Busy busy gardeners!
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Jerome and the rest of the CRMPI crew have been busy bees since the release of "The Forest Garden Greenhouse"! October, November, and December were jam packed with workshops, book signings, some great volunteers, and more traveling for Jerome!

The Harvest

A bountiful fall harvest!
Intern Sarah shows off her blackberry bounty.
Time to prune back the glycine bean foliage to allow more sun into the greenhouse for winter!
Armenian Cucumbers!

Cuban Red Banana!

Jacob cleaning out the aquaponics tower filters.
Although our spilanthes and basil thrived off of all the yummy nitrates provided by our tilapia, we found these growing towers were very high maintenance, and tend to get clogged often. We took them down for winter, and will try a new aquaponics set-up in the spring!


Mulching with donated rotten hay, spent grain from the fall brew from Carbondale Beer Works (pumpkin beer!), the final days of the ducks, and some sailing of course!

Friends and Workshops

CRMPI is a great place for some hands-on learning, and a fun way to satisfy volunteer requirements! 
This fall we had a group from Bridges High School in Carbondale help us broadcast seeds up in the swales and eat some delicious berries!

Students and teachers from the Sustainability Studies program at Colorado Mountain College came to help ready the greenhouses for winter, and get our remaining grapes off the vine before the first frost.
This fall we ran two small greenhouse and forest gardening workshops. 

Students learned the importance of mulching, healthy soils, worm farms, thermal mass, and much more!

Jerome at the ECHO Agroforestry Conference

Jerome traveled to Florida in November to speak about indoor and outdoor forest gardening! He sold some books, looked at some sailboats for Permaculture Afloat, and took a tour of ECHO's forest garden led by the legendary Dr. Martin Price!

Check out ECHO's website for some awesome agroforestry resources, and to get involved with their global sustainability projects!
Tropical alley cropping reminiscent of some views inside of Phoenix!


Volunteers Tamar, Chelsea, and Keith all bundled up for the cold!
Winter Oranges
Volunteer Grant did a great job expanding the deck outside the kitchen!
Jerome wants to put a tea table and some shelves out there to make more room in the living room.
Our winter wheelbarrow makes transporting grain, coffee grounds, and firewood easy!
On the way back from the dump one day, Jerome noticed a fresh looking deer on the side of the road, he called up and got a roadkill license and we went to pick up the deer. We quartered it and the meat was fresh. We've had venison for weeks!

Upcoming Courses

  • Permaculture Design Certification 

    • August 8-19
      *Don't miss out on our early bird discount if tuition is paid in full by February 15th!
  • Permaculture Academy

    • July 11-14: Designing and Managing High-Altitude/Low Energy Use Greenhouses
    • July 16-19: Creating Forest Gardens
    • July 21-22: Integrating Aquaponics
    • July 23-24: Integrating Greywater
  • Two-day Greenhouse Workshops

    • Stay tuned for our spring workshop dates!

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You can pick up a copy of "The Forest Garden Greenhouse" from our publisher Chelsea Green, Amazon, here at CRMPI (email, and possibly your local bookstore!

Wish List...

  • A 4-wheel drive van for transporting volunteers and students up and down the mountain to reduce traffic
  • A sailboat of at least 40 ft. to transport our "Permaculture Afloat" project
  • A volunteer with photography/videography experience to help out and document our practices

We would love to hear about what you're up to, send us your art, writing, poetry, or info about projects you're involved in and it might show up in our future newsletters and posts!

Left: Drawing of Jerome from his visit to Cuba where he presented at the 2014 International Permaculture Convergence.

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