Reserve your ManCave Groom Registery and Shower TODAY!

Why do the Bride's get all the fun of wedding registries? Let's face it, before long, the Groom will be overwhelmed with picking out nice towels and dishes--which he won't be able to use.
What he needs is a ManCave  -- a place to call his own and use what's in it.

It's only necessary that he gets his ManCave registry started and that his buddy's buck up to give him a ManCave send off that respectfully keeps his manliness alive.

Get the Groom's ManCave Shower on the calendar to ensure he gets what he wants (and needs).
Limited dates in Nov., Dec. and Jan. are available; and the Spring months are getting filled.
Couple Showers - Man vs. Women (Grill vs. Kitchen) available too.

Here's what the Host (typically Best Man) needs to do…
· Find his Buddies.
(Including: uncles, neighbors, co-workers and other men he may not want at his wild bachelor party)
· Find a Place.
· Have BEER.

ManCave Joe will…
· Bring the Food
· Get Groom’s ManCave Wish List and collect orders at the Man Cave Meat-ing
· Provide Groom with manly gifts from buddies, and give him additional free product based on sales.

Man Cave offers only the highest quality products, including grilling tools and accessories, premium meats (over 30 flavors of brats and much more), grilling spices, rubs and marinades. Along with a large array of products for every man's personal cave, including poker products and home bar accessories. Man Cave products are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

I look forward to helping you give the Groom a “kick-ass” ManCave.
Joe Agosta
ManCave Advisor
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