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Frequently Asked Questions
One Meal per Week Members: Local King Salmon

If you're new to our Club, (hi! 👋🏽) please know that we usually go out of our way to make sure we don't repeat species week after week. Well, during this Salmon season we are throwing that goal out the window and doing the opposite––trying to get as much Salmon on your plates as possible this season! 🐟🐟🐟

Salmon is so versatile to cook! As I mentioned last week, I love it in the air fryer. We also love to pan-fry it in a cast iron pan and get the skin super crispy. It's great on the grill or under the broiler too. 

We hope you are loving it as much as we are! 🧡

Scrumptious California  King Salmon
Scrumptious California  King Salmon


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Two Meal per Week Members: Fresh Local Black Cod
Fresh Local Black Cod

Local Black Cod is finally back! We haven't seen it in a while. Of course, if you are on the 'no black cod' list we will send you a substitute, likely rockfish

Black Cod has a wonderfully high oil content (healthy omegas) and does excellent with high heat like being baked or broiled. It will melt in your mouth! 🤤

It does have bones, but they are easy to remove. Click below for an instructional video. 
How to Debone Black Cod

Grilled Black Cod with Cucumbers & Ginger
Grilled Black Cod with Cucumbers & Ginger


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