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Dear <<First Name>>,

We wish you the best in the New Year from everyone at NFC!

2011 saw some fantastic progress at NFC and with your continued support we are looking forward to a bright future in 2012.
  • We've recently had some excellent student results, including students graduating from the top level of New World Institute English classes.
  • We've been doing some updating of online communication here at NFC so we'd like to welcome you to the 'new look' of the NFC newsletter which we hope is easier to view by being embedded in the email rather than being an attachment. 
  • We're also working on a new website. If you're a social media user, please see the links to our new Facebook page. Please forward and share this with your friends! With further support we believe 2012 will be our best year ever!
As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call or email us.   Thanks for your continued support!

-Chris Merritt
Advisor to Director
New Future for Children
Communications & Decision Making Workshops by ACE

The Attitude Center for Education (ACE) provided a two-day workshop on communication on Dec. 24-25 and a half-day workshop on Decision making on January 7th to 30 of the children at NFC. Golden Futures graciously funded the  workshop. The comments afterwards were impressive; "I learned how to be brave and speak out" and "I really didn't talk to people very much before the workshop, now I will." 
Australian Educators Visit NFC!

25 Australian educators visited NFC on a study tour on January 7th and were greeted with 3 newly learned, traditional Khmer dances performed by the children. See video at:

Chris Merritt gave an "eye opening" talk on the education system in Cambodia and NFC's strategies in providing quality education. Six of the NFC children acted as tour guides and delighted the visitors with their view of the center from a child's perspective. We'd like to thank the teachers for taking their time to visit us and for their gifts to the children!
NFC Student Achievements!

Class Rank at Westline School (private school for their Khmer Education)
Grade 12:
Sao Pheasa #1 in Sept, Oct & Nov
Pet Sreypov #1 in Dec, #2 in Oct, Nov
Cheat Hean  #2 in Sept, Dec
So Vannak    #3 in Sept, Oct

Grade 11
Thy Vitchheang #3 Sept

Grade 9
Sorn Sreychom  #2 in Sept, Nov, Dec, Jan, #3 in Oct

Grade 7
Sorn Tola #1 in Dec, #3 in Nov, Jan

Grade 5
Ngoun Cheata #1 in Oct, Nov, Jan, #2 in Dec #3 in Sept
Our Kids are Growing up - Weddings!

Two NFC graduates have recently been married. Ly Borith was married on Jan. 1st and Yem Nan (photo above) on Jan. 7th. We send our congratulations to both of these couples and wish them good luck for their futures!
Felicity Updates NFC Facebook Page and Newsletter!

Felicity Gough has done an excellent job in updating the NFC Facebook page and converting & integrating the NFC Newsletter into the email itself. This should make it much easier for us to provide up-to-date and detailed information about our activities and for you to be able to view them without having to load a separate attachment!
Map Reading Workshop

Chris Merritt, assisted by German volunteer Clemens, led a map reading workshop and then sent the children out in two's by bicycle to find 6 different locations around Phnom Penh. The students showed surprising speed in finding the destinations and received a reward of snacks and drinks in the middle of the journey. We are hoping to include a keen ability to read maps as part of the skills these children will have for the future and I think they are well on their way!
NFC’s Financial Status
We currently are running low on funds and need donations for our monthly budget to continue to provide the basics for the children; food, housing, utilities, clothes, Khmer staff salaries and hygiene items!
NFC Paypal Donation Button
Please use the yellow "Donate" button above to make donations to New Future for Children by Credit Card or Paypal!  
Our Sincere Thanks go out to these and all our other Donors!

Tony Sparrow - NFC Support UK 
Mel White - NFC Foundation USA
Joe Hoffman - KNL Foundation
Stichting Dom-ray - Netherlands 
David Mead - Australia
Michael Gainger - Tamarind Restaurant
Rangitoto College - New Zealand
GIZ - Germany
Glenn & Janis Cooper - USA
Sarah Andrews - Phnom Penh
Tai Ming Plaza Hotel - Phnom Penh
Cambodian Yellow Pages - Phnom Penh
Short, Clear and Powerful NFC Video Created by Chris Cook and Matt Wenham!

Chris Cook and Matt Wenham have created an excellent new video for New Future for Children! Please take a look at this short (3-Min.), clear and powerful video at:
3 NFC Students begin Study in Medical Fields!

Three NFC students started studying in the medical field in December. Aon Bopha is studying Dentistry at the Univeristy of Health Sciences while Sorn Sreychem is studying to be Midwife and Rith Linda to become a Pharmacist at Sen Sok International University.
NFC Students Receive Laptops from Bridgewater State University!

As part of a continuing relationship, Bridgewater State University students volunteered at NFC on Jan 3rd-5th and brought along two excellent laptops for NFC university students as well! A huge thanks for the donation - they will be put to good use!
Progress on the ICDL Computer Curriculum Continues!

Our ICDL teacher, Kong Dina, has now passed 6 of the 7 modules needed to receive the ICDL License to become a certified teacher! Cheat Hean has passed 4 modules, Ngoun Makra 3, Pet Sreypov, So Vannak, Hang Sochannhave all passed modules. We are very pleased with progress made in implementing this internationally recognized program!
Mon Boreth receives New Laptop Computer from Lartrop University, Australia!

Two months ago a group of Lartrop University students from Australia came to visit Norton University to share their knowledge on various topics including culture, civilization and education. They brought along with them a new laptop computer for NFC Norton University student Mon Boreth, who attends Norton thanks to a scholarship provided by Lartrop University. Boreth was honored to receive such a generous gift! We at NFC would like to pass on our thanks to Mr. Robert Wright, representing the Rotary Club of Phnom Penh, and the students at Lartrop University for supporting her.
Chris Cook's Photography Workshop for NFC Kids!

Chris Cook provided a rare opportunity for NFC students to learn basic photography skills using a state-of-the-art Canon 60D SLR Digital camera! Two groups competed for an award for the best presentation of photographs integrated into a meaningful story. Both groups were rewarded with a trip to see a movie at the new cinema at Sorya Plaza!

Help Keep our Communications Polite, Safe and Responsible!

We have a very open policy for the NFC children to communicate via email and Facebook. We hope to be a large part of an NFC student's education about appropriate use of email and social media. Some organizations block access for students to any outside contact. However we believe that it is better to monitor and help educate them about good use, rather than to provide no access and leave them to explore this dangerous territory totally on their own after they leave NFC.

There have been a few problems with some of the things the students post or do and we ask your help in letting us know about any issues you become aware of. These include: any communication regarding sponsorship or financial support. Students have been asked to get approval from staff before sending any of these requests and to copy us on emails regarding these matters. If you receive communications regarding financial requests please make sure that nfc.director@gmail.com and nfc.advisor@gmail.com (alternately chrmerritt@gmail.com) are in the cc: field and please copy us on the reply. Communication regarding these issues should be through email rather than social media (Facebook). This makes it much easier for us to track correspondence and avoid any miscommunication in these important matters. If there are any other issues you feel we need to be aware of please let us know!
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