Beloved Partners,

           I've heard those stories.  You know, the ones give you goosebumps when they are told.  It is the story of a missionary who has been praying for God to provide their finances, and miraculously they receive a check for the precise amount they are in need of.  It is the story of a single mother who can't seem to make ends meet, and an anonymous envelope of cash comes in the mail to the exact dollar of the bills that need to be paid.  It is the story of students struggling to pay their school bills, and when they go to talk to financial services, they find that their bill has already been paid.  I love these stories.  They are the stories of human need and divine provision.

           I believe these stories are true.  Psalm 37:25 says, "I have been young, and now am old, yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken or his children begging for bread."  It is one thing to believe that God provides for his children's needs, but it is another thing to believe that God provides for ours.  Most of us believe God can do this in the lives of others, but do we believe that he wants to do this in ours?  This summer, Mary and I have been on an exciting journey of experiencing the reality of God's provision in our lives.  We have a story... and its not our story, but it the story of our amazing God who cares for our needs.

          Back in May, there was an wanted ad at Gordon-Conwell for a couple to move in with an elderly man to prepare meals and take care of the house.  Mary and I were content with our housing situation at the time, and the only thing that caught our eye about the ad was that the house was located on Salem Harbor.  This detail would have meant nothing to us a few months ago, but in recent months, we have joined with our church in praying about the possibility of planting a church in Salem.  These plans are moving forward, and God has been growing our heart for the area. So when we saw the ad for this housing situation on Salem Harbor, we figured we might as well send an email.  Not expecting anything to come of it, we received an email back with more information. Over the course of two months we exchanged emails, phone calls, and interviews, and on July 25, we moved in with Jack, an 88-year-old man who is recovering from two minor strokes.

           It has been an incredible blessing and joy to move in with Jack.  He is delightful company with many stories and experiences to share with us, and we love sharing our lives with him.  The house is beautifully located on the water, and we are blessed with a spacious living area to entertain guests and our church family.  As if those blessings were not enough, God has brought us to a house without the financial burden of paying rent.  As many of you know, amidst the reality of seminary bills, living expenses, and medical bills, we truly believe that this housing opportunity is again one of those stories of God's divine provision.  Even more exciting than that is the reality that God has placed us in the life of a man who does not know Christ, and we are extremely grateful for the privilege of having a mission field so close to home... in our home.

           The story doesn't end there.  The Cystic Fibrosis clinic at Childrens Hospital in Boston has a great deal invested in research studies of developing drugs for CF.  A while back, Mary and I inquired about these studies, and just recently, Mary started her first research study with a clinical trial of an inhaled antibiotic.  The incredible blessing is that with the trial she is seen by doctors at the CF clinic every two weeks, keeping closer tabs on Mary's health without paying medical bills... in fact, they are paying us!  We cannot express how awesome and sobering the experience of God's provision has been in our lives.  We have been forced to reexamine our faith and affirm anew the reality that truly cares for his children.

           The story doesn't end there either.  Many of you have been part of God's story of divine provision.  Through the Partnership Program at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, we have the opportunity of joining with partners like you in the work that God is doing in preparing us for ministry.  Many of you are faithfully praying for us, and it is often those prayers that keep us looking to the Lord when we are tired and discouraged.  Many of you have supported us to meet the financial goals of our scholarship program, and we cannot thank you enough for not just joining in our story but in the larger story of God's provision. 

            Each year we need to raise $5,540 to go toward our $9,000 scholarship, and we praise God that he has used many of you in meeting that goal for last year.  As I anticipate starting my second year of seminary in a couple of weeks, would you prayerfully consider continuing to join in God's work in our lives.  At the bottom of this page, I have included links that explain more about the Partnership Program which we are involved in and a form that you can fill out to pledge your support.  These forms can be sent to Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, 130 Essex Street, South Hamilton, MA 01982.  Your gifts toward this scholarship are tax-deductible, and your prayers have tremendous impact in God's work in our lives.

            Thank you for being part of the grand story God's intimate involvement of shaping Mary and I for the work he has set out for us.  Please pray for us as we continue to minister to Jack, as I being classes again in the fall, and as Mary continues ministering to the families she babysits for. 

            We are still young, but as we grow older, we are learning step by step that trusting God isn't always what you expect it be... but we have a God who is faithful to provide.  He does not forsake his children.


Peter & Mary Frey

“He must become greater; I must become less”
John 3.30


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