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Our Anglican Friends

Sixty-five years ago St. Jude's Anglican home opened its doors to provide room and board in a Christian home for "elderly women of limited means." Over the years St. Jude's has evolved until today it is a 55-bed complex-care home for both men and women.

Although now funded in part by the provincial government through Vancouver Coastal Health Authority, St. Jude's still has strong ties to the Anglican Diocese of New Westminster. In the past, parishes have been generous with their time, talent, and treasure. Parishioners in the diocese invite residents to services and teas at their parishes, care for the altar in our chapel, assist with chapel services, provide healing touch, tend our gardens, and spend time individually with residents. Our resident chaplain Trudi Shaw, a deacon in the diocese, provides spiritual care for all residents and staff. Other clergy in the diocese provide support through celebrating Eucharist at St. Jude's. St. Jude's receives financial support from various parishes, individual parishioners, and this past year received a very generous grant from the Anglican Foundation which helped with the completion of our secure patio.

St. Jude's is very grateful for this ongoing relationship with Anglican parishes. To continue to nurture this relationship and develop even greater awareness in the Anglican community, the Communication Committee purchased and assembled a presentation board highlighting life at St. Jude's and the need for continued support from Anglican parishes. The board was displayed during coffee hour at St. John's Shaughnessy in October, Christ Church Cathedral in January, St. Mary's Kerrisdale in March, and St. Philip's Dunbar in May. Hopefully other parishes will be visited in the coming year as we continue to ask Anglicans for their support in the form of board members, in-house volunteers, and through financial gifts and prayer. We are hoping that parishes and parishioners will continue to be generous with their time, their talent and their treasure in the years to come.

Dialogue with the Administrator

In this world where our lives are so full of change, it is quite an accomplishment to stay dedicated and loyal to one place of work for an extended length of time. There is something special about St. Jude's that keeps our employees coming to work here day after day, year after year and even decade after decade. The work that we do is extraordinarily satisfying and we love the people whom we work for, the residents of St. Jude's. We also support each other throughout each work day and that makes a difference as well.

We held our Long Service Awards on April 3 and recognized: Leonor Zavaglia, a Care Aide for 30 years, Merle Sharma, a Care Aide for 20 years, Leanne Oslund, a Recreation Assistant for 15 years, Robert Chan, a Care Aide for 15 years, Angelita Harley, a Housekeeper for 15 years, myself, Administrator for 15 years, Marie Piche, a casual Care Aide for the equivalent of 10 years and Pauline Kwan, a casual RN for the equivalent of 5 years. We also recognized the five staff members who worked without any time off because of sickness in 2013.

We are feeling sadness at the loss of our dedicated "employee", Friskie, who was our main floor cat for 13 years. Friskie and Tigger were our first cats. A few months after arriving, Tigger mysteriously left us for 9 years and then returned but Friskie never missed a day on the job. Friskie could be counted on to greet visitors from her chair in reception. She spent time each day with various residents, sleeping on their beds or in their cupboards and consuming unknown quantities of treats. She was a skilled hunter and often left gifts for us at the front door. Her most amazing attribute was her ability to know when someone was dying and to attend to that person in his or her final hours. She even went up to the second floor, meowed at the door to be let in and then quickly ran to the room of the person who needed her. As she deserved, for the joy and companionship she gave over the years, I attended to her at her own death. The care and feeding of our pets is done solely through donations so a big thank you is due to our donors for your support. I am sure we will bring another cat into our home but it will not be an easy task to find a St. Jude's cat as perfect as Friskie.

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Volume 4 - Issue 2
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What's New in Elder Care

In Wisconsin, an innovative music-based program is helping improve the quality of patients' lives. Click here to read about it.

Annual General Meeting

The St. Jude's AGM will be held at 5:00 pm on Thursday, June 5 in the Main Floor Lounge. All are welcome.

Resident & Family Council Meeting

This meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 18 at 4:00 pm in the Main Floor Lounge.

This is your opportunity to join the Recreation Coordinator and Managers to hear updates and get answers to your questions on happenings around the Home.

Volunteer Required

Do you have a few minutes in the morning, afternoon or evening?

We need someone to water the plants and garden twice a week for the next 4 months.  Can you help?  Please contact Maike at 604-874-3200, extension 224.

Thank you!

Residents' Corner

Each year St. Jude's recognizes our very generous donors who contribute $500 or more to better the lives of our residents. The names of the donors are displayed on a board on the Main Floor beside the lounge/TV area.

Another way of donating is by the "wishing tree" that is displayed at the front entrance to the Home. The Recreation Department has made removable raindrops with items much needed to continue providing quality programming and some extra treats for the residents. On the back of each raindrop are suggestions of where the item(s) can be purchased and what they are used for. This enables the Recreation Department to stretch their programming budget while directly benefiting the residents.
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