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Donor Sponsors Dinner/ Party for NFC

On the evening of October 12th, one of our major donors, Kerry Sieh and his friend Jean, came to NFC and sponsored a fun and delicious dinner party for all the NFC children, Midway House students, staff and volunteers. During the event the NFC children performed three kinds of Khmer traditional dance and a break dance to welcome them. In the photo (left to right) is Chris Merritt, Jean, Kerry Sieh and Elisabeth Gjemmestad.

Summer Santa Claus Visits NFC Again!

We have nicknamed Michael Gainger, owner of the Tamarind Restaurant, our "Summer Santa Claus" since he continues to show up each summer and buy badly needed items for the children, such as mattresses, pillow covers, cups, cupboards and clothes cabinets. In addition he helps us start the academic year for the children by purchasing school materials for the children as well as essential equipment for the office such as a new copy machine. Thank you very much!

USA Charity Does Eye Tests & Donates Glasses to NFC Students!

Mr. Trammell Cox, raised funds from in the United States to provide eye glasses to poor Cambodia children and offered to help out the NFC children. His organization, "Seeing is Believing", is located in USA (http://www.sibcambodia.org/).

He had been living in Cambodia and found that most of Cambodian students, especially the poor ones, had headaches which made it difficult for them to study. They did not know what was wrong and how to treat it. Some took medicines and some had Khmer massage but that did not fix the problem. Sometimes students quit their education because of it. After spending two years in Cambodia, Trammell found that the fundamental issue was the problem of poor eyesight. He and his family decided to set up an organization after he returned to the USA and this is the result.

NFC Student Establishes Teaching Project for Poor Children in Rural Village

Chork Ratana, who lives at the NFC Midway House and is a 5th year student in Engineering at the Institute of Technology Cambodia (ITC) has established a two year project called the “Weekend Teaching Project” at Prohout Village in Prey Veng Province. The goals of the project are; 1) to provide local children who unable to attend public school an opportunity study Khmer general education and English, 2) to create volunteering opportunities and work experience for the NFC Midway House (MWH) students and  3) to encourage the local village parents to consider education as a very important factor in their children’s future. Currently there are about 40 children who have participated and received education from the project volunteers.

Ratana is the volunteer project manager. He and other MWH students spend many of their valuable weekends teaching these students. Ratana said “I am very glad to work on this project because before I came to NFC I used to live in this community and be like them, I had no chance to go to school because I had no money and no parents. I always felt very sad when I saw the neighbors children go to school, but I never gave up on my dream that I would get a chance like they had. Because of NFC, Midway House, and my sponsor, Virginie, I live in a safe environment and am able to attend university. I really want to share with these children some of what I have learned. NFC has helped me so I can help others. Sincere thanks to Emily Cohen, from the Netherlands, who has funded this project and who also supports the MWH project as well.”

NFC Artist Wins 3rd Place & $300 in Art Contest!

NFC artist Yem Da (on the right in photo) came in 3rd place and won an award of $300 USD at the 3rd Cambodia Art Contest, 2013. The awards were given on October 1st, 2013 at the Royal University of Fine Arts by one of an art lecturers of the university who is also the owner of Yamada School of Art.

"Khmer Face Drawing" was the subject of the contest and all competitors had to create a art piece that related to that theme. Yem Da joined the contest because he believed it could help to promote Cambodian Art and, if he placed, it would be an acknowledgement of the artistic skills he had learned. Yem Da said, "Even though I didn't come in 1st or 2nd, my goal to win an award and acknowledgement for my art came true!".

NFC & MWH Students Join a German Career Forum

On the 10th of November 2013, the older boys at NFC joined a Career Forum at the German Cambodian Cultural Center, Meta House. The forum provided information about working, studying and applying for a scholarship to study in Germany. As seen in the photo, Ny Samnim and Thy Vitchheang stood at the right hand corner and paid close attention to the trainers. They said the topic was of great interest to them. They hope to be invited to participate again in the future. On behalf of NFC, I would like to say "Thank You" to Ms. Eva from the Goethe Institute, who forwarded the information and provided this valuable opportunity to the older children at NFC and MWH.

NFC MWH Students Suffer Injuries in Moto Accidents

Midway House supervisor Luy Bonthou, NFC student Sao Kosal and Cheat Hean's brother Cheat Horn, were on a motorbike (moto) that was hit by a high speed, drunk, motorbike driver while on their way to celebrate the last evening of the Water Festival. Bonthou suffered a broken leg and fractured bones in his ankle, Horn suffered a severely broken leg (both the tibia and fibula). Both Bonthou and Horn required surgery. Sao Kosal was sitting on the back of the moto and his hip was bruised but he appears OK. We are very thankful to Kerry Sieh who agreed to provide the funds for these two surgeries. Both boys have had surgery and are now recovering at Midway House.

2 days later a different, high speed, hit and run moto driver hit MWH student Sorn Sreychem and broke her right leg. Sreychem needed surgery on her leg as well. She had the surgery and is recovering in the hospital. Thanks go out to Elisabeth Gjemmestad and Gerardine Scully for providing the funding for the surgery.

Laluy Sponsored at University by Golden Futures / Belinda & Russ

Chhorn Laluy is thankful to Golden Futures for receiving a loan for university fees at the Royal University of Fine Arts (RUFA). He is also very thankful to Belinda Haydon and Russell Tobin who very generously supported funds for school materials, a motorbike and a new laptop to use for studying "Interior Design" at RUFA.

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Support from Minera Company in Germany!

Minera, an energy company in Germany, has made generous donations to New Future for Children. On the 31st of August NFC hosted Claudia and Caroline, who were sent as emissaries by Minera to learn about New Future for Children, in a series of activities to get to know us better.

During the day they were accompanied and guided by two NFC students through the Royal Palace.  This gave the students  some one on one time to share their experiences growing up as a child at NFC. In the evening Claudia and Caroline seemed very pleased to attend a performance by NFC students for them of traditional and break dancing, enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by our staff and danced robustly with all of us after dinner.

On Monday they spent a day at NFC seeing the children engaged in their normal school activities and spending time with the NFC accountant learning how NFC does accounting and keeps records. We greatly enjoyed their visit and look forward to a continuing relationship with this fine company!

5th Successful NFC Cycle Challenge Organized by Tony in the UK!

We would like to thank Tony Sparrow and his friends for organizing and participating in the 5th NFC Cycle Challenge.  This year it was a non-stop relay over 2 days:
  • 470 miles in 33 hours at an average speed of over 14mph; 16mph if waiting/transfer times are subtracted
  • 13 riders with 6 in support, covered 10 legs ranging from 35 to 70 miles, some were ridden in the dark
  • 1 injury ( at a ford) and a slight mis-hap with a bike on a roof-rack (sleep deprivation) were the only incidents

Golden Futures Volunteers Help NFC University Students

We were pleased to welcome a new group of volunteers  from Golden Futures, a UK charity that provides loans for students for university. The volunteers have two major tasks; interviewing the NFC children who are near graduation regarding Golden Futures loans and updating the Phnom Penh University Guide. This guide to all the major universities in Phnom Penh was originally created and is updated yearly by Golden Futures volunteers.

This group jumped in "with both feet" and quickly conducted interviews with the children and canvased new and existing universities. After gathering the updated information they updated, printed and distributed the new university guide. Quite a feat to accomplish in a few weeks time!

All 12th Grade NFC Students Graduate!

We are very proud to have had the 3 12th grade students pass the final exam and graduate from high school. Thy Vitchheang is going to be the first NFC student studying outside of Cambodia. He will be taking a full time English course of study in Singapore starting the beginning of 2014. Chhorn Laluy is studying Interior Design at the Royal University of Fine Arts and Hang Sochann is studying IT at the Royal University of Phnom Penh.

New Zealand Group Visits for 6th Year & Continues to Support NFC!

On October 7th, we welcomed a group of Rangitoto College students from New Zealand who came to visit and support us. NFC students gave them a tour of the facilities at NFC, performed traditional Khmer dances and break dances. The Rangitoto students enjoyed the performances and responded by performing songs unique to their culture that will be remembered long into the future. In addition, they joined in games with the NFC students and took many photos together. The NFC children wish to thank the NZ students for their cash donation of $4,000 towards the children's living expenses and for hygiene supplies that they brought for the children.

For six years Michelle Parkinsin and her school colleagues have led a group of students from Rangitoto College to do humanitarian projects and raise funds for the people in Cambodia. “Since we started this project, we have built approximately 50 new houses for poor families in Siem Reap and supported many local NGOs.”, Michelle said. She also said, “The school has already set up the project plans for next year. We will start to raise funds to support these projects as soon as we return.”

Midway House Residents Welcome Partner NGO COLT Student!

On Saturday the 26th of October, a COLT university student Kim Keo Nimol moved to live in the NFC Midway House. Nimol is in her first year studying Tourism and Hospitality Management at a university in Phnom Penh. All the Midway House students were very happy to welcome her to live with them. They find Nimol to be a very happy and friendly person!

NFC Student Chosen as Westline Alumni Board Member!

NFC student, Cheat Hean, was selected to be one of the nine board members in the Westline Alumni Club. The purpose of the club is to help people living in poor communities, especially children. The role offers him the opportunity to develop his leadership skills in planning activities, working with other team members on projects and having the rewarding, hands-on experience of sharing knowledge, experience, education and much needed items with people in poor communities. So far Hean loves his work and has found his community experiences to be both fun and exhausting.

Huber Family Donates funds in Honor of Their Son Clemens!

Sincere thanks to the Huber family, the family of NFC former volunteer, Clemens Huber. Clemens returned to Germany after volunteering for a year at NFC and suffered a fatal heart attack due to an undiagnosed genetic heart defect. Most of the funds will be used to vaccinate the NFC children against Hepatitis B. Ronica was one of the 42 children taking a blood test in screening for Hepatitis B before the vaccination. If tests results indicate the vaccination is needed for the child,  he/she will be vaccinated at the NFC center on the 8th of November by a group of SOS doctors. We wish to thank Ms. Srun Phana, Director of the Attitude Center for Education (ACE), for facilitating the group of SOS doctors who are donating their time to perform the vaccinations.
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