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GMG4379          Fifty Fantastic Functions for the D50 (System Neutral Sourcebook)            $19.99                 9780996618373              NEW - JUST ARRIVED
For years, legendary gaming icon Colonel Lou Zocchi has sold the esoteric 50-sided die at his convention booths. Now Goodman Games brings you, at long last, Fifty Fantastic Functions for the D50! This entertaining book contains more than 50 entries describing how to use the D50. Ranging from randomized tables to customized game mechanics, this book will ensure everyone at your table can’t wait to use their D50! If you don’t have a D50 yet, you can still use the book by rolling D% and dividing the result by 2 – but after a glance through this tome you will be motivated to run out and buy your own d50!  Made in the USA.
GMG50852      Dungeon Crawl Classics #84.2: Synthetic Swordsmen of the Purple Planet (DCC RPG Adv.)                $9.99    9780996618380             NEW - JUST ARRIVED
When even the native lifeforms of the Purple Planet begin to wither and die under the weirdling sun’s punishing rays, you and your party of interplanetary freebooters quickly conclude that something is going wrong with the very sky above your heads. What ancient mysteries lie in wait for you at the planet’s northern pole, as you explore the timeworn and failing biosphere plant found sprawling there amongst the ice peaks? Will you save your harsh but adopted home, or hasten its eventual doom?  Synthetic Swordsmen of the Purple Planet features new background material that expands the campaign setting, including a new House of Ascended Masters, new weapons and ancient technology to plunder, and a surprising new species of Kith warriors.  Made in the USA.
JSG01  JunKing (Boxed Card Game)               $24.99 013964839593                NEW - JUST ARRIVED
JunKing is a family-friendly multiplayer strategy card game for 2-6 players. Assume the role of a Scavenger Imp sifting through the epic trash mountains of the Junk Lands, searching for rare and powerful items to raise your social standing within your tribe. Only those with the best junk will come out on top as the JunKing!  Made in China.

L99-PT005       Pixel Tactics 5 (Boxed Pixel Tactics Standalone & Exp.)      $15.00 9781936920471               NEW - JUST ARRIVED
Pixel Tactics 5 is all about specialists. “Specialist” cards focus heavily on one specific game mechanic, and while they lack options, they make up for it in pure card strength. Pixel Tactics 5 offers a wide variety of “specialist” cards, from rush-down style leaders, to heroes that can pick apart your opponent’s hand. Focus your strategy, overwhelm the opposition, win.  Made in China.

L99-PTDX         Pixel Tactics Deluxe (Boxed Pixel Tactics Exp. & Storage) $45.00                 9781936920457                NEW - JUST ARRIVED
Step back into the golden age of strategy gaming with Pixel Tactics! Now with the new Pixel Tactics Deluxe, you have everything you need to get started or to take the game to the next level! In addition to a complete set of never-before seen heroes, DELUXE gives you a large storage box to keep your whole collection in one place, a bonus minipak expansion, and a big rulebook that introduces new play modes, including Large-Group League Play! Deluxe is fully playable on its own, but combining multiple Pixel Tactics games together gives you a ton of new ways to play!  Made in China.
MUH050160    Fragged Empire (Far Future, Post Apocalypse RPG)             $59.95 9780992497927              NEW - JUST ARRIVED
“Set in a far future ‘post-apocalypse’, four non-human races seek to build a new society for themselves after barely surviving a genocidal war.” A brand new science fiction RPG setting and rule system, created by up and coming designer Wade Dyer.  Includes full setting guide, 4 playable races, tech, locations, example opponents and much more.  Made in the UK.

MUH050162    Fragged Empire: Antagonist Archive 1 (Fragged Empire Supp., Hardback)           $34.99                 9780992497934             NEW - JUST ARRIVED
A compendium of Factions, Locations and NPCs for your Players to contend with!  “Set in a far future ‘post-apocalypse’, four non-human races seek to build a new society for themselves after barely surviving a genocidal war.”  The Fragged Empire Antagonist Archive 1 explores the darker corners of the Habrixis Sector and the Haven System. Including factions, locations, Mechonids, pirates, feral Nephilim and spacecraft write ups and stats. Made in the UK.

PEL13A10          13th Age GM’s Screen and Resource Book (13th Age Supp.)               $24.95                 NEW - JUST ARRIVED
The 13th Age GM’s Screen and Resource Book features incredible new art from 13th Age lead artists Aaron McConnell and Lee Moyer, a 64-page resource book, and a fold-out map of the Dragon Empire. The screen is three-ply and portrait-oriented, with the essential information a GM needs to run the game, plus new hints, tips and tables to inspire creativity.  The resource book includes advice, guidance and additional rules.  Made in the USA.
RUD100             Skulldug! (Boxed Board Game)          $39.99 748252105394 NEW - JUST ARRIVED
You pull your hat down low as you squint into the dark tunnel. This whole cave has the stench of death about it. If you had any sense, you’d be high-tailing it for the exit already. Instead, you tighten your grip on your trusty whip and step forward into the darkness. You’re an adventurer, and there’s treasure down there somewhere.  Skulldug! is a pulp exploration game where 1-6 players race to collect three treasures and escape from an ancient and treacherous cave system. You build out a new map every time you play, discovering new passages, equipment, and monsters. It will take all of your wits to escape past your opponents’ traps with your cursed loot, but make it out alive and all the glory will be yours.  Made in China.
SQG1500           Primeval Thule Setting (5th Edition, Hardback)      $49.95 9780990624530            NEW - JUST ARRIVED
Adventure in a Savage Age! This setting supplement introduces the savage and intense world of Thule, a primordial land of fierce barbarians, wicked cities, and elder horrors. This is the time of Atlantis and Lemuria, star-demons and sorcery, a doomed age destined to be lost beneath the numbing cloak of endless winter. But for one glittering moment, Thule lives and it is a fierce, cruel, and splendid moment, indeed!  Made in the USA.

SPB20156          Spielbox Magazine, Issue #6, 2015, English Ed. (Game Magazine)                $11.99   NEW - JUST ARRIVED
This issue of the award winning Germany Magazine will be published middle of December and include the special card "Invitation" for DOMINION-Adventure. You will find the complete content here as soon as possible.  Made in Germany.

TLG8336           Lost City of Gaxmoor (C&C Adv., Hardback)               $29.99 9781936822973              NEW - JUST ARRIVED
North of the Bergruken, upon the broken slopes of the Massif the sun’s fading brilliance outlines the ancient ruins of the once thriving metropolis of Gaxmoor. The former beacon of Imperial power mysteriously vanished ages ago. Now it has returned, beckoning brave adventurers to explore its ruins and crypts, and to vanquish the chaos and evil that lies within.  The Lost City of Gaxmoor is a complete adventure setting that takes characters from levels 1-10. Playable in any home brew setting or in the World of Aihrde!  Made in the USA.


SQG1000           Primeval Thule Setting (Pathfinder Edition, Hardback)  $49.95   RESTOCK (Previously Released Through PSI)

SQG1300           Primeval Thule Setting (13th Age Edition, Hardback)      $49.95   RESTOCK (Previously Released Through PSI)


APE1700            Arcadia (Boxed Card Game) $15.00                9780966347623 
APE1800            Spirits of the Rice Paddy (Boxed Board Game)          $50.00                9780966347654 
APE2500           Trickerion (Boxed Board Game)        $60.00                645871789267 TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK
APE2501            Trickerion: Dahlgaard's Gifts (Trickerion Exp.)     $20.00                645871789274 TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK
HYG100             Hocus (Boxed Card Game)     $18.00                 867414000107 
MUH050044   DUST Adventures (Licensed, Full Color Throughout, Hardback)  $56.99 9781910132227 
MUH050183    Mutant: Year Zero - Dead Blue Sea (Mutant Zero RPG Supp.)          $18.99 9781910132401 
SFR2005            Dragon Dice: Two Player Starter: Firewalkers vs. Treefolk (Dice Battle Game)    $39.95 
SFR3004            Daemon Dice: Fire (Daemon Dice Expansion)           $12.95 812822001048


LFP0021            Towers Two (Lamentations Adv., Hardback)              $27.99 9789525904543             Apr-16 NEW SOLICITATION
The Ultimate in Sleaze & Sorcery!  Dave Brockie (GWAR, /Whargoul/) and Jobe Bittman (/The Monster
Alphabet/, /The One Who Watches from //Below/) bring you a sordid adventure in a countryside ravaged by unending war!  Featuring the Eloi! The Suck-Thing! The Loi-Goi! Spooks! Osuka the Talkative! The Sea Slut! Pig-Men! Truly unmentionable magic! The two brothers in their Towers Two!  Lavishly illustrated by Jeremy Duncan and Dave Brockie himself, this tome also contains an appendix with the last unabridged, unedited draft submitted by Brockie before his death.  /Towers Two/ is an adventure for use with Lamentations of the Flame Princess Weird Fantasy Role-Playing and other traditional role-playing games.  Made in Germany.
LFP0038           World of the Lost (Lamentations Adv., Hardback)  $34.99 9789525904895             Apr-16 NEW SOLICITATION
Quicksand, Jungle Rot, and Psychotic Robots.  Each year, the citizens of Khirima offer a massive tribute of silver to the demons which dwell within the Temple of Ages That Are Not. To acquire the silver for themselves, the adventurers must face bellowing dinosaurs, plague demons, the horrors which dwell within the Abscess, and a dungeon where memory is an illusion and time is a weapon.  World of the Lost is an adventure for characters levels 1-4, featuring a 200-encounter wilderness hexcrawl, a city sourcebook, a dungeon, quests, diseases, new spells, and new magic items.  Made in Germany.
MNI-PER100   Perspective (Tuckbox Card Game)    $9.99    91037681157     Apr-16 NEW SOLICITATION
Perspective is a competitive game of memory, deduction, and limited knowledge.  There are unique sets of rules for two, three, and four players. The winner is the player who manages to match the colors on the back of their double sided cards with their goal pattern. You must maintain the perspective of the cards so that you never see the back side of your own cards.  Made in China.

PFX200              The Siblings Trouble (Boxed Card Game)     $34.99 748252240071 Feb-16  PRICE CHANGE from $29.99
SOE1100             Catacombs: Caverns of Soloth (Catacombs Board Game Expansion)           $36.99                                 OUT OF PRINT
SOE1200            Catacombs: Dark Passageways (Catacombs Board Game Expansion)        $9.99                                    OUT OF PRINT
SOE1300            Catacombs: Horde of Vermin (Catacombs Board Game Expansion)            $25.99                                 OUT OF PRINT

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