2014 Industry Racing Night 9 Recap
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“The Edge” Does it Again at Industry Racing as Venegas Captures the Win on “Harley Night”

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif. (August 4, 2014) – Industry Racing hosted its annual “Laidlaw’s Harley Night” last Wednesday for what was one of the most unpredictable nights of action during the 2014 season thus far. While some familiar names from the speedway divisions took their turns to have some fun on their own “hogs,” the overwhelming turnout of beautiful Harley-Davidsons is what made the night so special.
After kicking off the evening with a parade, the Harley’s continued to put on a show all night long, coming to a conclusion with an exciting Main Event that saw 11 riders take their shot at one of the three trophies up for grabs. After all was said and done, the crowded race saw Craig Sprecker walk away with the win. As for the professional action that highlighted the evening, it was veteran Charlie “The Edge” Venegas who once again came out on top in the First Division during the showcase event of the night.

Craig Sprecker on his way to victory.

Venegas had first gate pick in the Scratch Main Event and took full advantage of starting on the inside, pushing Tyson Burmeister out wide off the start and railing the outside line to assume control of the race. Austin Novratil came from the outside starting gate to take over second and maintained consistent pressure on Venegas for the lead. Behind them, Burmeister and Eddie Castro did battle for third, making contact on the final lap and going down together. That allowed Venegas to take the win with Novratil in second, while Burmeister was awarded third following a heated discussion between he and Castro about their incident.

Venegas cruised to the Scratch Main win.

No one had anything for Buck Blair in the Scratch Consolation as the veteran used the high line to his advantage throughout the four-lap race to open a gap and maintain it over youngster Broc Nicol. Blair took the win by a few bike lengths over Nicol, with Shawn McConnell following in third.

Blair rode the outside all the way to victory.

Hayley Perrault emerged with the lead off the start of the Second Division Main Event and showed impressive defensive riding skills out front up until a crash by Harold Hartke also took Eloy Medellin to the ground and brought out the red flag. Since the race had surpassed its halfway point it was deemed official, handing an impressive first victory to Perrault.

Perrault grabbed a memorable Second Division win.

It was Steve Brown who gained the most momentum off the tapes in the Third Division Main Event to not only take over the lead, but control the entire four-lap battle. While Dave Ruby and George Yates duked it out for second, Brown laid down four consistent laps to take the win, followed by Ruby and Yates in second and third, respectively.

A big Third Division win for Steve Brown.

A loaded field of Junior 250 Division competitors resulted in both a Main Event and Consolation race for the rising stars of speedway. In the Consolation, all three riders got off the line even but Courtney Crone snuck into the lead as they hit the backstretch. She was able to maintain her control of the spot despite constant pressure and attempted passes by Samuel Ramirez. The duo was side-by-side coming to the checkered flag, but Crone held on for the victory by a wheel.
In the Main Event, Gage Geist took advantage of his inside starting spot to take the early lead while Dillon Ruml dropped to the tail end of the four-rider field. However, Ruml made his charge to the front and eventually moved into second to challenge Geist for the lead on the final lap. While he got close coming to the line, Ruml was unable to make it stick and Geist held on for victorious a wire-to-wire effort. Braydan Galvin outlasted Kurtis Hamill for third.

Crone won the Junior 250 Consolation.

Geist held of Ruml in the Main Event.

The lead group of mini riders in the Mini 150 First Division featured a head-to-head battle between Slater Lightcap, last week’s winner, and Jake Isaac. When the tapes rose, Britt pushed Lightcap wide coming onto the backstretch, but Lightcap stayed in the throttle and carried more momentum into the final corner to pass Isaac. As the laps wound down, Isaac tried to keep Lightcap in reach but was unable to stop him from taking the win yet again.

Lightcap won the Mini 150 First Division duel.

Four laps of excitement is what defined the Mini 150 Second Division Main Event. After grabbing the start off the line, Andrew Russell carried too much speed into the first corner and slid out, which allowed Luke Whitcomb and Keelan Venegas to begin a heated battle for the lead. Whitcomb held the top spot but Venegas kept the pressure on his rival using the outside line. Despite Venegas’ best efforts, he was unable to get a run to move alongside Whitcomb, who ultimately raced to his third consecutive victory.

Whitcomb has three straight Main Event wins.

The Pee Wee Division was separated into a pair of Main Events this past week, with First and Second Division battles. The Second Division Main Event was first on the line with five riders behind the tapes. Off the start it was Rachel Schnakenberg who assumed control of the lead and never looked back. After consistent podium results this season Schnakenberg easily took her first win of the summer, ahead of Levi Leutz and Richard Stephens.
The four rider First Division Main Event saw Tanner Richey grab an incredible start as the tapes rose, putting multiple bike lengths between he and the field on the backstretch. Travis Horn soon moved into second and put on a charge to catch the lead, but Richey was too consistent and held on to take the checkered flag. Dustin Staggs rounded out the podium.

Schnakenberg's first win was a long time coming.

Richey's stellar start proved to be the difference maker.

The 2014 Industry Racing season will be dark on Wednesday, August 6, but will host its biggest weekend of the summer on Saturday, August 9, and Sunday, August 10. The third round of the four-race AMA Speedway National Championship will commence on Saturday night with a loaded 16-rider field currently led by Billy Janniro in the standings. On Sunday, the bright future of speedway will take over with the 2nd Annual AMA/FIM Youth Silver Cup Championship.
Tickets to the AMA National on Saturday are $15 for adults and $10 for kids and seniors. Gates will once again open at 6 p.m. Sunday’s junior festivities are FREE of charge and gates open at 11:30 a.m.


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Industry Racing
Night 9 Results

July 30, 2014

Scratch Main Event
(First Division)
  1. #43 – Charlie Venegas
  2. #27 – Austin Novratil
  3. #26 – Tyson Burmeister
  4. #14 – Eddie Castro

Scratch Consolation
  1. #39 – Buck Blair
  2. #100 – Broc Nicol
  3. #6 – Shawn McConnell
  4. #48 – Tyson Talkington

Second Division Main Event
  1. #170 – Hayley Perrault
  2. #113 – Gabe Price
  3. #178 – Eloy Medellin
  4. #290 – Harold Hartke

Third Division Main Event
  1. #211 – Steve Brown
  2. #112 – Dave Ruby
  3. #136 – George Yates
  4. #299 – Alex Martino

Junior 250 Division
Main Event
  1. #10 – Gage Geist
  2. #1 – Dillon Ruml
  3. #45 – Braydan Galvin
  4. #104 – Kurtis Hamill

Junior 250 Division
  1. #98 – Courtney Crone
  2. #22 – Samuel Ramirez
  3. #27n – Blake Borello

Mini 150 First Division
Main Event
  1. #28 – Slater Lightcap
  2. #16 – Jake Isaac

Mini 150 Second Division
Main Event
  1. #27 – Luke Whitcomb
  2. #43 – Keelan Venegas
  3. 66n – Charlie Trana
  4. #96 – Andrew Russell

Pee Wee First Division
Main Event
  1. #13 – Tanner Richey
  2. #25 – Travis Horn
  3. #725 – Dustin Staggs
  4. #16 – Cole Ayers

Pee Wee Second Division
Main Event
  1. #5r – Rachel Schnakenberg
  2. #3 – Levi Leutz
  3. #706 – Richard Stephens
  4. #8 – Gunner Haggard
  5. #5 – Conner Salazar

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Photos courtesy
Craig Hashey

About Industry Racing
Industry Racing is based on the grounds of the Industry Hills Expo Center in the City of Industry, California. Races are hosted inside the property’s Grand Arena, making Industry Racing the only speedway racing facility covered by a roof. Speedway events at Industry Racing are hosted every Wednesday throughout the summer with racing scheduled to start at 7:30 p.m.
Industry Racing has risen to prominence in recent years thanks to the introduction of the Monster Energy World Speedway Invitational and internationally sanctioned AMA/FIM Youth Silver Cup. As of 2014, Industry Racing serves as the only track in Southern California fully sanctioned by the AMA.

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