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Starting this May, Scott River Ranch will be open Saturdays for YOU to stop by and make your beef purchases. The Ranch Stand will provide our customers an opportunity to see where their  beef is coming from.  Those who use the store front will receive 10% off their purchase, just like a regular ranch pick up.
Scott River Ranch gypsy wagon at our Cowboy Picnic event last summer
The recent rainfall gave our fields a much needed drink before the summer heat. Now the fields are blanketed in lush new green growth.  However, not everyone on the ranch was happy about the recent rain fall.  Our local beavers, who have been working so hard on building a dam across the river, have had their home broken by the recent water levels.  But don't despair, they have been busy little beavers making repairs. You can see the trial their tails leave as they drag themselves out of the water to gather branches from the surrounding cottonwoods.
How to Get the Most out of Your Purchase!
(Creating Multiple Nutritious Meals from Simple Cuts)
BONE CUTS: We all know what to do with most in-bone cuts such as T-bones and Ribs. Today we wanted to explain what to do with lesser known cuts such as Osso Bucco and Soup Bones with meat.

First off, information about these two cuts:  Soup bones are from the neck, which contain a lesser portion of marrow, but are full of gelatin. Osso Bucco is the cross-cut of a beef leg that contains a large portion of delicious and extremely nutritious marrow as well as the nutrients of the bone.

Nutritional Benefits:
  • Bones contain gelatin with a rich source of amino acids like glycine that enhances detoxification and cartilage which is  source of chondroitin sulfate that helps heal arthritic joints.
  • Bones are a rich source of minerals. Not just calcium, but also magnesium, phosphorus, silicon and sulfur which are essential to health.
Bone Broth and Bone Marrow contains nutrients that are helpful for a variety of conditions.
For more information check the links below.
I rubbed  the soup bones with chopped garlic, salt and pepper and then roasted them in a casserole dish until the meat was cooked. Once I stripped the meat from the bone, I decided to use the excess meat for tacos, instead of adding the cooked meat to my bone broth. I then took the drippings and put them in a container to use in my broth later and sealed the bones to roast them again in the oven.
There is nothing quite like seeing daffodils, blooming in the early spring.
(The bee seems pleased as well)
 "Since I enjoy eating marrow, but don't want it to be the sole component of my meal, Osso Bucco is the perfect choice."

Osso Bucco does very well in a crock pot, however I cooked mine in a cast iron skillet over the stove. I combined one sliced onion with white wine vinegar, garlic and thyme and cooked the onions till tender. Then I added the Osso Bucco with chicken stock, and cooked the dish until the meat was falling off the bone.

The meat was very dense and hearty like a pot roast, but with a richer flavor. The marrow, which I just popped from the bone with a spoon, tasted creamy almost like meat butter. The meat I served over rice with an artichoke and every time I cut the meat there were silky pockets of juice.

The onion reduction smelled fantastic, so I set it aside to make a french onion soup and stored the remaining bones from the Osso Bucco with the remaining Soup Bones, to use in my bone broth.
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