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In the last edition of of this Tip Sheet, I told you how I read my news online and follow about a dozen feeds using the Newsify app as well as Apple’s own News app, found on all iOS devices. I collect and organize these articles using Evernote, running on my Mac and two iPads. I've clipped hundreds of articles this way, believing I might use them in the future. Welcome to the future! In this issue of the iPad Academy Tip Sheet, I'll begin sharing a few of the best of those clippings with you and add a bit of explanation where needed.

Using Text to Speech on the iPad
In this article, instructional technology consultant Jonathan Wylie shows how you can get your iPad to read aloud the text you're viewing on the screen. He offers detailed instructions and screenshots on setting up and using the text to speech capability of your iPad. Topics addressed are:
  • Enabling Text to Speech
  • Using Speak Selection
  • Using Speak Screen on the iPad
  • Changing Text to Speech Voices
  • Tips for Using Text to Speech
Text to speech is one of the most popular accessibility features that teachers use with their students. Great for parents and other caregivers to help children too.

Finding Streaming Content

Here in the Brovey household, nearly all of our TV content is viewed via DVD/Blu-ray (Netflix) or streamed (Netflix or Amazon Prime Video). However, there are many streaming and pay-per-view services available. If you want to watch a particular TV series or movie, how do you know where to look among the many streaming services?

A few months ago, Consumer Reports covered "Free Sites and Apps That Help You Find What's Streaming." CR takes a quick look at five streaming resources. My two favorites are Can I Stream It and JustWatch. Each is both a website and an app. Both allow you to limit your search to services you use and both can also tell you if your video favorite is available for rent or purchase on disc or as a downloadable digital copy.

Wipe Out Favorites from Safari

The folks over at Lifehacker wrote a short piece on how to get rid of those pesky frequently visited sites that Safari tracks and saves for you. Along the way they mentioned favorite sites that show up when you open a new tab in Safari. These favorites need a little more explanation. We're talking about the square icons you see when you open a new favorites tab (tap the +) in Safari:

The icons you see here represent folders of favorites and individual sites. I collected related sites into folders and often open these folders to find a site I want. You can delete any of these "favorite" sites or favorite folders by touching and holding on the icon and choosing the Delete option. Here's an old site I really don't need anymore.

You may also see frequently visited sites in a section just below these favorites. You can remove any of these frequently visited sites the same way, or turn this feature off in Safari Settings so you (and others) never see them.

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