DARC Launch Party 
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The Documentation Action Research Collective invites you to a weekend long mini-festival of performance to celebrate the official launch of our collective! 
Join us
7pm - 11pm 
Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th of March at

8-10 Rhoda Street, London, E2 7EF

The event is free... donations are welcome!!!

We will be live streaming the performances to our website www.darc.media

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Launch Party
Image credit: Dudley Dutton in Have your circumstances changed? by Lu Kemp 2015. An Artangel project. Photo Manuel Vason / DARC
Image credit: Dudley Dutton in Have your circumstances changed? by Lu Kemp 2015. An Artangel project. 
We are very excited to celebrate with you all the official launch of our collective!
With music, drinks and two days full of performances and work from international artists and friends of DARC.

The collective will also be displaying examples of past work.
Performances and Installations


Ernst Fischer - Face2Face
Image credit: Ernst Fischer and Manuel Vason / DARC
Image credit: Ernst Fischer and Manuel Vason / DARC
Installation | 12-13th March
FACE2FACE is the beginning of a larger project about performing images, a moment or a space where representation ‘is made flesh’ and becomes the real thing: bleeding, suffering, creating: facing the viewer – unblinkingly –  in its own right and on equal terms.
The pictures were taken over a period of 15 years and form part of an ongoing, long-term collaboration between Manuel Vason and Ernst Fischer.
Martin O'Brien - If It Were The Apocalypse...
Image credit: Martin O'Brien and Ana Godinho de Matos / DARC
Image credit: Martin O'Brien and Ana Godinho de Matos / DARC
9 pm | 12th March
'The taste of my flesh is salty. For that brief moment when I can taste you, you are mine and when my flesh is in your mouth, for those few seconds I am yours.
If it were the apocalypse I'd eat you to stay alive. I wouldn't even think twice. I'm the predator, you're the prey. It's survival of the sickest!
If it were the zombie apocalypse I don't think it would be survival of the fitest. Only the infected could survive. You'd always be hunted unless you give yourself to them. You could only run for so long. So surrender and become a flesh eater too. Join the hoard of undead. Become sick and live! Only the sick will survive.'
Tales Frey - Indestructible 
Image credit: Tales Frey, “Indestructible" (2015), Photo by Grasiele Sousa
8 pm | 13th March
'With food and playful decorative elements, which refer to children's birthday parties, I build a body mass similar to my body, seeking an identical silhouette. Such an object is destroyed in the space in front of the public. The colorful particles of the object reintegrate with other living and dead materials and ensure a metaphorical immortality, becoming indestructible through the destruction of my representation.

On June 20, 2013, I presented my first work of the series of performances that I made a commitment to convert the rite of passage of my birthdays in artistic procedures that allude to what we know as memento mori. Indestructible is the 3rd work of this series'. 

Image credit: Tales Frey, “Indestructible" (2015), Photo by Grasiele Sousa

Margarita Zafrilla Olayo - FIGURATION
Image credit: Margarita Zafrilla Olayo and Patricio (Pato) Bosich / DARC

9 pm | 13th March
'FIGURATION is a choreographic exhibition of a dance, a light body navigating formations, in transient force, neither internal nor external. In silence. Subterranean in movement. An invisible one. While I am passing, movement is taking form. Stage by stage. Gestures clad in shapes.'

Image credit: Margarita Zafrilla Olayo and Patricio (Pato) Bosich / DARC
Ernst Fischer
Ernst was born (in 1954) and brought up in Munich, Germany, where he studied chemistry, social work and puppetry and - for two years - was a member of Freies Theater München. His practice, at various stages of his career has included theatre, puppetry, dance (butoh) and live art. Between 1986 and 1997 he produced some thirteen performances in his rented flat in Brixton, South London, which, on these occasions, was known as Brixton heArt Room. He wrote his PhD thesis on ‘the queer space of living-room theatre and domestic performance’ at Roehampton University (2004), where he is currently employed as Creative Research Fellow. For some time now, Ernst has been concerned with issues of documentation as performance and in 2013 decided to revisit his domestic performance practice in combination with his interest in ‘archiving’. The ‘new’ space (though still in his old flat) is called D:NA (Dust: Narratives & Artefacts).
Magarita Zafrilla Olayo
Margarita Zafrilla Olayo is a dance and performing artist based in London. She studied ballet, flamenco and Spanish classical dances in Spain before receiving several awards (Spain & UK) to study, completing a first class BA (Hons) and a postgraduate diploma in contemporary dance and performance at London Contemporary Dance School at The Place. Since September 2014, she is  Master in Creative Practice at Independent Dance, Siobhan Davies Dance and Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. In 2012, she co-founded Spirals & Horizontal Connections, an experimental dance research platform. Margarita's current work revolves around the relationship between dancing, movement, and thought. She also teaches, coaches, and collaborates with other artists, choreographers, directors and composers. 
Martin O'Brien
Martin's work considers existence with a severe chronic illness within our contemporary situation. Martin suffers from cystic fibrosis his work constantly returns to question what it means to be born with a life threatening disease. Martin considers the nature of fear surrounding bodies and their relationship to death. If it were the Apocalypse... explores the deep-rooted human fear of death by reminding us that we all have the potential to be prey. Martin has performed throughout the UK, Europe and the US. He has been funded by Arts Council England, the British Council, Live Art Development Agency and as 2014-2015 Bursary artist at Arts Admin. He is a lecturer at Queen Mary University of London and has often collaborated with the legendary body artist Sheree Rose, including during his time as artist in residence at ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archives, LA in 2015. His work has been written about in many books and journals and 2016 will see his first artist book published, with essays by leading academics and philosophers.
Tales Frey
Tales Frey lives and works in Brazil and Portugal as theatre director, art critic, art performer and video maker. At the moment, he is studying his PhD in Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of Coimbra, in Portugal, where he develops a Practice-led Research: “Performance art and ritual: fashion and religion in body marks”. He did his BA degree in Theatre Direction at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He also did a specialization in Contemporary Art and MA degree in Art Theory and Criticism at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Porto, in Portugal. Among the many festivals that participated, we highlight the 18º Biennial Cerveira and Biennial Maia in Portugal in 2015, 1ª Bienal Internacional de Videoarte y Animación in Mexico in 2014, Kuala Lumpur 7th Triennial – Barricade in Malaysia in 2013, Rapid Pulse International Performance Art Festival (Chicago – USA) in 2013 and 2012, Short Film Corner of the Cannes Film Festival (France) in 2011 and the launch party of Emergency INDEX 2011, where he showed a video performance in The Kitchen in New York City in 2012. In 2013, he was selected to show a performance in Performance Platform Lublin, Poland. Some of his works belongs in strong art collections as the Museum of Contemporary Art MAC-USP (São Paulo) and the Instituto Municipal de Arte y Cultura de Puebla in Mexico. He got an award as “Best New Artist” in 18º Salão Contemporâneo in Salão de Artes Plásticas de Catanduva (annual event from state of São Paulo). Author of the book Discursos Críticos através da Poética Visual de Márcia X. He is founder member of the electronic eMagazine Performatus and, with Paulo Aureliano da Mata, Tales realized the event Mostra Performatus #1 at Central Galeria de Arte in Sao Paulo.
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