News from St. Jude's: Spring 2017 - Volume 7 Issue 1

Why I am a Board Member

I've been a Board member for 4 years, and my desire to join the Board at St. Jude's was based on wanting to gain some experience in the not-for-profit arena, after having worked for many years in the corporate world. I am not sure what made me read a small notice on the church bulletin board one Sunday morning asking for Board volunteers at St. Jude's, nor what motivated me to give up spare time for various Board, subcommittees and audit meetings. But, after meeting Michael Batten, President of the Board at that time, he convinced me that it was a good place and I could make a difference to people who are at a certain phase of their lives, and since then, I've been hooked!

As anyone associated with St. Jude's knows, it is a wonderful place, with a lot of heart. Everyone I've seen working and volunteering here has a common goal of helping our residents to have the best lives they can, and that rubs off on me every time I'm come in the front door. Since I've joined, a lot has happened, whether floods in the basement, funding challenges or increasing our fundraising efforts, but no matter what, I try to remember that it always comes back to the people.

- Jim Longman, Board President

What's New in Senor Living

There are several issues to consider when deciding to receive CPP benefits at 60 instead of 65. Click here to read more.

Fundraising Campaign

2016/2017 Campaign


Update from Recreation

Spring is finally in the air, and very welcomed at St. Jude's. Our Elders are looking forward to once again going out for walks and scenic drives. We have also been very busy with spring cleaning, deciding where to hang pictures and how to make St. Jude's feel more like home. Something new to our recreation calendar is music with Pete. If you have the opportunity, please join us for a fun afternoon full of music and banter, it's always a good time. Another change is Resident Birthday parties. We are no longer doing one big monthly event but rather a celebrations on Birthday catering towards that person, so far the response has been well received. If anyone has any questions or comments about the social aspect of life at St. Jude's please do not hesitate to contact the Recreation Department.

- Mara Morgan, Lifestyle Coordinator


A Review of "Guilty Conscience"

When was the last time that you heard someone say, "I went to a fund raiser last evening and had a great time". Well, the St. Jude’s night at Metro Theatre on March 8th was just such an event. The play itself; the silent auction; the socialization in the upper lounge and theatre foyer; and the mix of staff, caregivers and supporters of St. Jude’s combined to make this a special evening and one well worth making an annual event. Guilty Conscience was directed by Don Briard, who also pinch-hit in the role of the Prosecutor, and starred Francis Boyle as the philandering husband, Sheila Keating as the not-so-naïve wife, and Kaylah Zander as the not-so-innocent girlfriend. While questionable if anyone really had a guilty conscience, the twists and turns of the play and the mind games developed by each of the characters led to a final conclusion which was as surprising as justified. The array of items for auction was excellent and led to some serious bidding wars. But best of all, the comradery evident during the evening was noteworthy. As I said, a financially successful evening and people had a good time, a perfect combination. All those who were involved should take a bow.

- Neil Horne, Husband of Joyce (St. Jude's Resident)

My sincere thanks to everyone who helped to make this event so successful; those of you who bought tickets, sold tickets, volunteered and donated silent auction items. We raised $8500, after expenses! This money will go towards the renovation of a tired and dysfunctional bathing room which will be transformed to a warm and inviting space for our elders.
- Michele Cook, Executive Director
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