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Please join your neighbors at our monthly community meetings.  The Mordecai CAC meets at 7:30pm in the Visitors Center at the Mordecai Historic Park on the second Tuesday of each month, September-June. Meetings usually last an hour. Meetings are also broadcast on Facebook live when possible, so please tune in on the Mordecai CAC facebook page or watch the recording later.  Meeting highlights:

Tuesday, February 12, 2019, 7:30pm 


City Councilor Russ Stephenson will be joining us on Tuesday to discuss ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units). Join us to hear an update on the soon-to-be enacted ADU / ADOD rules.

Councilor Stephenson will give an overview and solicit feedback on improvements to the adoption process and to the ordinance:
1. Why an overlay versus a citywide ordinance?
2. How can we simplify the process?
3. What are the height, setback & other dimensional rules?
4. Q & A

Based on our comments, Russ hopes to present several process improvements to the Council for a vote at our Feb 19 meeting.  

Updated Feb 12 MCAC Agenda: 

  • Police Report  (5 mins)

  • Infill Development Study Presentation- Mark Holland, COR Planning (15 mins)

  • ADU/ADUO presentation - Russ Stephenson, City Council (20 mins)

  • Mordecai CAC Bylaws Vote - Philip Bernard, MCAC (10 mins)

  • Committee Updates- Parks, Yard Sale, PSP (5 mins)

Read the city MCAC news for the full agenda.

ADU's (Accessory Dwelling Units) on the Council Agenda and in the news: 

ADU in OakdaleCity Council Meeting: If you missed the February 5 City Council meeting, videos are posted online. The presentation and discussion about ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units) and the proposed overlay requirements begins at the 6:15 mark on this video:


Read articles/history about ADU discussions :

Interested in Curbside Metal Recycling?

Please fill out this quick survey! 

Oakdale resident Reid Serozi is  seeking your input to design an effortless way to recycle non-city approved recyclable metal. Save the planet by taking this 3-minute survey:

Thank you Parks Volunteers! 

Thanks to our Parks Volunteers for another successful workday! 64 small plants were planted on January 29 to reintroduce plant life along the stream bank on Marshall Street. It is effective way to establish a root network and help prevent further soil loss.

January 29 Marshall Street plantings: 
*14 Physocarpus opulifolius (Ninebark)
*20 Sambucus canadensis (Elderberry)
*10 Symphoricarpos orbiculatus (Coralberry)
*20 Cephalanthus occidentalis (Button bush)

If you'd like to get involved with the MCAC Parks Volunteers, please email Joe and Sarah at They maintain an email list of Parks Volunteers. 

There are also park volunteers, led by Oakdale resident Jed Gant, who are working on the Meadowbrook Open Space (across from Conn Elementary). More details about that project coming soon! 

Get involved with the MCAC! Positions open

The MCAC Volunteer/Leadership team is a group of citizens that are currently serving as MCAC committee chairs or officers, have formerly served as officers, or who are just interested in getting more involved!  We communicate through a google group that any MCAC resident is welcomed to join. Please email Dana at if you would like to sign up.

Currently, volunteers are needed for roles in our CAC:
  • Awards and Grants chair
  • Communications co-chair
  • Historian
  • Neighborhood representatives from Capital Park, Cotton Mill, Oakdale at Mordecai, and Oakwood.

Mordecai CAC minutes from the January 8, 2019 Meeting:

Meeting led by Sean Farres, co-chair.
Attendees: 30+ representing Oakdale, Mordecai, East Mordecai and Pilot Mill.
  1. Introduction of new co-chair nominee: James Troxler. Unanimous vote in favor of James as new co-chair.
  2. Police Report: Sgt. Richard Marx.
    1. Shooting: 20 Dec 1300 block Courtland Dr in mid-afternoon. 1 GSW victim treated in hospital. Isolated victim specifically targeted. Car was also stolen. No arrests made yet.
    2. Yarborough Park shootings - 1 in Nov and 4 in Dec. Houses were hit by bullets. 4Jan suspect was arrested and is currently in custody. Houses were shot in direction of Capital Blvd. Suspect may have had a connection to neighborhood in past. Very unusual for downtown Raleigh. Area around Yarborough is overgrown and trashed. Seems to be a lot of drug activity in area. If residents see anything they should report it immediately to 911.
    3. 1 larceny the previous month, no commercial break-ins. 0 residential break-ins in last 30 days, 2 in last 60 days.
    4. For home protection sight lines are key as well as good lighting. Video signage is good, fencing that you can see through is optimal. Keep shrubbery lower than 2 feet and any trees no higher than 6 feet.
    5. Car break-ins are most likely unlocked vehicles.
  3. City and Police Dept are partnering with Alliance Behavioral Healthcare to offer Mental Health First Aid Classes. For more info please go to .
  4. 29 January - Parks Day. Citizen crews meet to maintain signs/plant trees.
  5. Miscellaneous news: Seaboard sold, Bird Scooter fees increase, Atlantic Lounge now open
  6. WPU President Brian Ralph:
    1. 13 December 2018 sold Seaboard Station.13 bids in in total from developers across USA. PN Hoffman out of DC won bid. Highest priority was getting best partner to develop the area. Upwards of 600 total apartment units will be built in addition to a hotel. Neighborhood will be engaged in the plan. Some of the buildings may be razed, the process is in the very early stages and they are currently working to keep tenants, especially those with long-term leases. Concern was raised that smaller independent stores will be pushed out. PN Hoffman has a reputation of working with smaller stores more so than larger chains. Also working with Bird to have nests near Peace University.
    2. Peace originally bought these parcels out of bankruptcy in 2013 when lease rates were nowhere near market value. Zoning is for 7 stories currently. Rendering shown is very early stages and may change. City focuses more on zoning/height issues etc rather than aesthetics.
    3. Sale was due to increased cost of maintenance for older buildings. Selling was best way to get the best growth from their initial endowment investment. This will enable them to put more resources back in to Peace campus. Franklin St. will not be opened up, but a walking promenade through campus where Franklin St. is is currently planned.
    4. Per PN Hoffman they are estimating 18 months for approval/zoning/traffic issues.Summer of 2020 before building could actually start.
    5. No dedicated student housing for Peace. Hotel will be on front corner lot, where parking lot and Sunflowers is, remaining parcels sold are tennis courts and Ace/O2 Fitness building. Logan’s is self-owned so they are not affected. No long term plans for remaining parcels beyond watching them grow in value.
    6. Peace put some conditions on the sale, mainly that the project have a minimum 30% masonry surface. They also put conditions on future tenants such as no tattoo parlors, no drive thrus or dry cleaners etc. Trademark Properties is still managing Seaboard after the sale.
  7. Raleigh Bylaws update: Raleigh CAC is the group that governs all CACs. All CACs have different bylaws, their current mission is to unify all the CAC bylaws. Mordecai CAC opposes unification and would like to keep our own voting schedule as it has worked for us for years.
    1. Biggest issue was Article 2 Section 1. We currently have 2 chairs serve staggered terms, what RCAC wants to do is have 2 co chairs on same schedule. If we decide to amend our bylaws RCAC has to approve it, which has never been a condition before. RCAC is basically changing from a governing body to a regulatory body which is not what we want.
    2. Motion to use RCAC bylaws as a guideline for Mordecai CAC to adopt and adjust as necessary. Motion was seconded and will be voted on at next meeting.
  8. Volunteers needed!
    1. Awards and Grants committee
    2. Mordecai CAC historian
    3. Volunteers/chairs communicate through an email list
  9. It is a violation of city code to rake or blow leaves into the street.
  10. Apartment buildings on Courtland set to be developed, no further information beyond developer had variances approved.
  11. Infill compatibility will be on next month’s schedule.
  12. Traffic committee: Blount/Person St. project is currently back out to bid. Probably closer to summer before that gets done.
  13. Person Street Partnership: PSP task force is looking at parking and noise along Person St. Music store is up for lease, condition of building is problematic.
  14. Raleigh City Farm had a rough year due to weather, lease is still intact.
Next Meeting February 12.

Mordecai Citizens Advisory Council 

The Mordecai CAC is one of 19 CACs in the City of Raleigh.

The Mordecai Citizens Advisory Council provides a means for citizens to participate in the city’s decision-making process. 

Join us:
Second Tuesdays, 7:30pm
Mordecai Historic Park Visitors Center
1101 Wake Forest Road

View the city MCAC newsletter 

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The Mordecai CAC covers several downtown neighborhoods and includes all residents north of Peace Street and south of Atlantic Avenue, between Brookside and West Street.
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