written by Alexis Plank
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Fall is playing phone tag with the organic inspector. Fall is a shedding dog. Fall is one cat putting on weight and another leaving fewer dead birds on the porch. It is the process of putting up enough hay to feed the cattle through winter and selling enough hay to feed ourselves. It is the thick smell of a river too low and slow for swimming and the return of wool blankets from a closet. With summer’s final rotation of cattle through pastures and its worry about potential stress on plants and animals, fall is the magic and the fear of knowing that the health of pasture and cattle cannot be separated. Fall is balance, adaptation, and preparation at its finest

With roughly 200 head of cattle, just shy of ten horses, one lone (but not lonely) ram, three dogs, four cats, chickens, owls, eagles, hawks, a great blue heron, deer, elk, bear, and every snake to be found in the northwest, Scott River Ranch strives to find a connection between a business that can support our family and a deeply rooted desire to explore our ever-changing stewardship of the land. Through organizations such as the Siskiyou Land Trust, Oregon Tilth, Animal Welfare Approved, the American Grassfed Association, and Salmon Safe, we have been able to acquire support and certifications that help guide and sustain our larger goals for the land. Each year is different here at the ranch. Each year is new in everything from water to weather. Each year we find challenges and heartbreak, excitement and joy in the uncovering of new soil or the birth of new life. Fall has become one of our most important seasons on the ranch because it is a time of reflection. The summertime marathon comes to a close, and new space is made in each day to consider the direction our family wants to carry this busines

Fall on Scott River Ranch

In the past, custom butcher shops used paper instead of plastic to wrap individual cuts. Our paleo bundle utilizes this practice to reduce your carbon footprint and increase your ease of purchasing our delicious grass-fed and finished organic beef.  Included in the bundle are ten pounds of our famous cowboy steak burger, ten pounds of juicy steaks for grilling or searing, and ten pounds of great roasts all individually wrapped in paper.

We are now offering three bundles for shipping, and of course still have all of our products available for local delivery or Ranch pick up. For all you local delivery & ranch pickups out there, please contact us directly to place your order.  If you live out of the area and there is something that you would like please contact us and we will work with you to make sure that you get the quality of product that you  and your family deserve. 
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