Dear BVD Students,

Welcome to March and almost welcome to Term 3 of Buena Vista Dance

New Classes

You’ve asked - we deliver!

From Tuesdays the 21st of March, we will offer additional classes in Surry Hills and from Thursday the 23rd of March Camperdown Commons .

We will also offer a Bachata Special class on Mondays in Brookvale

B for Brookvale and Bachata

If you’re in Brookvale to dance already, you might as well join our Bachata Special class either as a warm up or as a cool down - depending on your other class.

This special Bachata class is 40 minutes, so it’s like an intensive boost - and it’s only $10 extra payable in cash only, so it’s an extra special deal for you!

NOTE: You cannot use your 8-Class-Pass for the Monday Bachata class. It is only $10 extra for anyone to join us before or after their respective classes

Tuesdays in Surry Hills

Because we can’t get enough of dancing, neither should you!

We now offer Tuesday performance classes at Connection Studios in Surry Hills for everyone who wants to push themselves even further and perform Dominican Bachata and Rueda de Casino for performances representing Buena Vista Dance school at various occasions and festivals.

You will also have the opportuity to perform at the Afro & Cuban Dance Festival 2023 on the 13-15 October 2023.

Click here if you are interested in joining us for performance training.

Thursdays in Camperdown!


Buena VIsta Dance is expanding in every direction, so we now offer Salsa and Bachata classes in Camperdown on Thursdays!

Spread the word and all the details are on the new timetable.

Special discount for students

Let’s your friends around the area and students from the University of Sydney know and feel free to share the special student discount offer.

Have a great time, and see you on the dance floor!


El Moro & The Buena Vista Dance Team