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Please join your neighbors at our monthly community meetings.  The Mordecai CAC meets at 7:30pm in the Visitors Center at the Mordecai Historic Park on the second Tuesday of each month, September-June. Meetings usually last an hour. Meetings are also broadcast on Facebook live when possible, so please tune in on the Mordecai CAC facebook page or watch the recording later.  Meeting highlights:

Join us Tuesday, September 12

  • Police Report -Downtown District Crime Prevention Sgt. Marx will update the community on crime and safety issues.
  • RPD body-worn camera forum recap
  • Accessory Dwelling Unit (Backyard Cottage) Update- Philip Bernard
  • “Kindness Rock” Project- Pastor Melissa Florer-Bixler, Raleigh Mennonite Church
  • RCAC Neighborhood Recognition Awards vote (see details below, reply to this email with your vote by 6pm if you cannot attend.)
Read the city MCAC news for the full agenda.
Neighborhood News

Neighborhood Recognition Awards

Since 1977, the Raleigh Citizens Advisory Council (RCAC) has been recognizing significant efforts by property owners, community groups and individuals to enhance the health, safety, and appearance of their neighborhoods. Annually, the RCAC asks each individual CAC to select one award winner to be honored. The awards are designed to acknowledge those unsung heroes who work without thought of praise to make our communities better at the grassroots level. And in so doing, elevate the quality of our lives and that of our city.
This year’s recognition ceremony will occur on Wednesday, October 18, 2017. Nomination Categories :
1. Residential property or privately-owned, small business property that has made a significant impact on the quality of life within your CAC
2. Educational institution or non-profit organization that has partnered with a neighborhood group or organization
3. Community service project within your CAC district
4. An individual who has contributed significantly to the well-being of your CAC community.
5. A grassroots organization or neighborhood-based group within your CAC

Award Selection Criteria
The individual CACs use the following evaluation criteria when reviewing and selecting their honoree.
How well did the project/person/business/group improve the neighborhood by: a) Enhancing the visual environment
b) Preserving the character of the area
c) Improving buildings, landscaping, or signage
d) Preserving or enhancing the natural environment
e) Contributing to the community and neighborhood initiatives
The RCAC will review all selected honorees at its September meeting.  The Mordecai CAC will vote for their award recipient on Tuesday, September 12.  If you cannot attend please email with your 1) vote 2) name 3) address by 6:00pm on Sept. 12.  Thanks! 

Nominations were presented by our awards committee at the June meeting and are:
  • Raleigh City Farm
  • Stanbury & Escazu
  • Oak City Cycling
  • The Mordecai CAC Parks Committee
  • Chad McIntyre 
  • Yellow Dog Bakery 

Construction Project Updates

Water/Sewer Projects:  Frank, Harding, and Holden Streets
Crews began work in East Mordecai and in Oakdale in June, and if you've driven by Frank or Holden Streets lately you've seen that they are still very busy.  The water and sewer mains are being replaced in many older Raleigh neighborhoods, and these Mordecai CAC streets have been on the schedule for some time. This is much needed and appreciated infrastructure work but it will have a big impact on Frank, Harding, and Holden Street residents for a few more months.

Two recent updates were emailed to residents.  The Frank Street project is a few weeks behind schedule since the August 17 update.  The kids in the photo above (taken Sept. 11) are ready to get their street back! :) 
More Info (video)

Unconference? September 16

Sept 16: The City of Raleigh Community Engagement Division will be hosting the Raleigh Neighborhood Exchange Unconference happening on Saturday, September 16th. This is guaranteed to be a fun, participant-driven experience where you are in the driver’s seat. You can pitch an idea for a session or attend as an active audience member and participate different sessions. The choice is yours! 
Unconference Info

Have you contributed to our neighborhood sign fundraiser?

NEW SIGNS for Mordecai- 
Please pitch in a few dollars

Our sign committee has been working hard get new welcome signs for the Mordecai Community. They'll be located in the medians on Wake Forest Road where the old wooden signs are now. Please contribute a few dollars to our campaign! If you'd prefer to write a check feel free to bring it to the CAC meeting on September 12 or send a message to Thanks.
Contribute NOW!

Mordecai CAC minutes from the June meeting:

Mordecai CAC 6/13/17
Residents: 25 COR Staff: 5 City : Councilors: 1
Co-Chair Aaron Afarian opened up the meeting at 6:30PM with a brief overview of the agenda.
RPD Report: Officer Taylor
 Crime report for last month looked good overall, but larceny from motor vehicles is still prevalent.
 3 cars and 1 house were broken into because of unlocked doors. These crimes are committed by juveniles and they are preventable. Encourage neighbors to lock their doors.
Parks and Rec: Michelle Bandklayder
 Halifax has summer camp in full swing so that is their big focus.
 NNO is going to be August 1st at Halifax- details to come!
A motion for the meeting minutes to be approved was made and the minutes were unanimously accepted.
Traffic Project Presentation: Mary-Ann Baldwin, Eric Lamb
 Eric asked how many people were involved with Blount Person Corridor project when it started. He talked about how they wanted to make it more livable and approved a corridor plan a few years ago; now they are working towards implementation.
 Phase 1 is resurfacing the roads, converting Wake Forest Road from 4 lanes to 3 lanes with a center turn lane and bike lanes, and converting Blount and Person from 2 or 3 lanes to 2 lanes with a bike lane.
 Eric added that it is a state-owned road so getting it cleaned up is not one of their priorities. o The city did get a grant to resurface the street so they will resurface from Edenton to Atlantic (Phase 1) and south of Edenton will be restriped.
 Phase 2 will be the streetscape improvements.
 There will be a connector from the Pigeon House Greenway to Walnut Creek Greenway.
 Plans have been submitted to NCDOT for approval, and they hope to be under construction in September/October.
 There will be a new transportation bond in the fall that would include improvements to this area. The bond includes 2 way conversion and roundabouts as well as changing the name of Wake Forest Road to Person Street. If the bond is approved, it wouldn’t all happen until after the Capital Blvd project is completed.
 Mary-Ann talked about how this was not in this year’s transportation bond. They had to work hard to get this plan moving forward. There are three phases to this project. Right after the Capital Blvd work, they will go into 2 lane conversion. If the bond goes through and all goes as planned they could be 3 years away from 2 way traffic on Blount/Person.
 Mary-Ann publicly thanked Philip Bernard for his work on the committee. She also thanked Eric.
 Resident asked about the streetscape elements in phase 3. o Eric responded they have money set aside for this. They are looking strategically at smaller projects for this and also want to align it with the bike piece. o Mary-Ann talked about how they will look at transit more and realigning priorities to make sure that all the forms of transportation align (walk, drive, bike, etc.)
 Resident asked about changes going across Atlantic, specifically for cyclists as it relates to crossing the bridge. o Eric said it is a priority. They want to help the connection to Whitaker Mill Road. o Mary-Ann talked about the Loading Dock and the steel place that will be redeveloped. All these connection points are important as downtown is growing. They want to make it easy and accessible for people living in that area to get to and from downtown. Capital Blvd- Bridge Replacement Projects Update- Eric Lamb
 This project will transform the gateway to downtown. They’re going to make it look better and add more greenway trails and a park.
 The Peace Street and Wade Avenue interchanges will also be studied.
 They plan to add bike lanes and make wider sidewalks along Peace Street and Capital Blvd.  This will promote growth of commercial and residential land use.
A greenway will be extended from downtown (Pigeon House Branch) to Crab Tree Creek.
 The work on the Capital Blvd bridges is split into three areas- Wade Ave Bridge, Capital Blvd., and Peace Street/square loop. They plan to extend Harrington to connect directly to Peace Street. They will add green landscape medians to Capital Blvd.
 Resident asked about the Light + Time Tower and its location. o Mary Ann joked that she made the mistake of bringing that up at a City Council meeting once.
Eric said the closures would be on nights and weekends as to not impact daily traffic. Completion is scheduled for November 1, 2019. There is a large area of land they want to convert into Devereux Meadow Park.
 Resident asked about Peace Street East from West to Person Street. o Eric replied that that study started in 2010 and the Capital Blvd plan interrupted those plans so they will tackle that once the dust settles.
 Co-Chair Damon Vaughn asked about the Capital interchange near the Circus restaurant. o Eric talked about the roundabout there. Capital Blvd splits into 2 separate roads and they want to keep them together and look at a 6 lane avenue. Person would go north parallel to Capital Blvd.
 Resident asked about the Peace Street railroad bridge o Eric said it belongs to Norfolk Southern which in the past has been a non-starter for discussions - he joked about the bridge’s twitter account.
Raleigh Fire Department- Lemuel Hubbard
 Lemuel spoke about meeting with Community Engagement and wanting to come out more and get more involved in the community/with CACs. Once every 3 months was his recommended schedule  Lemuel mentioned the warehouse demo fire where no one got hurt.  Safety messages for this month o Electrical safety- be vigilant and be safe! When you are by the pool, make sure you watch your kids and get them life jackets. Have an electrician look at your pool. o Grilling safety- For charcoal grills, make sure to put the charcoal in a metal trashcan with a lid and wait a week or two before you throw it out since embers can stay lit for a few days. For propane grills, make sure to use a soapy liquid and look for bubbles when you clean it. Also, start the grill with the lid up, not down. If the propane light goes out, keep lid open and turn whole system off for 5-7 minutes before you restart it.
Gables Motor Lodge Vote
 Unanimously approved
Vote to approve the budget
 Unanimously approved
RCAC Neighborhood Recognition Awards- Philip Bernard
 Phil spoke about the awards and how their nominations are Raleigh City Farm, Stanbury & Escazu, Oak City Cycling, The Mordecai CAC Parks Committee, and Chad McIntyre.
 Resident adds Yellow Dog Bakery as another nomination
 They will use a outreach system and let people cast their votes online.
 The winner will be announced in September.
 Resident asked for them to also publicize categories and criteria.
Community Engagement- Michelle Bandklayder
 Michelle talked about RNEX and what an Unconference is. She explained what the process would be like and encouraged everyone to register and come out.
 Michelle talked about RNC/CLA starting in September and encouraged people to sign up. Co-Chair Aaron Afarian offered support for RNC as a recent graduate of the program
Picnic update- Merrilee Jacobson
 Lemuel offered to bring fire truck.  It will be held June 25- come on out!
PSP Update- Philip Bernard
 O2 Fitness is closing.  We don't know of any plans for that space yet.
Parks- Joe Layton
 Plants are growing! They will be doing an analysis soon.  If you have overgrown city trees on the side walk you are welcome to reach out to them for pruning
 Over half way in their fundraising efforts and they have applied for some City grants as well.
Communications- Dana Deaton
 If you live on Frank Street or Harding they are digging up the streets this summer.  They are having a meeting regarding this on Thursday, June 17 at Temple Baptist Church.  The City is asking people to please not park on this street so they can do construction.  The MCAC is on Facebook Live for each CAC meeting- she wants feedback on volume.
 For NNO, someone is needed to help as the Chair for the event as Mary will be out of town.
Any Other Business
 CERT training coming up called Firefighter Rehab parts 1 and 2. It is about how to help Firefighters while they are working during a situation. o July 6 at 7PM at Trinity United Baptist Church; Part 2 is August 3
Next meeting is September 12, 2017. Meeting adjourned at 9PM.


Mordecai Citizens Advisory Council 

The Mordecai CAC is one of 19 CACs in the City of Raleigh.

The Mordecai Citizens Advisory Council provides a means for citizens to participate in the city’s decision-making process. 

Join us:
Second Tuesdays, 7:30pm
Mordecai Historic Park Visitors Center
1101 Wake Forest Road

View the city MCAC newsletter 

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The Mordecai CAC covers several downtown neighborhoods and includes all residents north of Peace Street and south of Atlantic Avenue, between Brookside and West Street.
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