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October 2013
Fall Greetings from Phil

Dear Vineyard Family-

Does it ever seem like every time we think we have something in ministry figured out, something changes? People change, culture changes, churches change, and therefore our approach must change. Our anchor in the midst of all this is, of course, that the gospel never changes.
One inevitable source of change is time. As years go by, new generations emerge, and take the place of earlier generations. This shift is always challenging, and as the Vineyard moves into the next generation, it is a challenge we must face. This November in Boise we'll be gathering to learn from each other about how these transitions work. You can read below about the transition at Boise Vineyard to its current senior pastor, Trevor Estes.
Another remarkable change happening is the increasing ethnic diversity of our country. Coast Vineyard has worked hard on engaging this new reality, and pastor Jamie Wilson shares the challenges and joys of welcoming new groups of people into a congregation.
Insoo Kim and Rich Nathan put a lot of time into helping us think through all of the tensions of embracing the timeless gospel in changing times. Joe Gorra from the Anaheim Vineyard has written a helpful review of their new book Both-And
I've ministered in Spanish and English, locally and internationally, in large settings and small settings, and in all these realities, the goodness of God has never failed me. As we continue to move forward into what God has for us, I'm trusting his goodness to guide us as a movement. I pray God's faithful love over you, your family, and your congregation this month.
For the greater glory of God and the well-being of people,

Giving the Church to Younger Generations 

A Conversation With Tri Robinson

"In the Vineyard movement, there are 160-plus guys that are my age right now, and the Vineyard has all these plans to increase our numbers of churches. But when we lose our 160, that’s going to set us back. When you’re trying to plant churches, you can’t be leaking out churches on the other end."  Get the full story.

On Diversity and Church Leadership: Jamie Wilson 

"The Sunday after my predecessor Don Williams retired, when I got up to speak, my first thought was, 'Oh my gosh, this is a white church.'  I’d always wondered what kinds of thoughts I would have my first Sunday speaking. I was shocked that my thoughts were all about our whiteness.

The very next Sunday, a young Korean couple visited Coast (Vineyard Church). They had just moved to the San Diego area to get involved with InterVarsity. After a couple of Sundays, they asked if Michelle and I would like to get together with them to talk."

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Both/And, reviewed 

Joe Gorra, a non-profit director, researcher and member of the Anaheim Vineyard, humbly offers his detailed and honest review of Rich Nathan and Insoo Kim's newest book, Both-And: Living the Christ-Centered Life in an Either-Or World.  Delve into his thoughts here.  Also be sure to check out Vineyard Resources for purchase options! 

Meet Phil Chorlian 

Phil Chorlian is the Senior Pastor of the North Jersey Vineyard Church, a church that he planted in 1997.  Phil has served the Vineyard movement as a Church Planting Coordinator, an Area Pastor, and most recently as the Regional Church Planting Coordinator for the North East.  He also is a member of the Vineyard USA Executive team leading the Small Church Development team. During the last few years, Phil has traveled around the country facilitating coaching networks within the Vineyard. Phil’s passion is to see people experience the Kingdom of God and to help them live out of this reality. He and his wife Norma have been married for twenty-one years and have four children.  Phil loves to spend time with his family, run marathons, read good books, watch and talk about good movies, and work on his Spanish every chance that he gets.  

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Voices of the Vineyard

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