News from St. Jude's: Summer 2018 - Volume 8 Issue 1

"Life Enrichment Through Music"

Hi there! To those of you that I haven't met in person, let me introduce myself: my name is Pete Campbell. A couple times a week I come into St. Jude's Anglican Home with my guitar and share a few songs with the  my friends who live there. I have been a part of the St Jude's "family" for a little over a year. I use the word "family" purposely here, because that word really describes the feeling I get when I'm there. It is one of my favourite places to play music because it has become clear to me that at St. Jude's the staff don't only "care for" the residents, they "care about" them, and this marries perfectly with my approach to playing music for seniors....

As a way of describing what it is I do, I came up with the phrase "Life Enrichment Through Music". Rather than assume the role of "therapist" when I play, I find the greatest rewards are realized through becoming friends with the residents that I see regularly. I always say "What's better than having a friend come to visit? A friend with a guitar!"

Nothing makes me happier than to make each resident feel noticed, known and special. I will learn songs by their favourite singers or a special song that has had significance in their lives. My friend Mike loves Fats Domino and Elvis...all the early rock and roll music, actually. I learned a few Fleetwood Mac songs for Sheila and she always loves to hear me play them...I have taken to calling my friend Grace "Twinkle Toes" because we always dance to a few songs together and boy, does she love to dance!

Any day that I get to hear my friend Bob sing a song is a good day. I noticed that if I play "My Wild Irish Rose" or "Danny Boy" he will happily sing solo for me. And what a voice he has!! His background as an opera singer is in full view. I know the fuss we make about him embarrasses him a bit but I think it flatters him a little too.

I feel very appreciated at St Jude's because I know that the staff and management share in my intention to make the residents "happy in their home". I feel blessed to be part of such a loving and caring team, or as I call it "The St. Jude's Family".
Feel free to drop by and join in the fun and share a song with me and my friends. We always have a great time and there is always room for one more!  
Peter Campbell 

St Jude's is 70 Years Old

Do you recognize this home? This is St. Jude's 70 years ago when it was the "Old House" at the corner of 27th Avenue and Willow Street



We are so grateful to have been able to care for the Elders of Vancouver since 1948

The original house on Willow Street

St Jude's prior to the 1990's remodelling


“Be Well – Be Safe”

Medical Pharmacies Resident and Family July Newsletter's topic of the month is Glaucoma Awareness. Information on your eye health and symptoms of Glaucoma.

Loneliness, falls and over-medicating afflict seniors in B.C. care homes

Recent data collected by the B.C. seniors advocate, Isobel Mackenzie, indicates socialization must be improved in most of B.C.'s 293 residential care homes.

Canada Day BBQ

Good Food and Great Company!

Coffee News

At one of our recent Resident Council meetings Heidi Horne, Dir. of Support Services, heard ‘loud and clear’ that we needed to improve the coffee and to have it available earlier in the morning. So, before the week was out coffee was served in the living room on the main floor by 7:30 am.  Next, we switched over to real, bean drip coffee and had had a ‘taste test’ to pick the best blend.   Also, we now have a special cappuccino, chai tea and hot chocolate machine in the 1st floor kitchenette, off the dining room.  Please help yourself and enjoy. 

Michele Cook, Executive Director and Heidi Horne, Director of Support Services 


Fundraising Campaign

2018/2019 Campaign

Hello to all our wonderful family and friends

Once again we are calling out for Volunteers. I’m sure many of you are aware of the impact loneliness, helplessness and boredom have on our lives and the lives of our Elders. At St Jude’s our goal is to elevate these 3 plagues but it is a huge void to fill and we need help! If you or anyone you know is interested in a powerful specific volunteer experience called The Java Mentorship Program please contact Mara in the Recreation Department.
 Java Mentorship is a music based program specifically designed to help Elders overcome social isolation. It promotes friendship, builds self-worth, and truly enriches the lives of all involved. Specific training and all materials will be provided. Java club mentors do not require a musical background just the interest and understanding of the power of friendship and music. I have personally been working in this field for many years and can honestly say I have never felt so passionate about a program, it truly makes a difference. I look forward to talking to anyone interested in learning more about Java Mentorship.

Mara Morgan - Recreation Coordinator


St Jude's 2018 Board of Directors

The St. Jude’s Anglican Home Society’s AGM was held on June 14th, 2018. You can read our 2017/18 Annual Report posted on St. Jude’s website.  Following the AGM an election was held for the 2018/19 Board of Directors, it is as follow: Jim Longman - President, Elizabeth Vondette- Vice-President, Paul Bunnell - Treasurer, Heather Martin - Secretary, John Siddall, Sandey Berry, Elaine Krilanovich-Cikes, Betony Rowland, Joanne Fawcett (Society Member).

This is a committed, volunteer Board who oversees St. Jude’s governance. My sincere thanks to each Board member for their expertise and thoughtful presence they bring to meetings, discussions and working groups.

Michele Cook - Executive Director

The Floors are Done!

Our current St. Jude’s “House” was completed in 1991.  Like any home, we are constantly working to maintain, renovate and improve the environment for our elders.

 We recently completed the new flooring on second floor and everyone is very pleased. It really does tick all the boxes; it looks warm and homey, is easy to maintain and has the important benefit of being highly slip resistant. My thanks to our staff! Renovations are always challenging and especially so when you are home to 29 people. Staff were flexible and accommodating and had a can-do attitude to get it done!                                                            

 Next on our renovation agenda has been the roof. St. Jude’s has 5 roof     systems across the building and 2 are currently being replaced as they   have reached their life span. 

 Both the roofing and flooring projects were funded through donations.   Vancouver Coastal Health funds all our staffing costs and supplies (food,   cleaning and laundry chemicals, incontinent products …) but not ‘capital   costs’ for repairs and replacement. My sincere appreciation to our generous   donors.  We can’t do it without you. Also a big shout out to our volunteer   Board Fundraising Committee for your hard work!

Michele Cook - Executive Director

Welcome Dorothy!

We are pleased to announce that as of April 2018, St. Jude’s, again, has a permanent physiotherapist from Vancouver Coastal Health Residential Practice. Her name is Dorothy Leung. She worked with the Third Age population for many years. Dorothy has demonstrated that she has the skills, determination, resident-centred approach that is so important to us.

Having a permanent physiotherapist available to St. Jude’s, giving us a chance to improve our elders’ quality of life.

Lucia Matthews - Rehabilitation Assistant

Long Service Awards
At St. Jude’s we are fortunate to have an incredible team that strives to create a warm, safe and loving environment for our residents. As such we like to take the time to recognize our staff for their service, each year we recognize the long service of many of our team. This year we are honouring 6 staff members whose combined years of service at St Jude’s is 70 years. On June 21st, 2018 in the Main Floor Dining Room, we traded stories and showed our gratitude as we thanked our  team members who have reached a milestone in their professional life this year. Thank you Emily, Elsa, Cristian, Heidi, Eulalia and Daisy for all of your hard work!

                                                                                                                                  Emily celebrates 20 years of service with Marie
St Jude's Board Wants You

St. Judge's is actively looking for new board members to fill several recent vacancies. We are interested in board members with experience in the areas of fundraising, accounting and general management. Interested and would like more details? Please contact Jim Longman, President of the Board at
Jim Longman - President Board of Directors

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