Simonson's Art Adventure: Teaching Painting in PV, New Print
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 Teaching Painting

I began teaching painting here in Puerto Vallarta a little over a year ago. I've been painting professionally for over 35 years but had never done much teaching, so initially it was quite a challenge. Over time I've relaxed into it and along with becoming a better teacher, I'm also having a lot more fun, and judging by how much we all laugh, so are my students. Interestingly, I find I'm learning from my own teaching. It seems like every area I teach in my classes starts improving in my own art as well. In many ways, the new paintings you'll see in this newsletter are better because of what I've been teaching.

By the way, if you're planning to spend time in Puerto Vallarta, consider enrolling in my Friday painting classes at ArtVallarta. Each class is 350 pesos (a little less than $20 US).

Read on for the latest art and news from my studio.


Nigerian-born Victor posed for me when we both lived in Hawaii. He was a U.S. Marine and had one of the most perfect bodies I'd ever seen. (And still does.) I drew from my archive of Victor photographs to create this new acrylic-on-canvas painting I call Victor Dreams. See it now in the Members Only Gallery.

On a Costa Rican Beach

I had a great photo of Torano in Hawaii, but didn't like the composition. So I used Photoshop to put Torano on a deserted Costa Rican beach instead. With this reference, I did several preparatory drawings, then completed the painting in about 3 days. You can see On a Costa Rican Beach now in the  Members-Only Gallery.

NEW PRINT: Under the Underwear

I've just published a new limited-edition print based on the painting Under the Underwear. It's an edition of 100 prints with 20 Artist's Proofs. Each print is in archival inks on heavy stock, and each is signed and numbered. The prints are $95 each, and the Artist's Proofs are $195. See Under the Underwear in the Prints Gallery.

New Painting: The Apple

Vietnamese model Khanh posed for me during my temporary stay in Lincoln, Nebraska, before my move to Mexico. During the photo session I gave him an apple to munch on. The apple supplies the title of my newest G-rated painting, now on display in the Main Gallery on my website.


I try to spend some time drawing several times a week. It's mostly for practice, but usually once I get warmed up (which can take 15 or 20 drawings), I produce a few drawings (or paintings on paper) that are worth keeping. So there are always new rough sketches to see in both the open and the members-only portions of the site. See the latest in the Main Gallery and the Members-Only Gallery.

Hiking with Manuel

I met Manuel in the Dominican Republic in 2012, and we went hiking to get to the deserted beach where I was going to photograph him. As we hiked through the jungle toward the beach, I followed with my camera as Manuel gradually lost his clothes. Needless to say, it was a lot of fun. Later (in April 2014), I painted Hiking with Manuel from one of the shots taken during that hike. This painting is currently priced at US$950 in the Members-Only Gallery. See it here.

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