June 2014 - News from CRMPI!

     For the first time ever, CRMPI is offering three immersion intensives to produce the Permaculture Academy: a 3-week, 3-course, in-depth training in key elements of permaculture practice:


  • Creating Forest Gardens (4 days)
  • Integrating Aquaponics, Greywater and “Humanure” (4 days)
  • Designing and Managing High-Altitude/Low Energy Use Greenhouses (5 days)                            


This will be one of the most in-depth Permaculture Programs currently offered anywhere, taught by leading professionals in the field. It’s designed to shorten the introductory learning curve and send you out with the working, practical knowledge you need start putting permaculture into practice.

Whatever your level of interest – whether you want to reclaim an urban lot, build a passive solar greenhouse, turn your back 40 into a food forest or take the first steps toward a career in design and consulting – this Academy can suit your need. You may choose to attend all of the modules, or pick and choose the modules you would like to attend. Please visit for more info and to register!


If you’ve been hunting high and low for organic seedlings and established plants for your garden, or tropical species for your greenhouse, your search is over. Here in CRMPI’s Nursery, we offer a breathtaking variety of plants – even now, as we near the height of the growing season! Browse through our varieties on and contact us at 970-456-3480 or to order.

The cold-hardy heritage fruit tree nursery in our hybrid hoop-house early this spring. This greenhouse was built from nearly 100% salvaged materials!

Cold-hardy heritage fruit tree nursery mid-spring

Banana Flower Emerging In Banana Nursery

Pineapple Guava Flower in all of her Splendor!

30 year old mother fig tree

Pomegranite, we can't wait to eat our home grown pomegranites!

October 2013, interns Caroline and Collin filled the raised beds in the hybrid hoop-house with leaves, sticks, and rabbit manure.  The beds then had pallets put over them to store our fruit tree nursery on, when we watered our nursery we were also watering the beds. In this way we used the water for two functions and created lovely soil for annual production this year, see the photos below!
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People News
Our newest intern Michaela has been hard at work planting our annual beds. Check out the photo to the right to see how she transformed our early spring fruit tree nursery into lovely annual production!


We are now actively interviewing interns for the Summer and Fall of 2014.  If you are interested please email for an application form and more info..  please reapply if we have not talked in a while.  Space is Limited! 


**If you are a CRMPI grad, instructor, or volunteer and are working on an exciting project... send along a link or photo and we will put you in an upcoming newsletter!
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