Ian was certainly one of them! His combination of experience, maturity, cleverness, humor, warmth and cheerfulness enriched all of our lives and we miss him!

We wish him the best on his return to the UK to rejoin his family who, I'm sure, sorely missed him as well. We only allowed him to leave on the condition that he would promise to return. We look forward to his next visit/volunteering time!

Don & Jennifer from the USA give Hygiene Kits to NFC Students

The students were happy to recieve hygiene kits; including face cloths, tooth brushes, toothpaste, shampoo and other items, donated by Don and Jennifer Willie and their friends! The staff and children were quite surprised to hear this pale American speak and joke around in the Khmer language with perfect ease.

Before meeting him, our director thought Don was Khmer from speaking with him on the phone. Don and Jennifer were able to see the children do a short dance piece based on the song "You've Got a Friend in Me" from the film "Toy Story" to be used in a exchange program with a UK school. Thanks for visting and helping the children!

GIZ Volunteer Clemens Returns to Germany After Changing Lives

Many NFC students will miss German volunteer Clemens, (shown in the photo above with Rotha), as will the staff, as he has returned to Germany after volunteering for 1 year at NFC. He worked assisting in the English classes, did individual tutoring and interviewed the children for the health questionnaire among other activities. We wish him the best and hope he will return in the future to visit or volunteer!

Westline Trip to Sorn Tuk Mtn. & Kompong Thom

Westline School arranged a trip to Sorn Tuk Mountain and to Kompong Thom where simple gifts were given to the villagers.

27 children from NFC participated in the trip that was on Saturday, July 21st, 2012. The students reported that they had a wonderful time at Sorn Tuk Mountain and a meaningful visit with the residents of the village in Kompong Thom.

Stichting Dom-ray Supports Children to Attend Westline!

Emily Cohen's foundation Stichting Dom-ray has provided $5,000 to fund the children to attend the Westline School this year! We are very thankful to her that the children are able to continue an excellent education at this community oriented school!

Birthday Party & 5th Year Celebration for Chris Merritt

This is Chris's 5th year at NFC and he was thrilled to share it with the gathering of children, staff volunteers and friends at New Future for Children! There was wonderful Khmer traditional and break dancing. Later on everybody was invited to dance.

Chris donated money for a special dinner of Thai curry, baked whole fish, stir fry vegtables and corn on the cob prepared by our amazing cook! Chris's landlandy provided excellent traditional Khmer desserts and Elizabeth G. provided a special treat of four homemade cakes that were quickly devoured!

Chris said, "I feel very fortunate to be able to work with these wonderful children, helping them towards a new future for themselves and for Cambodia. I can't believe it's been 5 years except when I look back on the pictures of when I first arrived see 15 young children who are now in university getting ready to pursue their dreams."
Please pick the "Donate" button above to donate to the children at NFC or go to:

A Special "Thank You" for Donations Goes to:

Mel White
Kerry Sieh
Tony Sparrow

JCA Support UK
Joe Hoffman - KNL Foundation
Emily Cohen
David Mead

Michael Gainger
Rangitoto College
Trond Nubdal

Rotary Club of West Perth
Dr. Richard Wagner
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Cooper
Lee Abrams
Ian Aldred
Sarah Andrews
... and Many Others!

Returning Volunteer Jonny Boosts NFC English Program

Jonny Lewington, an NFC volunteer from several years back, returned to provide workshops for the NFC English class after having taught English professionally in Vietnam for several years.

His practical experience in teaching English as a foreign language, professional yet comfortable presentation style, and his gift to the children of the best of what he has learned greatly accelerated the English program at NFC! He donated notebooks to all the children strictly for recording new vocabulary as well. Thanks for giving to the children of NFC again!

Primary School Students from Singapore Visit NFC Children!

On June 3rd children from the Singapore Opera Estate Primary School visited NFC, brought school supplies and food, watched NFC children perform Khmer dances and performed their own dances and songs.It was a fun event enjoyed by all!

Ian's Party July 15

Photo of some of the NFC children gathered to say "goodbye" to Ian.

Sat Sakana - Profile

With a glisten in her eyes and a sense of sure determination to achieve, be it from attempting a new skill or pronunciation of a difficult foreign word, Sakana is a critical judge of her own success; she is a highly driven young girl and a sure inspiration to those around her, volunteers and peers alike.
Sat Sakana has been at NFC since 2004. “I came to NFC because of problems in my family, my mother and father broke up and afterwards we were extremely poor and my mother could no longer cope with caring for her children.” In desperation, her mother found out about NFC and Sakana was accepted to begin a life with hope and promise. 
“Now that I am at NFC, I am safe and don’t think much about the problems I had before. I have opportunities here, like learning computer skills, that I never thought I would get a chance to have.”
Sakana attends 10th grade at Westline School (Khmer education). An avid reader she enjoys the wide selection of Khmer and English books available in the library, “My favorite subject is Khmer. Since attending Westline School, my writing has improved and now I can really enjoy reading Khmer and English books. “
When asked about her favorite things at NFC she replied, “The food (giggles)! Yes, I love the food! using the computers and, of course, my friends and all the people that work here.” Besides studying, she recently started to learn to play the guitar. “I never knew how much I’d like playing the guitar!”
Sakana is an extremely focused and ambitious young lady. On graduating from NFC she intends to set up her own wholesale business before continuing on to university. “I want to get experience in the working world so I can apply this to my future education. I wish to earn money first, and then be able to fund the rest of my education myself. By the end of this year I intend to have completed my project proposal for my business plan, so that I can go ahead and begin searching for advisors, sponsors and partners.”
Let us hope that this is the first of many young business entrepreneurs to come from NFC!

"Arts to Orphans" Shares Expertise with NFC!

We wish to thank Rachel Wise from "Arts to Orphans" for spending two weeks with the children instructing them in dance, acting and music in preparation for a 3-month series of workshops in 2013. She also took on a project to establish sharing between NFC students and children in a classroom in the UK. Her goal oriented instruction, skills and enthusiasm provided a great role model for the children and inspired some of them to learn new skills, such as playing guitar.

Makra Passes 7 Exams to Receive ICDL Certificate!

We are very pleased to announce that NFC graduate Ngoun Makra, who suffered a brutal attack last October, has recovered and been rehabilitated to the point where he has passed all seven modules of the ICDL exams and will receive the International Computer Driving License Certificate!

I wish to thank Josh Hoskin, a former volunteer from the UK who looked after and guided Makra after the accident for minimal compensation, our computer teacher, Kong Chan Dina, who also spent one-on-one time with him to accelerate his learning of the ICDL material and English teacher Long Ang for accepting him into his English class to improve Makra's English skills that will aid him in teaching.

Golden Futures Volunteers Arrive at NFC!

We are pleased to welcome a new group of volunteers, Sadiq, Shiv and Ipek, from Golden Futures, a charity that provides loans for students for university or for starting a business.

They have two major tasks; interviewing the children in regards to loans and updating the University Guide that was originally created and is maintained by Golden Futures. They have jumped in "with both feet" and have already conducted many interviews with the children.

Michael Gainger Donates for School Supplies & School Clothes!

We have been struggling with funding and were thrilled to have Michael Gainger, 1/2 owner of the Tamarind Restaurant, offer to donate to buy things the kids needed for school.

He was like a summer Santa Claus asking what was needed for school supplies and clothing, shoes and bags for school, shopping with our accountant, Kimleng, and coming back with armfulls of items that we desperately needed for the kids to continue school at Westline!

If your looking for good food and a comfortable atmosphere, I suggest Tamarind Restaurant. We actually brought the NFC graduates to eat there before ever meeting Michael as a special treat for them to experience western food. Thanks so much Michael! 

O2 Donates "Exceptional" T-Shirts to NFC!

Tony Sparrow, a long time NFC supporter, secured a donation of trendy black T-Shirts with the  phrase "* be Exceptional!" imprinted on them for all the children at NFC. Thanks for continuing to support the children!

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