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Hey there. Phew, how 'bout that Brexit? I'm having a tough time taking it seriously because it just reminds me of Brangelina. Talk about painful splits. #stillscarred On the plus side, the sinking pound means it is a great time to stock up on scones.

Anyway, some comedy goings on:

1. (Mon, Jun 27) NBC/Seeso films Schtick
This show (where comics perform as their fave comedy legends) started years ago as an experiment and now our lil' baby's all grown up and turned into a THING and everyone really brings it and it's exciting and legit one of the most fun nights of comedy in NYC and this time we're pretending it's Halloween in June because NBC/Seeso is gonna film it and put it out during real Halloween-time and you should come esp since tickets are free (ya just gotta RSVP:

It's this Monday (6/27) at Knitting Factory and you don't have anything to do on Monday, right? Bring a date and you'll probably get some after because all those good time laugh vibes will be flowing through your chakras. Maybe even get some fried chicken at Commodore across the street. It's pretty tasty.

Get on the list.

2. (Tuesdays) Get some HOT SOUP

Show's been great lately. Past two week's we've had Ilana Glazer (Broad City), Michael Che (SNL), Sal Vulcano (Impractical Jokers), and Roy Wood Jr (Daily Show) drop in the show. Here's what it looked like last week...

Get lineups each week via Facebook group or the HOT SOUP email list or just come out on a Tuesday night. Every Tuesday at Irish Exit, doors at 8pm, show at 8:30pm and it's free too.

3. I punked a tech conference in Amsterdam

Via Vooza, I get speaking gigs at tech conferences. Here's a recent one where I acted like a hotshot startup CEO. I told them they need to hire toddlers, be more like griffins, and use an app that is "like Uber but for meditation." Some people laughed, others took notes. Good times. (Filmed a few weeks ago at The Next Web conference in Amsterdam.) Watch a clip from the talk.

For more like this, watch our Vooza show. This recent "Uke It!" clip there is real fun too. 

4. Things I wrote

I wrote stuff about Hillary's email server thing and sports in the midwest and Facebook. Go get some. More stuff I've written up at Medium too.

And let's end with a Bill Cunningham (love this doc) quote: “Money’s the cheapest thing. Liberty and freedom is the most expensive.” RIP, Bill.

Love ya. Bye.


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