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Supporting the Flaschner Judicial Institute

Confidence in the judicial system is not a matter of budgets, bureaucracy, caseloads, or court reform. For litigants and the general public alike, it emanates from the performance of individual judges, and in their personal commitment to administer justice with skill and sensitivity, competency, and compassion in each and every case before them. 

The Flaschner Judicial Institute is dedicated to this goal and for more than 30 years has set a nationally recognized standard for excellence in the field.

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Bankruptcy Issues for Massachusetts Judges

(Left to right, top to bottom) Chief Judge Melvin S. Hoffman, Judge Joan N. Feeney, Judge Henry J. Boroff, Judge Frank J. Bailey, and Judge Christopher J. Panos of the United States Bankruptcy Court: District of Massachusetts.
An afternoon training on the intersection of bankruptcy with state law was held on April 6, 2016. The program was taught by all five Massachusetts Bankruptcy Judges and attended by new and experienced judges from six of the Trial Court departments.

Judges who missed the program may request an electronic copy of the two books that were distributed: Bankruptcy Issues for State Trial Court Judges (Fourth Edition) and When Worlds Collide: Bankruptcy and Its Impact on Domestic Relations and Family Law (Fourth Edition), courtesy of the American Bankruptcy Institute. Please email or call us: 617-226-1565.

A recording of this program is available to view anytime at www.flaschner.org. After logging in, please go to: programs, then recorded programs.

Judges: If you haven't logged into the Flaschner website before click here and follow the instructions to have a password emailed to you.

Request a Copy Today

Written by Hon. John M. Greaney (ret.) and Attorney James F. Comerford (Quincy District Court), the Law of Homicide in Massachusetts was recently updated. This must-have book for Massachusetts judges covers complex criminal issues, such as: the substantive law of homicide (malice, felony-murder, manslaughter, aiding and abetting, etc.), as well as Miranda and other confession issues, defenses (including self-defense and lack of criminal responsibility), jury issues, closing arguments and appeals.

Judges may request a complimentary copy here.

Coming Soon!

New Edition - Massachusetts Jury Trial Benchbook

Last published in 2004, an updated version of the Massachusetts Jury Trial Benchbook will be available soon. We are extremely grateful to Superior Court Judges Peter Lauriat and Douglas Wilkins, as well as Wayne Hartwell at the Social Law Library, for their combined efforts in producing the new and improved edition.

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Thank you to our Judicial Volunteers

Thank you to the following judges, who generously donated their time to help us produce our programs and publications over the last year:

Hon. Frank J. Bailey
Hon. Henry J. Boroff
Hon. Margot Botsford
Hon. Heidi E. Brieger
Hon. Kimberly S. Budd
Hon. Cathleen E. Campbell
Hon. Beverly J. Cannone
Chief Justice Paula M. Carey
Hon. Kathleen E. Coffey
Hon. Mark S. Coven
Hon. Kenneth V. Desmond, Jr.
Hon. Edward F. Donnelly, Jr.
Hon. Brian J. Dunn
Hon. Renee P. Dupuis
Hon. Joan N. Feeney
Hon. Dina E. Fein
Hon. Kenneth J. Fiandaca
Hon. Linda S. Fidnick
Hon. Kenneth J. Fishman
Hon. Frank M. Gaziano
Hon. Serge Georges, Jr.
Hon. Linda E. Giles
Hon. Charles J. Hely
Hon. Bruce R. Henry
Hon. Geraldine S. Hines
Chief Judge Melvin S. Hoffman
Hon. Robert J. Kane
Hon. R. Marc Kantrowitz (Ret.)
Hon. Peter B. Krupp
Hon. Peter M. Lauriat
Hon. Edward P. Leibensperger
Hon. Barbara A. Lenk
Hon. Stephen M. Limon
Hon. David A. Lowy
Hon. Paul L. McGill
Hon. Rosalind H. Miller
Hon. Christopher J. Muse
Hon. Kevin J. O'Dea (Ret.)
Chief Justice Angela M. Ordoñez
Hon. Christopher J. Panos
Hon. Gordon H. Piper
Hon. Kenneth W. Salinger
Hon. Mary Thomas Sullivan
Hon. William F. Sullivan
Hon. Kathe M. Tuttman
Hon. Douglas H. Wilkins

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