News from St. Jude's: Spring 2018 - Volume 8 Issue 1

St. Jude’s at the Metro

The 2nd Annual St Jude’s Night at the Theatre was held February 7, 2018, raising almost $13,000 for St Jude’s!
The play “Murder by the Book” kept us guessing and laughing through many many plot twists.
Before the play and during intermission, a silent auction offered a dozen items to tempt bids, including: a signed and numbered print by noted artist Gordon Smith, packages of Canucks and golf tickets, dining opportunities, a three night getaway in Ucluelet, Scotch whiskey, a legal consultation package, small original framed paintings, and a Heli-jet return to Nanaimo. Refreshments were served in the upper lounge and theatre foyer, where supporters of St. Jude’s met up with friends, socialized and made it a thoroughly enjoyable evening.
A big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who helped to make this event so successful; those who bought tickets, sold tickets, volunteered, and donated and bid on silent auction items. The money raised will enable St Jude’s to move ahead with the renovation of a tired and dysfunctional bathing room on the second floor, following completion of the new floors throughout the unit (also funded by the generosity of our St Jude’s family and friends during the past year!). The result will be an updated, safe, warm and inviting space for our elders.
Joanne Fawcett - Fundraising Committee - Board of Directors

Thank you to all our Friends and Families!

Fundraising is very important to St. Jude’s, and it is a crucial aspect of St. Jude’s Board of Directors’ work.  Our ongoing operating expenses are provided by Vancouver Coastal Health, but additional money needed to maintain the building, and to continually make improvements is not funded by government.

We are on our own to raise money in the form of donations; and much time is spent by the Fundraising Committee creating and planning these activities. For the past few years, we have met our fundraising “Capital Plan” target of $60,000. This has provided us with funds to replace some things that have deteriorated; but we know this isn’t enough. We are falling behind and there are many more projects needed to maintain and improve our residents’ lives at St. Jude’s.

This year, the Fundraising Committee significantly  ‘raised the bar’ to increase donations, and I am so very proud to announce that we have raised over $100,000 in donations --- a whopping 67% above our target!

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to say a HUGE “Thank You” to everyone in the St. Jude’s family who has helped to contribute to our record breaking year. I would also like to say thank you to the Fundraising Committee, and all the employees who have worked so hard this year at all the fundraising activities. We now have a new annual fundraising goal and, with continued support from everyone beginning again next month, we are confident we can meet and exceed our 2018/2019 goal.

2018 is an exciting year for St. Jude’s. It’s our 70th birthday, and we are thrilled to be to celebrating our long history of providing outstanding care; and, looking to the future,  we are even more excited by the work yet to come ---providing many more years of the highest quality care for our residents.

Jim Longman- President, Board of Directors

“Be Well – Be Safe”

Medical Pharmacies Resident and Family March Newsletter's topic of the month is Pharmacist Awareness Month (PAM). Ways your pharmacist can help you stay healthy.

Donate securities to charity (and be a bit of a tax Scrooge)

Tim Cestnick explains why donating securities, rather than cash, makes a whole lot of sense. 

Happiness is a "Warm Towel"

With the proceeds from our Jingle Bell Café and Bake sale we were able to purchase a towel warmer for our bathing room, west, on the main floor. 
The request for this piece of equipment came from one of our care staff.  She wanted to make sure the elders she cares for have the most comfortable experience possible. 
Thanks to her for the suggestion and to everyone who supported the Bake Sale.  

"Pictured here are Babs and Joyce, residents of the Main Floor."

Fundraising Campaign


2017/2018 Campaign

Hello from Recreation
It was so nice to write 1st day of spring on the March calendar. Hopefully we have seen the worst of the 2018 flu season, and will soon be back on track. You may have noticed a few new faces in Recreation, Nadine who will be working primarily on the 2nd floor, and Kevin our newest casual.  I would like to welcome Nadine and Kevin as well as all our new Volunteers. Thank you Volunteers.  You all have such a vital role in creating an Elders-centred community.
This year we are excited to introduce Java Mentorship. For those not familiar with Java Mentorship it is a powerful resource proven to build friendships, and elevate social isolation. Every time we offer an opportunity for our Elders to help themselves and others we are contributing to their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.  

The focus of long term care has shifted. Rather than trying to engage Elders in large groups, we now  know it is more beneficial to focus on smaller groups that are self-led. This is an exciting new concept. One in which we are excited to be a part of.

Mara Morgan, Recreation & Volunteer Coordinator  


“Move it or lose it” 

St. Jude’s is one of the nursing home that offers rehabilitation services. Rehab programs are often aimed towards to recovery or sustainment of mobility. Our elders have a choice to participate in a few different exercise programs which help to build strength and endurance, increase range of motion, prevent falls and improve balance and walking.

When you ask our 97 years young resident of St. Jude’s why she is motivated to participate in every exercise group, she, with a big smile, quickly answers: “Move it or lose it”.  Walking isn’t just good for the body; it’s also good for the mind. Regular activity may increase positive feelings and promotes overall wellness.

It has been almost a year since we introduced Passport for Wellness to our elders. Passport for Wellness is a phenomenal program to keep people active and improve quality of life. It combines exercise with cognitive stimulation and allows for a social component as well. This program gives our elders the opportunity to share their personal experiences, encourages social interaction, and even improves mood. It’s not just exercise. It’s fun! It’s educational and uplifting! It meets all elders’ physical, social and mental needs.
One of our residents believes that the ability to move is in our DNA. He says that humans are made for walking and moving, so as long as we have one breath in our lungs, we have to keep trying.

Lucia Matthews - Rehabilitation Assistant
Check Out Our New Flooring
Bill and Maureen Patey posing next to the new floor.

The search for new flooring has ended! After much deliberation, exploration, evaluation, contemplation and any other words ending in ‘ation’, we picked our new flooring.  If you would like to see the test patch that is installed, come up the stairs to the landing outside my office and have a look.  This floor is especially slip resistant and particularly when its wet.  It looks good and ticks all the boxes!

The flooring has now been ordered for all the common areas on second floor; the living room, dining room and hallways.  The product is expected to arrive in Vancouver the end of March.  Installation dates will be arranged after that.

I want to give a big ‘shout out’ aka THANKS!!!!!! to our donors who have help to make this dream a reality!


Michele Cook - Executive Director

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