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L99-EXRH1      Exceed: Red Horizon - Reese & Heidi vs. Vincent & Nehtali (Boxed Card Game)   $25.00                 9781936920518                              NEW - JUST ARRIVED
ROUND 1.  GET READY.  FIGHT!  EXCEED brings to life the speed, tactics, and variety of high-stakes fighting action. Choose your fighter and enter the arena! There are no packs to open or rares to chase–get everything you need to play right here! Bring your best to the battlefield with four new fighters from the world of RED HORIZON™.  Reese - A member of a secret order sworn to defend the world from evil, Reese uses rushdown tactics to corner and outpace his rivals. Heidi - A mechanical genius who fights on her own and with the help of a giant robot! Build up your power and tinker your way to victory! Vincent - The sinister president of the United States, Vincent utilizes high-tech power armor and psychic insight to control the battle! Nehtali - A diabolic emissary from the world beyond, Nehtali corrupts her foes with false gifts of power, then uses that power against them!  Made in China.
MUH050002   Mutant Chronicles: Dark Symmetry Campaign (Mutant Chronicles Supp., Full Color)                $57.99 9781910132265                               NEW - JUST ARRIVED
It is a world of discord, where man fights man despite the looming darkness. Corporations zealously usurp each other and leave humanity an easy target of the Dark Legion. But one group stands up and waves the flag of unity among men. It is the last bastion capable of uniting the forces of mankind in full. These powerful men and women call themselves The Cartel.  Made in the UK.

MUH050004   Mutant Chronicles: Dark Soul Source Book (Mutant Chronicles Supp., Full Color)                $57.99 9781910132296                               NEW - JUST ARRIVED
Darkness. The absence of light. Mankind has feared it since the beginning of time. That is because on some level we have always known it has always been there, ready to devour anything that crosses its path. Creating monsters out of men, feeding on our despair. Cyclical, eternal and undeniable. This is the Dark Soul, a supplement for the Mutant Chronicles roleplaying game.  Features 248 pages of Dark Legion secrets.  Made in the UK.
MUH050006   Mutant Chronicles: Bauhaus Source Book (Mutant Chronicles Supp., Full Color)                $27.99 9781910132319                                NEW - JUST ARRIVED
The Cleansing Flame of the Cardinal.  Bauhaus makes the bold claim that they are the first and oldest of all corporations, forged by the turmoil of Old Earth.  They are a proud, powerful and dignified people that stand tall in the light of the Cardinal. Noble houses and orders of power makes Bauhaus into a multifaceted gem that it is near impossible to crack. Their enemies have a hard time even scratching the surface. Made in the UK.

MUH050087   Thunderbirds: Tracy Island (Thunderbirds Board Game Exp.)     $34.99 0706795688521                                NEW - JUST ARRIVED
Alert on Tracy Island! Tin-Tin, Brains and Parker, report for action! There are new disasters to face and we will need the Ladybird Jet, FAB 2 and Brains’ upgraded pod vehicles to once again thwart The Hood.  Tracy Island is an expansion for the Thunderbirds co-operative board game and require the base game to play. This expansion includes new cards, playable characters, machines and models of 14 pod vehicles, designed to help International Rescue avert new disasters and save lives. Made in China.
MUH050360   Airfix Battles (Boxed Board Game)  $34.99 706795688569                                NEW - JUST ARRIVED
A quick, simple, fun to play introductory wargame ready out of the box.  This is an official license from the iconic model tank and soldier brand Airfix.
Airfix is a fondly remembered part of everyone's childhood and the company are famous for their line of injection-moulded plastic aircraft, tanks and soldiers.  The Airfix brand has been synonymous with model kits for years and now it’s back with a vengeance, with Airfix Battles bringing those adventures to life and its campaigns to a tabletop near you.  Set up the battle using step-by-step instructions in the Mission book and you're ready to play. Each player has a hand of Command Cards to move and make their forces fight, bring in airstrikes or artillery support. You'll never know what your opponent is going to do next!  The game is designed to get you playing quickly, with fast and fun rules so you can play several times in an afternoon or evening with typical missions lasting from 30-60 minutes.  Made in the UK.
OWG0321         Good Cop Bad Cop: Undercover (Good Cop Bad Cop Exp.) $14.99 019962082238                               NEW - JUST ARRIVED
In this expansion to the wildly successful and award-winning Good Cop Bad Cop, you leave your badge and uniform at home as you go undercover as a common criminal to get to the bottom of who's honest and who's crooked around here. It adds unique player powers (undercover assignments), the ability to protect one of your integrity cards from investigation, and a huge stack of new equipment. Good luck on your new assignment!  Made in China.

PELGN08          The Edom Field Manual (Night's Black Agents Supp., Digest)         $17.95                                  NEW - JUST ARRIVED
You’re on the inside now.  For more than a century, the top-secret operation within MI6 codenamed ‘Edom’ has defended the United Kingdom from the machinations of the Un-Dead. This book describes the operation’s history, methods, people and tradecraft, initiating you into the innermost secrets of the British vampire program.  Players can create their own Edom officers and hunt vampires with the sanction of the British government with eyes-only documents and briefings, and use the Fields of Edom campaign frame to play the spies hunting for the stolen Dracula Dossier - or defy their masters and complete the original mission by taking Dracula down for good.  Directors can build their own Edom with a guide to the operation’s structure and methods, which includes two dozen non-player characters to give a varied supporting cast for Edom-centred games. Advice and campaign options help bring the operation to a thrilling conclusion – or a bloody catastrophe.  The Edom Field Manual stands alone as a guide to a vampire hunting program. Combine it with the other books in the Dracula Dossier series for insight into Edom its machinations.  Made in the USA.
PELGN09          The Edom Files (Night's Black Agents Advs.)             $26.95                                 NEW - JUST ARRIVED
Eight desperate missions against the undead for Night’s Black Agents!  Operation Edom is the top-secret section of MI6 dedicated to thwarting and, ultimately, controlling Dracula and his spawn. Play MI6 agents, their predecessors…and even their foes! The Edom Files stands alone as a compendium of one-shot adventures, but combine it with the Dracula Dossier Director’s Handbook to flash back into Edom’s history, or play through it all as a century-spanning epic.  The Edom Files includes EIGHT adventures.  Open the Edom archives and read the sealed files to learn the true shape of the 20thcentury. From the mountains of Bulgaria to the streets of Berlin. From the Russo-Turkish war to the War on Terror. From 1877 to the present day.  For the Dead Travel Fast… Made in the USA. 
PELGN11            The Thrill of Dracula (Night's Black Agents Supp., 6"x9") $10.95                                  NEW - JUST ARRIVED
THE FORTY FACES OF DRACULA!  From the first medieval atrocity stories about Vlad the Impaler to Bram Stoker’s immortal novel to the most recent Universal blockbusters, Kenneth Hite’s The Thrill of Dracula zooms through centuries of blood, bats, and — ballet? — to bring you the most complete look at the Count’s story ever! Richly furnished with story seeds and ideas for your Night’s Black Agents campaign, or any RPG featuring vampire mythology.  Richly furnished with story seeds and ideas for your Night’s Black Agents campaign, or any RPG featuring vampire mythology.  So sharpen your stakes and prepare for the thrill of your Un–Lifetime — The Thrill of Dracula!  Made in the U.S.
S&D0062           Dead Last (Boxed Card Game)             $24.99 9780986392016                             NEW - JUST ARRIVED
Stay Alive. Gain a Fortune!  DEAD LAST is a ‘social collusion’ game of shifting alliances, betrayals and murder for profit, where players must conspire and vote upon whom to kill each round. Any means of overt or covert communication is allowed - a glance, a nod, pointing under the table, flashing their card, anything – but make sure you don’t tip off the target or they could ambush you instead!  The game is themed around players embroiled in a tontine, a favorite trope of pulp fiction/detective novels. Tontines were once popular investment opportunities, accruing large sums of money that were only paid out to the last surviving member of the group. When these contracts lead to murder, most were outlawed. Yet, here we are, plotting against everyone at the table and deciding, as a group, who is the next to die.  This is a casual, large group game (6 - 12 players) that has broad, boisterous appeal, creates a new wrinkle in the popular ‘social gaming’ arena and is poised to be ‘that game’ being played in the later hours of event nights and in the halls of conventions. The rules can be taught in three minutes flat – and players will begin conspiring before you’re done reading.  Made in China.
VRG004             Salvation Road (Postapocalyptic Co-Op Board Game)          $54.99 602003999420                               NEW - JUST ARRIVED
In Salvation Road, players control 4 to 8 characters struggling to survive in a barren wasteland.  A set of Heroes, exceptional individuals, are holed up in a barricaded Compound, protecting a group of young, old, and wounded Survivors. The desert around them is filled with the shattered husks of buildings, and with marauding gangs of bandits. The Survivors are doing their best to keep the Marauders at bay. Some have even been recruited by the heroes to help search through this wasteland, scavenging Resources.  Can they survive long enough to get themselves, and the people under their protection, to Salvation?  Salvation Road is a Co-Operative game for 1 to 4 (up to 8 with a Scenario) players that plays in about an hour. In the standard game players are assigned 2 Characters (1 Hero and 1 Survivor). Both Characters are useful but you must deal with the Survivor's limitations and exploit the Hero's strengths to succeed. While scavenging resources in a post-apocalyptic wasteland may sound easy, try doing it with the marauders on your tail, wounding you every chance they get.  Made in China.


GGG1020          Fudge: 10th Anniversary (Hardback, FUDGE RPG Core Book)      $34.99                                   RESTOCK
MUH01053       Achtung! Cthulhu - Guide to the Eastern Front (Call of Cthulhu/Savage Words Supp., Full Color)                $28.99                                  RESTOCK
PELGM01          Mutant City Blues (GUMSHOE Superhero RPG) $39.95   9781934859117                  RESTOCK
PELGM02         Hard Helix (Mutant City Blues Adventure)           $16.95   RESTOCK
PELGN01           Night's Black Agents (GUMSHOE Spy Thriller RPG)          $44.95   9781908983398 RESTOCK
PELGN02          The Zalozhniy Quartet (4 Night's Black Agents' Adventures)         $26.95   RESTOCK
PELGN03          Double Tap (Night's Black Agents Supp.)              $24.95   RESTOCK
PELGT08X       Arkham Detective Tales: Extended Edition (5 Trail of Cthulhu Adventures)           $22.95   RESTOCK
PELGT09           Rough Magicks (Trail of Cthulhu Supplement)    $9.95     RESTOCK
PELGT33           The Final Revelation (Trail of Cthulhu Adventure)            $22.95   RESTOCK
PELV01               The Gaean Reach (Jack Vance Sci-Fi RPG)             $17.95   9781908983558 RESTOCK
S9G10004         Villagers & Villains (Boxed Card Game)  $24.95   RESTOCK


BPN2011            Knockdown Dice Tray (Put together/Take apart tray)           $15.00 
GMG4395          Metamorphosis Alpha Collector's Edition (Sci-Fi RPG)      $29.99 9780997259001
GMG5070T      Dungeon Crawl Classics Softcover Edition  (OGL Fantasy RPG)     $24.99 9780997473834 
GMG5070U      Dungeon Crawl Classics Limited Ed. Wizard Softcover  (OGL Fantasy RPG)         $29.99                 9780997473841
GMG5091          Dungeon Crawl Classics #90: The Dread God of Al-Khazadar (DCC RPG Adv.)    $9.99                 9780997259087
GMG5091K      Dungeon Crawl Classics #90: The Dread God of Al-Khazadar - Sketch Cover (DCC RPG Adv.)                $14.99 9780997027785
SLD320              Base Raiders: From the Underground (Base Raiders Supp.)           $14.99 9780982726549
SPB20162          Spielbox Magazine, Issue #2, 2016, English Ed. (Game Magazine)                $11.99
TLG81252         Classic Monsters & Treasures (C&C Supplement, Hardback)           $29.99 9781944135119


GMG3489         Grimtooth's Tomb of the Warhammer (DCC RPG Adventure, Digest Sized)            $9.99                 9780997648072             Sep-16  NEW SOLICITATION
A Grimtooth adventure compatible with DCC RPG. Can you go where no troll dares to tread? Long ago, the elves killed Grimtooth’s father in a great battle. They hid the troll leader’s body and his mystic warhammer somewhere in the vast plains beyond Trapsylvania. After years of searching, Grimtooth has finally located his father’s tomb, but the elves have magically rigged it so that no troll can enter. Now Grimtooth is looking for a party of foolhardy adventurers to enter Grimfang’s Tomb and return with the legendary Warhammer.  Made in the USA.

GMG50832      Dungeon Crawl Classics #83.2: Death Among the Pines (DCC RPG Adventure, Digest Sized)                $9.99    9780997648065             Sep-16  NEW SOLICITATION
A level 3 adventure set in the Shudder Mountains. Welcome to pastoral Holler Hollow, a quaint hamlet deep in the Shudder Mountains. Here you’ll find friendly Shudfolk, downhome cooking, and a jug of stump whiskey if you mind your manners. But not all is what is seems in the Hollow: a restless spirit stalks the lane at midnight, terrifying the locals. Staunch-hearted heroes are needed to unearth the secrets of Holler Hollow and lay the spirit to rest. Are you up to the task? Made in the USA.

GMG50921       Dungeon Crawl Classics #91.1: The Lost City of Barako (DCC RPG Adv., Digest Sized)      $9.99                 9780997648089            Sep-16  NEW SOLICITATION
A level 7 adventure at the center of Aereth. The pleasure palace of Barako rises above the Bleak Shores atop enormous stone pylons. The palace arches towards the cavernous gloom, lit by a thousand lanterns fueled by the rendered flesh of a thousand lamenting souls. Within the city, hellish figures dart and whirl in the flickering light, prostrating themselves before their Aghartan masters, all to the cacophonic beat of a thousand alien instruments. What adventures will you find here?  Made in the USA.

GMG5093         Dungeon Crawl Classics #92: Through the Dragonwall (DCC RPG Adv.)  $9.99                 9780997648027             Sep-16  TITLE CHANGE

HYG200            Farmageddon: Farm Fresh Edition (Boxed Card Game)     $17.99 867414000114 Sep-16  NEW SOLICITATION
Farm fresh produce is in higher demand than ever! There's just one problem. Well, several. Higher demand means more yay-hoos trying their hand at the soiled science. There are also rampant dust storms, errant robotic threshers, and...Frankencrops? No worry. As they say, the early bird gets the worm, and any taters attached to that worm.  Farmageddon is a game of skillful hand management for 2-4 players that takes 30 minutes to play. Choose when to plant, what to fertilize, and with a little luck, you'll be the master of the farmer's markets when the dust settles.  Made in China.
SQG2000          Ultimate Scheme (Boxed Board Game)          $39.95 0716894526464              Sep-16  NEW SOLICITATION
You’re the Bad Guy in this worker placement/resource management game by award-winning designer Richard Baker!  Ultimate Scheme is a game of villainous master plans. You are an evil genius or faction such as the Dark Masters of Darkness, Professor Roboto, or the Cult of Tentacly Doom. Your goal is to complete your secret Ultimate Scheme before your rivals finish theirs. Aided by an army of loyal minions, you harness resources such as high finance, occult power, scientific knowl­edge, ninjas, and unobtainium for your nefarious plans. Kidnap the Queen, start a dance craze, breed a kaiju... how are you going to pull off your Ultimate Scheme?  Made in China.

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