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Braley Ranks Near Bottom

The Club for Growth released its 2011 Congressional Scorecard. Braley ranks 387 out of 435 House Members. His LifeScore is 1 percent. A score of 100 indicates the highest support possible for economic pro-growth policies. We have a liberal big government advocate representing us in the 1st District. Braley is yet another lawyer who doesn’t understand economics and what makes our economy grow. Maybe if he had ever met a payroll he would vote differently.

We need to get the government out of the private sector. End corporate welfare. Lower corporate taxes. Reduce regulations. Eliminate 100% of corporate loopholes. Enact tort reform to reduce nuisance lawsuits. Repeal Obamacare. Stop the money printing press of the Federal Reserve. Make permanent the Bush tax cuts that greatly impact small business owners.

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From the campaign trail

Greetings from the 1st Congressional District campaign trail!  When I spoke in Osage last week at the Mitchell County GOP meeting, a lady asked me how I was different from my primary opponent. A very good question and something voters should know!  I spoke about my age, experience and accomplishment.  I believe that having raised a family, taking care of your parents, starting businesses, meeting a payroll every week for 21 years, balancing a budget and dealing with an over-reaching government every day is the type of experience needed in Washington.  I questioned how many lawyers in Washington could meet a payroll?  I spoke about a lifetime of experiencing success, as well as defeat, builds character in a person.  I also shared that I do not covet a career in politics – in fact I firmly believe career politicians in Washington are a large part of the problem. 

Most Iowans I speak to are tired of “politics as usual”. They are tired of the establishment in Washington telling them how to run their lives.  They are tired of career politicians.  They are tired of media reports of fundraising results and the numbers of professional political staff that have been hired.  This is exactly what has gotten us in this mess . . . it surely won’t get us out of it. 

1st Congressional District Conventions.  20 county conventions were held in the 1st District of Iowa on March 10th. What a day! Our campaign was well represented due to the hard work of many volunteers. We had speakers on behalf of our campaign at almost all of the 20 counties! Many thanks to Mike LaCoste, Jeff Luecke, Bob Eft, Lori Keppler, Lois Taylor, Dawson Alexander, Krista Thier, Matthew Schneider, Taylor Blum, and Monty Alexander who helped make the day a tremendous success! Some volunteers spoke at more than one event!  I personally spoke in Linn, BlackHawk, Fayette and Jackson Counties. Based upon the reaction of the crowds, I’d say our message of personal responsibility, limited government, fiscal common-sense, free markets and sanctity of life was overwhelmingly well received.

But the message that resonated the best was reforming Congress. Cutting their pay to $41,673 that the average American earns. Term limits. Eliminate their Cadillac pension plan. Make Congress abide by all the laws we have to. If ObamaCare is implemented, put Congress on the same plan we will have. And a lifetime ban on lobbying. Congressional members should not be able to cash in from public

How has the American Worker fared in the last decade?
In the America I grew up in, most people I knew considered themselves to be part of the middle class.  My father was a laborer at Dubuque Packing Company and my mother cleaned other people’s houses.  Although I didn’t understand what the American Dream meant at the time, I knew I wanted to achieve more than my parents.  Through a combination of hard work, personal responsibility and education I was able to do that.   But today I worry about what type of country and economic conditions my children will inherit.  As baseball great Yogi Berra once said, “The future ain’t what it used to be”.      
To read my entire column on the American Worker, click here.

Recent campaign stops The following are a few of the wonderful places in the 1st District I've visited over the last couple of weeks.  To see a more complete view of the campaign trail, click here.

Bremer County. 
What a great group of Republicans at the Bremer County GOP meeting which was held in Tripoli. They responded well to the pocket Constitutions I handed out as they understand that we are in trouble as a country because we have strayed so far from our founding documents.  Mike LaCoste, who grew up in Bremer County and was a candidate for Congress 2 years ago, stood up and publicly endorsed my candidacy.  Mike spoke out against career politicians and also said we have too many lawyers in Washington.  Thanks to Mike and all who attended. 

Marshall County.  Large turnout for the Marshall County GOP meeting held in Marshalltown. It was good to see Chairman Pete Rogers and his team. After I spoke Jim Deninger, a retiree from Fisher Controls, pointed at me and said that we need more people like me in politics - people who stand up and tell it like it is. In other words, the unvarnished TRUTH.  Citizens have told me that I am “refreshing”, a “breath of fresh air” and “honest”. I consider this the highest compliment I can receive. 

Dubuque Tea Party. Thanks to Mike Hereen and the attendees at the Dubuque Tea Party meeting.  Had a great Q & A session for about an hour. I can sense that change is in the air. Politics as usual doesn't cut it. I can also sense our campaign's momentum is voter at a time...WE THE PEOPLE!


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