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Frequently Asked Questions
One meal per week members: California Yellowtail
Fresh California Yellowtail

Happy 4th of July, folks! 🎆 We hope everyone has a beautiful day. 

Fresh southern California Yellowtail is here and it's beautiful. This fish is Hamachi grade if you'd like to eat it raw.

Also, HEAD'S UP.... lots of Yellowtail means lots of Yellowtail collars! We have a limited quantity (30) up for grabs in the CSF store for FREE

We certainly aren't going to be able to sell them all while they are fresh to enjoy so we thought we'd offer them to CSF Members on the house this week. If you're interested... grab them while supplies last here. They are a wonderful finger food - try them grilled or broiled like this

Our favorite way to prepare Yellowtail is to enjoy it raw, grilled, or broiled. It has a high-fat content and cooks similarly to Salmon. It would be great marinated in any of the Bachan's Japanese BBQ Sauces

If you've never tried our housemade Seaweed Salad, this would be a great week to do so as it would make an excellent accompaniment to the Yellowtail. Need inspo?: check out this Yellowtail Capaccio and Seaweed dish or this Ponzu Yellowtail over Seaweed Salad.

You could even try your hand at this Yellowtail Sushi Roll topped with Seaweed & Avocado.  I guarantee you our Seaweed Salad is waaaayyy better than that super processed stuff we're all used to seeing in sushi restaurants. We have lots of ingredients needed to roll your own sushi here.

We hope you love the Yellowtail this week! There's a bit extra if you'd like to add some here

Baked Yellowtail with Teriyaki Sauce
Baked Yellowtail with Teriyaki Sauce


See Full Recipe From Champagne Taste
Two Meal per Week Members: Fresh Local Lingcod
Fresh Local Lingcod Fillet

Local Lingcod is on the menu for our 2 Meal per Week Members and we are so excited!

It's not something we're able to feature often. It ranges in color so don't be alarmed if it shows up looking greenish-blue. Click here for more info on that. 

Lingcod is mild with a large flakey meat when cooked. It's great for fish tacos or simply grilled/broiled/sauteed. It's basically like a big rockfish fillet—takes on the flavor cooked with. 

We have a bit extra so feel free to add it to your order here. We'd love to hear how you like it!

Baked Yellowtail with Teriyaki Sauce


See Full Recipe From Champagne Taste

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