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One Meal per Week San Diego Albacore Tuna
Whole Albacore Tuna

Happy Monday, fellow fish lovers! We've just offloaded some gorgeous Albacore Tuna off a Deep Set Long Line boat from Southern Cal. This Tuna is sashimi grade if you like to eat it raw. It's also great seared or cooked throughout. 

If you're in the mood to roll your own sushi, we have some quality ingredients here.

We've got a pan-seared recipe below and also highly recommend any of the Bachan's BBQ Sauce as a marinade or one of the Ginger People marinades.

Just coat the fish in one of them, let it sit for a while if you like, and toss it on the grill, in a cast iron pan, or under the broiler. It also makes a great Tuna Poke! There are so many variations of poke and ingredients you can use to make it your own.

Click below to learn more about how we make ours. 

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Grilled or Pan-Cooked Albacore With Soy/Mirin Marinade
Grilled or Pan-Cooked Albacore With Soy/Mirin Marinade


See Full Recipe NYT Cooking
Two Meal per Week Members Fresh Local Rockfish
Fresh Local Rockfish Fillets

Fresh local Rockfish is on the menu for this week's 2 Meal per Week subscribers. It's been a while since we featured this versatile Monterey Bay specialty. It will come skin-off and is a mix of Chilipeppers and Vermillions.

We LOVE it in fish tacos. We often poach it in a salsa-water liquid with our amazing Teresa's Salsa. To do this you add mostly salsa to a pan and a little water or broth to make it a tad runnier. Then gently place the fillet in and let it simmer for a few minutes. The fish will get tender and break into small bits perfect for tacos.

We also have a great Fish & Chips video and Hans' Fish Taco recipe too. 

We hope you enjoy it! 

Crispy Pan Fried Rockfish Recipe
Crispy Pan Fried Rockfish


See Full Recipe From Savor the Best
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