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Getting Back to Normal

It is said that communities pull together in times of trouble. We certainly have experienced the love and support of our partners in the St. Jude's community as we recover from the flood that put the basement rooms out of commission these last couple of months. In response to our recent letter requesting assistance to make some much needed improvements to the chapel and other areas as we put them back together, our partners have generously donated more than $7,500 to date! With these funds, we have started the installation of heating in the chapel and will be purchasing a locking cabinet for chapel supplies. Our Chaplain, Trudi Shaw, will be moving into the private and functional office at the bottom of the stairs and Sandey Berry is going to continue working in the Reception office. We are installing a button so that she can open the front door from her desk and make St. Jude's all that more welcoming. This is a happy change all round! We are still hoping to be able to upgrade the flooring on the staircases in the Reception to have increased safety features and present a fresher look.

As we continue to work on getting "back to normal" we give our heartfelt thanks to everyone for your interest and kind words as well as for your donations which will mean our normal will be even better than it used to be!

- Chris Norman

Dialogue with the Administrator

It has been two and half months since the waters rushed into our basement during a heavy rain storm. The flooring and bottom sections of all the walls and cabinetry were removed to prevent mold. Throughout August, the contractors have been working hard and we are well on our way to being able to move back in. We are hoping that will be by mid to late September!

It has been a trying experience for everyone from the first day when Gary our Maintenance Worker and our Business Manager, Nancy, and her husband charged in from home to help me and Ernesto our Housekeeper with the mop up. Employees have been taking breaks in makeshift corners and keeping their clothes in the lockers that had to be moved to the garage. Supplies storage also had to be moved to a parking space in the garage. The laundry was done in the home size washers and dryers on the first and second floors for the first week until we could properly clean the floors and equipment as directed by the Environmental Health Officer. For the last couple of months our Laundry Aides Jasvir and Hardish have been the only ones working in the basement and they say it has been lonely! Nancy has been sharing the office of our Resident Services Manager, Terri and Trudi, Chaplain, has been bunking with me. Sandey, Administrative Services Manager moved into Reception and Joanna, our Dietitian, has been using whatever desk is available! Residents did not receive Tuck shop service for a few weeks until volunteers Peggy and Donna were able to sift through their boxed up supplies and Maike, Recreation Therapist, found temporary storage. The hairdresser had to work out of a bathing room without a hair washing sink so she wasn't able to do the full extent of her services for some. Of course the elevators and garage door decided to break down a few times too and it took several days and one power outage before the time clock was running smoothly in its new location!

My sincere thanks to all employees and volunteers for their spirit and patience.

- Chris Norman

You can contact Chris at

In Good Hands

Nine years ago Pam started volunteering here at St. Jude's after her mother passed away. Her mother had lived here for many years and volunteering allowed Pam to pay it forward and to honor her mother as well as stay in touch with the staff she had gotten to know. Pam's commitment to St. Jude's is two hours every Tuesday. Twice a month she conducts tours for those looking for a home for either themselves or their family member. We couldn't ask for a better advocate – someone who knows what it's like to have a loved one living here. Pam also visits residents who might not be having a good day or that just want somebody to talk to. She can also be called upon to help out with special events, excursions or gardening.

Pam finds volunteering rewarding in so many ways. In her own words, Pam says, "it keeps me in touch with wonderful elderly women and men who still have much to share". After she retired she found that her regular Tuesday volunteering gave structure and meaning to her week and allowed her to assist the staff without the meetings, reports and headaches that sometimes go along with a job!

We are so fortunate to have Pam as part of our St. Jude's family. All our volunteers dedicate their time and services so selflessly and we know we couldn't function without them. A big heartfelt Thank You to each and every one of them.

- Sandey Berry
Volume 4 - Issue 3
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What's New in Elder Care

A study done by the CMHC discusses seniors' transitions from private dwellings to special care facilities. You can read it by clicking here.

Raise the Umbrella

Photo: Residents enjoying the new umbrella

One warm day in May as we were eating our lunch outside on the main floor patio, Heidi and I watched the Recreation Department wheel residents out and place big floppy hats on each of them before starting a program in the sunshine. One of us commented on how nice it would be to have a big patio umbrella to provide shade and from there an idea was born! Fundraiser! One thing lead to another and by the end of the day we had picked a day in June (the 18th) for our "Raise the Umbrella" Cafe, convinced our colleagues to bake for the occasion and designed posters and notices to be mailed out to family and friends. Despite the flooding on June 15th and chaos that ensued, we went ahead with the event after moving its intended location in the basement to the main floor dining area.

I'm happy to report that our "Raise the Umbrella" Cafe exceeded our expectations - we raised approximately $1200 and now have a large green umbrella and six new patio chairs on the main floor patio and an additional four new patio chairs on the second floor deck. We are so grateful for all the support we received and plan to hold another Cafe before Christmas. Stay tuned!

- Sandey Berry

We also have a list of other projects that we're fundraising for that can be viewed here. To donate to this fundraising project, or any other project on our wish list, click here.

St. Jude's Day Celebration

With Bishop Melissa Skelton.

Thursday, Oct 23, 2014 at 1:30 p.m.

Invitations to follow.

Fundraising Campaign

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