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What's new?  And interesting?  Well...

 A silver slice of the forbidden fruit, only it's not for biting, and it's not naughty, but there are plenty other ways to be devious, phew!  It's for cleaning your hands in a divinely quaint fashion.  The stalk acts as a straw and when lifted, you merely release the air gap and it slurps out into cupped hands.  Smooth.
The founder of the company is a true gentleman with such a passion for this range, I almost didn't blink at the price tag, mainly because I was scared he'd think I was winking at him.

On to The Beehive.  Interactive art, which I am told was the purpose behind the collection - to create something beautiful with tactility.  When you look at it like that, it doesn't seem so extravagant, like art meets toy.  Expensive toy.  And how can one be more opulent than having this piece - The Beehive; quite special when you think the whole object has been hand crafted, including the bee, and it  has gold inner lining.  Fancy that.  A silver object having a gold lining, that puts a positive spin on the future.  Just need to own one.

French or not, this is the closest a frog is ever getting to my plate.

The Frog plate by Katherine Pooley. Gorgeous.
Made by an artist in Thailand, this mother of pearl, silver-plated dish is a delicious,  little trinket for any room.  Not an ashtray, unless you are terribly frivolous, but perhaps a bonbon tray.  Yeah, a frog guardian over the sweets.  Like a sugar gargoyle. 

This kitchen diner really brings out the civilised side of me.  There is one!
Such a clever use of space, diverting attention away from the lack of garden and turning it into a feature wall, bringing nature to the table.  The best part surrounds the windows and the projection of natural lighting,  creating wonderful splays and shadows which fail to ever be identical.  Sublime.  Of course this is accentuated by the design of the space, offset perfectly by a crisp pallet and wall of green foliage.  Simple, effective and so Come Dine With Me.  Please.


Our very own delicacy, Mercedes, unearthed some treasures this week, which got me excited. This tombstone replica looks awesome, but the real fun for me has been the research. 

Albrecht Durer of Nuremberg died in 1528 after becoming what has been arguably the greatest advocate for the Northern Renaissance. His prints and paintings hold a somewhat Gothic value, making this little artefact so... fitting?

Known to be a theorist, he was praised for his mathematical mind as well as his writings.  Seems to me, he was an all round G.  For Genius that is.  

Mercedes, I salute you.  This Albrecht character has been a fascinating insight into history and art.  May you continue to inspire me. 

I like Nature.  I like contemporary too, but they rarely collide like this. Polished concrete set against enormous windows; there's a hint of renovated garage, but I like the boxiness, keeps it fresh.  I also love the low ceiling especially in block white.  No fuss, no frilly corners, just a strong, solid room, accentuated by a few quirky pieces. Like that interesting white sculpture perched on the bar, or the balancing act table.  

My only concern is, what happens at night?  There doesn't appear to be any lights.  Mysterious.  Maybe it's best nobody sees what happens after dark.


I thought it was about time I paid homage to a decent bedroom.  I started my search with 'best boudoirs'.  Eye opening, literally, but not what I was looking for.  Once I'd reconfigured the wording, my results were far more appropriate.  And then I found this.  The Bad-boy Boudoir.  Lighting - just right. Focus - the bed.  Mood - set.  Now where is the proprietor for me to congratulate in person? 

It's masculine, minimal, functional and great for seducing.  Grey, white and black, hmm, those colours are strangely familiar.  But it works.  It's sexy.  This is what bachelors' dreams ought to be made of.  'Hey ladies, want to check out my view?'  Do I?!

Wow.  The colours, the layout, the windows, it all works.  This gorgeous space has a traditional vibe within current settings.

This is sophisticated, tasteful, entirely lacking in vulgarity. Imagine, sitting back with a pipe and a book and there's a pianist lovingly caressing the piano in the corner, whilst you take a moment to reflect on the memoirs you're writing and it hits you. A brief look around, and yeah, you can smile, you can even laugh.  You have succeeded.

I like this chair because it looks like a giant pawn.  A cluster of these around an antique banquet table with a throne at either end, plenty of food, alcohol and candelabras.  Forget status.  The hierarchy of the pawn is endeavouring, in foolish hands he is sacrificed, in wise ones nurtured into a queen.  But this little fellow, well he can take pride in being beautiful as he is, no airs and graces, just a humble stool.

The Jane Hotel in New York is home to one of the best holiday experiences I have ever had.  I'll leave the events of said trip out, but the venue was perfect.  Survivors of The Titanic stayed here in 1912 and held a commemorative service for those died. 

A hotel for sailors, each room is designed like a cabin, and each is beautiful.  But the bathrooms, they're the real gems.  Just looking at this one, it's so authentic, basic in it's luxury, it's history is what brings it to life.  White brick tiling is nothing new, and perhaps nothing special, but this bathroom is special, the chrome shower rail and shower fittings, marble topped sink, the black stripes, it's riddled in nostalgia, effecting to a simple finish with grand impressions.  

I highly recommend a visit.

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