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Public talk
June 26

Material ♥ Tax
Invert Footwear - Elisa van Joolen

A world in which labor becomes cheaper and limited resources more expensive, in which unemployment diminishes, and in which products won’t have to be manufactured in low-salary countries anymore. A world in which we deal in a much smarter way with resources and use renewable materials or waste.
Wavemaker Femke Groothuis of The Ex'tax Project thinks this is THE future scenario. She wants to change the rules of the game in economy. According to her, the key to sustainable prosperity lies in a modification of the tax system: tax on natural resources, instead of tax on labor.
Designers like Lenneke Langenhuijsen, Marjan van Aubel, Eric Klarenbeek and Elisa van Joolen have already anticipated on this. The ‘Wasted Matter’ exhibition in the Droog Gallery shows the materials they use: Textile made of tree bark, furniture out of leftover sawdust, a chair of growing mycelium, shoes made of sneaker samples and flip-flop soles.
But what to do next? What can designers do more? How do we seduce the general public and policy makers for this scenario? We will discuss this the 26th of June with Femke Groothuis, e-waste expert Farzaneh Fakhredin, abovementioned designers, and you as the audience. The event will thrive on your imagination, analytical skills, and decisiveness to reach the next level.

Just Imagine!
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When and where 
Public talk - Material ♥ Tax
Thursday June 26, 20:00 - 21:30 hrs

live music
Droog dinner (€19,50) rsvp                          

presentation, brainstorm, discussion


Hôtel Droog
Staalstraat 7b, Amsterdam
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