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Summer 2020

Astrology Addict,
Summer is here. Saturn in Capricorn is back.

Did you get a whiff of the changes that are coming? Of course you did!

With Saturn back in Capricorn through December, and Jupiter going all the way back to 17 Capricorn this summer, the key idea for Summer 2020 is preparation.

This is what I wrote in the Spring Newsletter, and it still stands:

If you've been getting your life in order during Saturn's transit through Capricorn over the past 2 years (especially the area of life shown by your house in Capricorn) you should be prepared to handle the shift

I want to be careful about diving too much into American politics in these newsletters. If you don't know, AstroFix has a fan base around the world. Being able to talk with real people around the world these past few months highlighted for me that everyone is experiencing change, but we are all experiencing it in our own way. Be wary of anyone who tries to sell you the idea that there is one narrative, one way of looking at things, or one appropriate response to what is happening in the world right now.

The upcoming Aquarian energy at the end of the year supports social change, but it also supports being yourself. In the next newsletter I'll dive more into the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius in December, which I'm calling The Great Sift. Similar to the sorting hat in the Harry Potter books, we'll each be sorted into the group which we fit into best. Make sure you end up where you want to be! Be aware of who you're associating with, what their ideals are and whether or not you really agree with them!

As energy moves into Aquarius, the common person will be the hero. If your business caters to the elite, you may begin to find the need to shift gears to find a new niche.

What's the good news? The good news is a series of sextiles from Jupiter to Neptune starting July 27th and going through October 12th. Sextiles provide opportunities that may never come around again. You have to be aware of your opportunities and be prepared to take action in the moment on your broad dreams and visions. Don't let good things slide by! Have vision. Put some faith and optimism into your visions of the future. Let yourself expand and dream of good outcomes.

Where is AstroFix going from here?
  • You can look forward to the next Mega Brainstorm on the 12th House within the next week or so.
  • And, you will begin to see more articles addressing vocation and location on AstroFix. Finding the right work, and doing it in the right place. VOCATION VOCATION VOCATION in the right LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION!!!

Summer Transits

  • June 2020 Transits
    • 4th: Mean NN enters Gemini
    • 5th: Penumbral LE 15 Sag 34'
    • 18th: Mercury Rx 14 Cancer 45'
    • 21st: Annular SE 00 Cancer 21'
    • 23rd: Neptune Rx 20 Pisces 57'
    • 25th: Venus DIRECT 5 Gemini 20'
    • 29th: Jupiter cnj Pluto 24 Capricorn 07'
  • July 2020 Transits
    • 1st: Saturn reenters Capricorn
    • 5th: Penumbral LE 13 Capricorn 38' (critical degree)
    • 11th: Chiron Rx 09 Aries 26'
    • 12th: Mercury DIRECT 5 Cancer 29'
    • 27th: Jupiter sextile Neptune
  • August 2020 Transits
    • 15th: Uranus Rx 10 Taurus 41'
  • 4/25: Pluto 24 Capricorn 59'
  • 5/12: Saturn 1 Aquarius 57'
  • 6/23: Neptune  20 Pisces 57'
  • 7/11: Chiron 9 Aries 26'
  • 8/15: Uranus 10 Taurus 41'
  • 12/31: Jupiter 2 Aquarius 33'
  • 12/31: NN 19 Gemini 51'
  • 12/31: SN 19 Sagittarius 51'
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Technical Updates
Where have you been, AstroFix?
If you don't follow AstroFix on Twitter or Facebook, you may have missed the news that I've been doing a massive amount of updating in the background during the past three weeks of Mercury Retrograde. The site is running faster, is more secure and is ready to leap into the future :)
Deep insight into Lilith

Earlier this Spring I took several mentoring classes with M. Kelley Hunter, astrologer and author of the book, Living Lilith: Four Dimensions of the Cosmic Feminine. After talking with Kelley, I have come to my own conclusion that one of the main concepts Lilith represents is a level of curiosity that does not go unpunished. Because of this insight, I'm feeling ambivalent about how many more articles I want to write about Lilith on AstroFix! 
Find all the Liliths in your birth chart
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