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Exploring disciplinary interstices and entangled knowledge as epicentres of critical creative practice, radical imagination, research, and activism.


New Dossier: AI Anarchies Tracker

“The anarchic-strange is not a point of arrival, but a search for practices of memory, body, collectivity, and fierceness, other logics that can also sustain our hybrid selves. AI Anarchies is that kind of search; for theories, culture, and stories.” —Co-Curator Maya Indira Ganesh

From Oct 12th to 20th, Team HOLO (and collaborators) were embedded in JUNGE AKADEMIE Berlin’s AI Anarchies Autumn School to parse “experiments in study, collective learning, and unlearning.” Curated by Maya Indira Ganesh and Nora N. Khan, an incredible roster of speakers challenged how we think about—and live with—AI. Revisit provocations from artists and scholars including Ramon Amaro, Mimi Ọnụọha, Sarah Sharma, and Hito Steyerl in HOLO’s AI Anarchies Tracker in progress.


MUTEK Immersive Collection bundled XR experiments, Philipp Schmitt charted neural networks’ Blueprints for Intelligence, Lauren Lee McCarthy & Kyle McDonald conjured AI to help us become more humanAndreas Gysin offered aspect ratio advice for bumbling NFT curators, V&A launched a Digital Art & Design collection web portal, Infrastructures of a Migratory Bird took flight, MEET Digital Culture Center celebrated Giovanotti Mondani Meccanici collective, Cao Fei Lent Her Avatar to the Vienna State Opera House for a Year, Suzanne Treister retold the making of Software (with paint), Werner Herzog and Slavoj Žižek engaged in Infinite Conversation, Sam Rolfes piloted Holly Herndon covering Dolly Parton, Julian Oliver & Gordan Savičić signalled support for Just Stop Oil with a Permillion theme, Whitney trustees had questions for Christiane Paul (after the NFT boom), A timeline of “Futures Past” was arranged at arebyte, and Sight + Sound festival suggested “Dancing While Waiting (for the end of the world)   

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Dossier: Weaving Variations

“I’m interested in the tension between pure randomness and something controlling it. Vera Molnar found that tension. Her work just looks like it’s from another planet.” —Curator David Familian

The Beall Center for Art and Technology’s Vera Molnar retrospective “Variations” may have concluded, but our deep-dive into the legacy of one of digital art’s foundational figures continues. Recent highlights include art historian Zsofia Valyi-Nagy on Molnar’s transition from machine imaginaire to machine réelle, an analysis of her most personal series Portrait de ma mère (1988), heartfelt testimonials from Casey Reas and Zach Lieberman, and an interview with curator David Familian.

Serials: What Just Happened?

Every other week HOLO checks in artists and curators about a recent project. Here are our latest discussants:

Wade Wallerstein

Maarten Vanden Eynde

Miriam Arbus

Martin Bricelj Baraga

All entries to the interview series can be found here. HOLO Readers enjoy full access!

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