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In this newsletter we cover:
  • Marcus photographs Adam Liaw, the winner of MasterChef 2010
  • How to buy a DSLR
  • Dave's wanderings across South America and NYC
  • The launch of our awesome blog

In February Marcus shot Adam Liaw, the MasterChef 2010 winner in his kitchen for House Magazine. Marcus was hoping to make it in time for lunch, but Liaw had eaten just before we arrived. Liaw's easy-going demeanour made the shoot a breeze.

How to buy a digital SLR

We often get asked what DSLR people should buy when we're on shoots. We've listed the five things to keep in mind:

  1. Research your brands before you invest. We've been with Canon since the dawn of time (ok, for the last twenty years) but that doesn't mean you have to take our word for it. Stick to either Canon or Nikon if you're leaning towards pro level. The last thing you want is to invest 5k into a camera and lenses only to find the camera body will be disconinuted in ten years time. We're pretty sure Jason and Cameron have matching Canon tattoos. That's how heavily invested they are in the brand.
  2. Figure out your budget before you walk into a store. The sky is the limit when it comes to camera equipment. You can never have too much. Nip this in the bud and pick a firm number before you find out the prices to all of these babies, otherwise your camera purchase will be akin to negotiating in a used car lot.
  3. Make sure it shoots video. These DSLRs are the same price as only still cameras, it makes no sense to not give yourself this option. If an iPhone 4 can shoot video, your DSLR should have the same functionality.
  4. Invest in a good camera then buy greater lens. You can take crap images using the lens that comes for free with your awesome Canon 5DMkII. You can take great images with a 550D that's attached to a great quality lens.
  5. There's no reason to splash out on a DSLR unless you know what you want to photograph. Figure out if it's portraits, landscapes, action shots at the soccer game or the stars moving in the night sky. Now go to your local camera store and tell the salesperson exactly what you want to photograph and ask for the best camera.

Dave Silva, one of our photographers, gallivanted across South America and the U.S of A over the December break. Check out his photos of New York (by clicking on the image) to see if they rival the classics.

We hired Tash Jayasinghe, who helped launch our blog in early March. It’s pretty fantastic. We want this blog to have things you’re interested in, so interact! Our top three posts are about football players, what to wear to your corporate portrait and pictures of Jason from the 80s.

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