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Frequently Asked Questions
One Meal per Week Members Fresh Local Halibut

We come to you this week with two somewhat similar in taste and texture fish. Halibut for everyone and White Seabass if you get 2 Meals per Week.

Please do not ask us to trade Halibut for White Seabass as we have a limited supply. We are hoping to get enough of it in soon to feature to all, but it's not one of those fish we often see in very large numbers. They are "in" right now though so fingers crossed!

If you get both, this week presents a great opportunity to try them both and really hone in on which you prefer, if you don't know already.

They both are very mild, white-flesh fish. Both lean with a nice big flake to them. It's safe to interchange them in recipes that call for either as they behave very similarly.

I almost never eat Halibut raw (although I did this weekend trying out the H&H Halibut on the Mentone menu—which was to die for, btw.) On the other hand, we LOVE White Seabass raw—it's one of my favorite sashimi fish.

We eat it raw in our household, but to be on the safest side, we recommend a 4-hour freeze before eating either raw. Or just use your eye—parasites are visible if they exist in either of these fish. It's not uncommon and though they can be creepy to find, that's just the nature of seafood (and other meats.) 

We'd love to hear which of these 2 premium white fish from the Monterey Bay you prefer. Either way, we hope you enjoy your selection this week! 

Walnut Panko Crusted Halibut with Arugula Pesto and Herbed Tomatoes
California Walnut Panko Crusted Halibut with Arugula Pesto and Herbed Tomatoes


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Two Meal per Week Members Fresh Local White Seabass

As mentioned above, White Seabass is a very mild, large-flake fish that are versatile to cook and can be used in place of Halibut in any recipe.

White Seabass are considered an elusive fish, not often showing up in large schools and hard to catch. They are such a treat!! We hope you love it. 


  • Fresh Local White Seabass
  • Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
  • Butter
  • Flour
  • White WIne
  • Chicken Stock
  • Lemon
  • Oregano
  • Thyme
  • Parsley
  • Salt & Pepper
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