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Geeks! It was great seeing so many of you at New York Comic-Con a few weeks ago! We’ve been extra-busy since then, and are thrilled to announce our biggest undertaking yet!

Geeks OUT is launching a massive campaign to create FLAME CON, New York City’s first LGBTQ comic convention! Planned for the spring of 2015, FLAME CON will be a one-day expo showcasing dozens of creators and celebrities from all corners of LGBTQ geek fandom, including comics, video games, film, and television.

At FLAME CON, people from all corners of the LGBTQ community will be given a unique opportunity to meet up and geek out over a range of artists, creators, and vendors catering to all kinds of queer interests and tastes, with a variety of panels, an art show, and more.

But it won’t be possible without your help. We have set a $15,000 crowdfunding goal to cover the costs of producing FLAME CON, and are seeking community support on Kickstarter to make this amazing day of queer geekery happen! You now have 30 days to support the FLAME CON Kickstarter--with incentives including tickets, artwork, t-shirts, and meet-ups with some of our special guests! Help us heat up NYC with a super-queer comic con!

The FLAME CON Kickstarter is live at! Go watch our silly video and see all the cool incentives! For more info, visit us at,, and, or contact Joey Stern (
or Josh Siegel (

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