The Winter edition of the Studio Commercial Seasonal

In this newsletter we cover:
  • Watch the behind the scenes video of a fashion photo shoot
  • How to improve your photos instantly
  • Marcus the Mountain Man
  • Belgium-bred Pieter Naessens joins our team

Marcus Enno and David Silva spent a day photographing the look book for Junk Clothing. 

Have a look at the Junk website for more information and keep your eyes peeled, we're photographing the next lookbook this week.
We've added a whole bunch of videos to our vimeo page so have a look at some cocktail shoots, football players and delicious food.

How to improve your photos with the rule of thirds

Once you learn the rule of thirds, your photography automatically goes up a notch by you reframing each image. Imagine that there's two horizontal lines and two vertical lines intersceting on your viewfinder - like a very simple sodoku game, each time you bring your eye to your camera. 
Instead of placing the object of your affection smack bang in the middle of the image, move it to the left or right, or perhaps north or south. If an interesting part of the image falls into an intersecting line, great, but it's not the end of the world if you don't. You've instantly improved your image by not taking it on automatic pilot. 

The whole point of the rule of thirds is to play around with the composition. 

If you got lost, have a look at the below image to see what we mean. 

Marcus at The Blue Mountains

As if five months in the saddle wasn't enough, Marcus Enno snuck away to the blue mountains for a getaway. 
After a day of riding in the rain, Marcus woke up for the sunrise to take this photo.

Pieter Naessens joins Studio Commercial

Pieter Naessens joined the studio in early May. Previous to working with us, he's worked as a photojournalist in the outback and a P.E teacher in Belgium. If he can handle a football field of rebel Belgians, he can handle your board of executives. Speak to him in Flemish and he'll be your friend for life.

Keep warm during this particularly cold winter. We're still pumping out hot coffee, so drop by if you're around Liverpool St.
Peace out, 
The Studio Commercial Team