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Buena Vista Dance Newsletter

                    BVD NEWSLETTER FEBRUARY 2022

Dear students,

Important announcement!
Due to Omicron impacting a number of our students & staff, BVD is postponing classes until the 31st of January.

We would like to offer a special discount to the first 20 students who buy an 8 class pass. Pay only $120. That’s a saving of $40 = 2 free classes.
To be one of the 20, please email me at:

* Book before Wednesday, 19th! (Conditions apply)

Click this link for details and important information for the special offers & to register for the new classes,


* New Rueda de Casino & Dominican Bachata classes. 

BVD is excited to announce new Rueda de Casino and Dominican Bachata classes at Manly Vale every Thursday night from 7-9 pm.

7 pm: Rueda de Casino (Beginners) by Michiko & Dominican Bachata (Open) by Cheryl & Moro
8 pm: Rueda de Casino (Intermediate) by Michiko & Moro

To help us plan our classes, would you please register your interest by responding with a yes or no to the following:
Thursdays Rueda: Yes / No
Thursdays Dominican Bachata: Yes / No

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.  We hope you can join us!


4. BVD will be back for Term 1 starting 31st of January, 2022.  Please check the website for an updated timetable.  We hope to see you fresh and ready for some dancing and working off those delicious holiday calories you consumed 😊
We have redesigned our courses for 2022.  Each level contains a syllabus and pre-requisites where you need to have demonstrable knowledge and understanding of the syllabus (level) you have just completed before progressing to the next level. This will ensure no student is disadvantaged and the level is commensurate with your skill & knowledge. Should you have any questions in regards to which level you should be in, please book a time to speak with Moro either face to face or via phone.
BVD will be offering new specialized courses for students interested in developing and participating in choreography. Keep an eye out for these events, courses, and workshops, and please don't hesitate to give us your feedback as we'd like to give you what you want.
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Instragram :
Lessons by Cuban master, El Moro and BVD team. 
We are really looking forward to seeing you this term at our classes!!! 
El Moro and BVD team.  

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