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Trees! PDC! Ducks! Aquaponics! Volunteers!


     Wow, was that really just one month? So many amazing things happened! We set up our aquaponics growing towers which are now bursting with basil while filtering water for the fish! We let the ducks out for a swim in the pond, made some great meals, and most notably, we held our 29th annual Permaculture Design Course!

       It was a wonderful joy building a short-term community with all of the brilliant beings who came to live on the mountain for those two weeks. We explored Basalt Mountain, shared our perceptions, hopes, and plans for the current state of the world, and created some pretty amazing permaculture designs.

    I invite you to enjoy all of these glorious images slowly while imagining the soft, fresh, Colorado wind tickling the back of your neck, and the joyful sound of swallows and hummingbirds frolicking in the trees and dip diving through their playground in the sky. 


A lush forest garden to the East of Mana and the house. Note our new guild signs (on right of photo) with a list of each member of the overstory, midstory, and understory. 

Summer Courses


And the work goes on...

Animals fed...
John and Dave built this peaceful duck hutch, so our new babies will be safe at night.


Here we have Jerome and Dave inserting the growing media into our ZipGrow towers. You can begin growing your seeds out in small soil plugs, and then stick the plugs right into the media where the soil will eventually be washed away, and the roots of the plant will grow directly into the grow media. So far the basil we've put into these towers has grown faster than any other plant in the greenhouse! We've also had to get into the habit of checking the drip system on the towers every day, since even a few dry hours can seriously dehydrate the plant roots!
Our aquaponics growing towers the day of installation. Before adding plants, we monitored and ammended the water in the tank for about a month to create the right water chemistry for plants to thrive!
Our growing towers about a month after installation. The basil is absolutely exploding with growth! Jerome also found a bunch of orchids on sale to add some color!


Volunteer Eric built us a great pallet table!
Matt joined the team as our summer volunteer near the beginning of the month, he's done some great work around CRMPI, and is beginning to understand how the whole system works together. 
Two of our volunteers, Marja and Ellen, planted CORE out with annuals! CORE is typically used as winter storage for our nursery trees, but in the warmer months when the trees can live outside, we like to continue building soil here, and use it as a late-season source of tomatoes, squash, and cucumber!
Another weekend volunteer, Matt, helped us out tremendously with mulching, pruning, and transplanting! Here he is in front of mama fig tree, soon to be fruitful!

And don't forget about Jerome's upcoming book!

It will be coming out mid September, however you can pre-order on Amazon, or through Chelsea Green!

Basalt Mountain, as majestic as ever!
CRMPI is featured in last month's Permaculture Activist Magazine!

This article was written by Sue Gray, a friend of CRMPI, a while back to highlight a bacterial infection that is affecting citrus trees all over Florida, and Jerome provides a DIY solution. Callie and Jerome added some information for this publication about the solar economy at CRMPI to help illuminate the fact that a greenhouse or season extension structure can be built and put to use on any budget.

Upcoming Courses



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Wish List...

  • A 4-wheel drive van for transporting volunteers and students up and down the mountain to reduce traffic
  • A sailboat of at least 40 ft. to transport our "Permaculture Afloat" project
  • A volunteer with photography/videography experience to help out and document our practices

We would love to hear about what you're up to, send us your art, writing, poetry, or info about projects you're involved in and it might show up in our future newsletters and posts!

Left: Drawing of Jerome from his visit to Cuba where he presented at the 2014 International Permaculture Convergence.

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