Busy busy gardeners!
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Busy Summer Bees!

We've been eating so much fruit, we didn't even have enough time to get our July newsletter out, so here's what we've been doing for the past two months...

We had our 2nd Annual Permaculture Academy, in which some great learning, teaching, and sharing took place, and we have some wonderful swales, a new rainwater catchment barrel, and some very special new friends to show for it!

The forest garden has blossomed, and is now home to thousands and thousands of fruit, berries, herbs, and animals! Thankfully we got some new helpers to aid us in picking, eating, and preserving all these delicious jewels.

Jerome will be heading to Europe for the month of September, first to present at the International Permaculture Convergence in London, then he will travel to Finland, Switzerland, and Slovenia to teach some workshops and do some consulting!

Our fall nursery list is out!
Check it out here.
Includes local heirloom apples, pears, plums, apricots, figs, and berries!

Pictured is our seedling mulberry grown right here on Basalt Mountain, we call it Basalt Bliss.

Permaculture Academy 2015!!

Our beautiful Permaculture Academy students!
The Permaculture Academy, still in its infancy, attracted students young and old, of a wide range of experience from practicing permaculture designers, to novice backyard gardeners, to those already in the midst of designing a greenhouse; our students came from far and wide, East Coast, West Coast, and everywhere in between; they learned, camped, ate, gardened, and frolicked together. 

Thank you to our wonderful instructors, Tawnya Sawyer of Colorado Aquaponics, Avery Ellis of Colorado Greywater, and Stephanie Syson of Dynamic Roots!


Thank you all for a wonderful course!


'Tis the season to thrive!

Wildlife is abound at CRMPI, we've even had a bear sighting! Here you can see a Garter Snake constricting a mouse in the swales!
The chickens and ducks are loving all the sunshine. We love our little compost machines!
Lots of bunnies this summer creating lots of mulch and fuzzy friends!
The herb garden is an explosion of wonderful medicine! Picking and brewing some healing tea is a much more pleasant, holistic, and sustainable experience than popping an expensive pill you buy from the store. Any in many cases these herbs can work just as well as "concentrated" pharmaceuticals.

Do your research, tend to your garden, or forage the hillside, and experiment with the magical world of medicinal herbs!

Bug-out Bag Gardening!

Pictured here are our "bug-out swales" as Jerome refers to them.

In the late spring, we spent some time broadcasting seeds and transplanting some young squash into these hugelkultur beds. 

With very little attention, these beds have become immensely productive, providing us with more squash than we can possibly eat, as well as lots of beans, radishes, and lettuce.

(Note: technically this type of earthwork is called berm and basin, since the linear beds are constructed to be completely level and on contour, whereas traditional swales are not meant to be level, and are for the purpose of diverting water, not retaining it)

Here, Jerome, Jacob, and Kortnee in our booth at American Renewable Energy Day in Snowmass! Jerome spoke on a panel with some other local farmers about the future of local food, some great ideas were sparked at this conference. 

Jacob and Kortnee are here to help us kickstart the livelihood program and we are so happy to have such beautiful and creative people here to help move CRMPI up to the next level! Soon we will also be welcoming two students from the Academy to help move this transition along!


Jerome will be holding various lectures and workshops throughout his European book tour! If you are interested in any of the following dates please email us at for more details!
  • September 19-20: Finland
  • September 22-23: Switzerland
  • September 25-27: Slovenia

Jerome spoke on September 8th at the International Permaculture Convergence in London! Stay tuned for a video of his presentation!

Location: Gilwell Park, London, United Kingdom

Jerome Osentowski will be at this year's International Permaculture Conference and Convergence, a 9-day convergence for Design Course graduates at Gilwell Park in London. The convergence will run from September 8th-16th and includes hundreds of presentations, workshops, activities, open space, international organizing, strategy, networking and dancing. Pricing to attend this convergence begins at £195.

Listen to our radio show!

Living Permaculture Show on KDNK
4th Wednesday of Each Month @ 4:30
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Wish List...

  • A 4-wheel drive van for transporting volunteers and students up and down the mountain to reduce traffic
  • A sailboat of at least 40 ft. to transport our "Permaculture Afloat" project
  • A volunteer with photography/videography experience to help out and document our practices

We would love to hear about what you're up to, send us your art, writing, poetry, or info about projects you're involved in and it might show up in our future newsletters and posts!

Left: Drawing of Jerome from his visit to Cuba where he presented at the 2014 International Permaculture Convergence.

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