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Astrology Addict,
Spring is here. Saturn in Aquarius is here.

The world feels like a different place right now for some people - a major shift. For others, like the Florida Spring Break kids, COVID-19 is merely an inconvenience, one that barely registers. 

If you've been getting your life in order during Saturn's transit through Capricorn over the past 2 years (especially the area of life shown by your house in Capricorn) you should be prepared to handle the shift. Things are changing, but, I think, that major changes won't come into effect until 2023 or 2024 when we hit the real humanitarian crisis as Pluto moves into Aquarius. This is going to be the unavoidable call to action, and it coincides with the next US presidential election.

Instead of a breakdown of power structures, the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn seems to have created an environment where some governments, corporations and authorities are making a last grab to solidify their power. Another bailout? It's been two weeks! Why don't they have at least six months of emergency funds saved?

As the energy shifts from Capricorn to Aquarius, people in a position of authority will be called out. What about the people? What about us? As energy moves into Aquarius, celebrities, ruled by Leo, are going to start losing their shine and luster in the eyes of the public. Did everyone forget the 1% includes a lot of actors, singers and performers too?

Saturn is dipping its toes into Aquarius right now. Saturn goes retrograde in May to spend almost 7 more months in Capricorn until fully moving into Aquarius in December. Get organized, get serious, plan your next steps. This is a GREAT time for idea incubation, but not such a great time to launch a new project.
  • Is Saturn in your 1st? Be responsible, call yourself out on immature behavior.
  • Is Saturn in your 2nd house? How are you realistically going to make money?
  • Is Saturn in your 3rd? Listen to what you're saying, what kind of example are you setting? 
  • Is Saturn in your 4th? Sort out your living situation.
  • Is Saturn in your 5th? Make a schedule for your children and your creative process.
  • Is Saturn in your 6th? Organize your office and take your health seriously.
  • Is Saturn in your 7th? Do you want to be alone or not?
  • Is Saturn in your 8th? Reduce your debt.
  • Is Saturn in your 9th? Is it time for more education? 
  • Is Saturn in your 10th? Have you ever wanted to be a scientist?
  • Is Saturn in your 11th? Reduce your circle of friends and associates to a small group that matters.
  • Is Saturn in your 12th? Make better use of the time you have to yourself.

Spring Transits

  • March 2020 Transits
    • 10th: Mercury DIRECT 28 Aquarius 12'
    • 22nd: Saturn enters Aquarius
  • April 2020 Transits
    • 4th: Jupiter/Pluto conjunction at 24 Capricorn 53'
    • 25th: Pluto Rx 24 Capricorn 59'
  • May 2020 Transits
    • 12th: Saturn Rx 1 Aquarius 57'
    • 13th: Venus Rx 21 Gemini 50'
    • 14th: Jupiter Rx 27 Capricorn 14'

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