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One Meal per Week Members Fresh Local Halibut
Fresh Local Halibut in pan

Whelp -it doesn't happen often but we have a repeat line-up this week of last week. We appreciate your understanding and are thrilled at least that it's two very versatile, favorite fish right out of our bay. 

We have a Halibut recipe featured below shared to us by one of our own CSF members (thanks Steph!)
It's also awesome on the grill, poached, steamed, pan fried. We just love our local Cali Hali and hope that you do too! 

Like the Salmon, we will have times when lots of Halibut is coming in. I know it's repetitive but we love to flow with what's "in" and enjoy the seasons of Monterey Bay Seafood as they come. Cali Hali is a special summertime selection that we won't see much of in later months. Enjoy!

Pan Roasted Halibut With Cherry Tomatoes
Pan Roasted Halibut With Cherry Tomatoes


See Full Recipe From NYT Cooking
Two Meal per Week Members Fresh Local White Seabass

White Seabass - what a treat! We do have a bit extra this week. If you aren't receiving it and would like to add it to your order, please click here. The Seabass is generally thicker than the Halibut and has a silver skin whereas the Halibut as a brown or white skin. Hope this helps if you have any trouble telling them apart. 

Foil-Baked Sea Bass with Spinach


See Full Recipe From Food & Wine

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