"If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer." 
~ Matt. 21:22

He's Just Getting Started

I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now, being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.
~ Philippians 1:3-6

Welcome to our New Design!
You will see that this newsletter is taking a new form, hopefully an easier to read and more informative format for our readers. The complete prayers and praises are not gone; they are still viewable on our website. However, we have streamlined our topics to highlight just a few areas where God is working within 1heart Arts.   We want to not only share the praises, but the resources and information that He has given us as well.  So, welcome to the new design for 1heart Arts' Prayers & Praises. 

As always, please enjoy our newsletter and if you would like to share your input on how to make it even better, please complete a very short survey at

An Amazing Experience and Time of Growth: AMTC's Winter SHINE

Have you ever felt that you are supposed to be somewhere, but couldn't rationalize any reason that you should go?  Well, that is what happened with Zach back in  September of last year.  He kept seeing this billboard posted on the interstate for AMTC Auditions that was to take place in October and knew in his heart that we were supposed to go and meet this organization.  Thankfully, the day of the next audition date he was already scheduled off of work (1 of the 3 weekends he had that entire fall).  He called the headquarters ahead of time to find out when we were supposed to go and we showed up the morning of the auditions. God intervened and we were introduced to the co-founder and CSO of the company, Carey Lewis Arban. We discovered quickly that this was a legit Christian organization and God's hand was at work through it.  Leaving the auditions that day, Zach and I felt deep in our soul that we were supposed to attend the Winter SHINE event that was mentioned during the orientation session shared by Carey. We didn't know how or why, but God planted a desire within us to attend. (Continue reading this article by clicking here)

Artist Bible Study Restarting for 2012

Are you a Christian artist (dancer, singer, musician, painter, filmmaker, poet, etc.) that is desperately in need of some artsy companions? Do you enjoy learning about what God says to us artists about how to not be "in the world, but not of it"? Well, come join us on the 1st & 3rd Tuesday of each month for a study made just for people like you!  No need to do a bunch of reading or prep work, just come as you are at any time and you will be welcomed with open arms. We use the text of Rory Noland's "The Heart of the Artist" as our guide, but like true artists...we don't really stick to it exclusively. Sound intriguing? (Continue reading this article by clicking here)

Uncovering the Truth Behind "Cutting"

In every situation, there is what is being told through mainstream media and an absolute truth. These two may intersect from time to time, but rarely continually run alongside of each other. In the topic of "cutting" there is no exception. You haven't heard of cutting? No surprise. The media rarely speaks of it and there are virtually no movies that mention it. In fact, when looking for a book on the subject, you often must look in the "mental disorders" section of the library. It is shocking how incredibly distorted the truth has become for these people that suffer with the torment of the desire to cut. This is why God has put in on our hearts to speak candidly about "cutting" and what God thinks about it and those that practice it. 

So what is it? Cutting is a form of self-harm where a person cuts into their skin with a sharp object to inflict pain and it is rapidly climbing in frequency among our teen and young adult population. In 1990's the Journal of Abnormal Psychology stated that as many as 39% of US teens engage in a regular form of self-harm. Since the 90's, counselors and psychologists report this number has quadrupled and it is said now that currently over 2 million people in the US are self-harming themselves. Cutting is the new fad among self-harm victims and continues to grow in alarming numbers. Though, self-injury or cutting is defined by the Mayo Clinic as "the act of deliberately harming your own body, such as cutting or burning yourself," it's not meant as a suicide attempt. Rather, self-injury is a way to cope with emotional pain, intense anger and frustration. 

When we first embarked on the journey of this film project early last year, we thought it might be difficult to find enough people to interview. However, we found quickly with over 2 million documented cases of self-harm, it's not hard to find someone that has been impacted personally, whether they are a cutter themselves or know a loved one that cuts. God opened doors for us to speak to a great variety of people, all providing unique and very personal discussion on the matter. We have spoken with authors, specialists in the field, family and friends of those that cut, and even people that continue to inflict self-harm on themselves. Join us as we continue to discover the truth behind this ever-growing trend and what God is doing in the lives of people daily that struggle with this desire. Zach will begin a blog to document this amazing journey through interviews, research, writing and future production. You can view his blog on our website at

Testimonies - Susannah Francis

I can’t begin to thank the Lord enough for what He has done in my life through 1heart Arts Ministries. When we first began the journey in 2006, I had no idea what was to come. It all started because our church was searching for a Christmas drama skit and couldn’t seem to find one that fit the group. Zach, my new husband, had just been sharing with me his passion of writing and that he had always wanted to write plays. So, when the drama leader of the church voiced that they still were looking for a script, I volunteered that maybe Zach could write it for us. (Continue reading this article by clicking here)

Other Ministries On Our Hearts

Karitos Worship & Arts Conference - 2012 is looking to be an amazing year for Karitos!  Praying for God's provision and amazing connection for Indianapolis to be impacted.

Faith, Hope & Love - Please continue prayer for Merlin, Annie and family as they care for Merlin's mom that recently had a stroke. Please also be praying for Donna, also dealing with family health issues and Bill as he prepares to travel out of town.

AMTC- Please pray for the upcoming SHINE event that will be held in Orlando on Jan. 3-8th. CONTINUED - What this ministry is doing in the darkest places of our culture, is astounding. If God tugs at your heart, start learning more about them and even sign up to be part of fruitfuleekly prayer email. We hope this to be the beginning of a very long and fruitfulul partnership. They are preparing to return back to Indianapolis in March and we are praying God will prepare the hearts of our community for thier arrival. 

Religion in the News - CONTINUED - I know you haven't heard us talk about this much, but it is a ministry that we very much believe in. If you don't know much about it, I encourage you to check it out, maybe watch a previous segment online and start praying for God to continue pave the way to reach the community of Central Indiana for Christ.

If you are interested in participating in one of these ministries, please contact me at and we can talk more!
We covet your prayers!!!

February Happenings

Feb. 7 @ 6:30 pm

Feb. 12 @ 4-6 pm
Praise Band Practice
Feb. 21 @ 6:30 pm
Feb. 26 @ 4-6 pm
Praise Band Practice


Prayer Need Highlights

Drama Ministry - Gathering of Christmas production testimonies & reviews; "watering" of seeds that were planted; Wisdom on starting drama ministry in spring
Writing Ministry - Favor and blessing on research for "Chords" film project 
Artist Bible Study - Connections in the artist community; Getting the word out about this group
1heart Praise Band - CD Project; Preparation of original songs; Continued opportunities
1heart Leadership Committee - Additional leadership; Discernment and protection; Preparation & planning of programs & events
Kingdom Design -  Discernment and preparation for training programs; Lord leading people in need of training to me
Practical/Financial Needs -  Heavenly doors opened to developing relationships & networking; Donations & Support - see full list of needs here
Karitos - Preparing for Indy Promo Event; Buses for this year's event; Financial sponsorship of people that want to attend

AMTC - Favor in media and arts ministry connections to share about March Auditions
1heart Praise Band

Kelly Mallasch-Keyboard & Vocals; Evelyn Johnson-Piano & Vocals; Susannah Francis-Vocals; Zach Francis-Percussion & Backing Vocals; Jim Harris-Bass, Guitar & Backing Vocals


At the "Religion in the News" studio at WISH-TV8
Susannah, Nic & Shontay

A photo stop on the way back from the Karitos Worship & Arts Conference

Sharing a devotion at Camp Indy
Zach with 1heart Praise Band

At AMTC's SHINE Winter 2012
Susannah & Zach, Co-Founders of 1heart Arts

Part of the 2011 "A Christmas Testimony" Cast

 A Glance Into the Ministry


Promo Video for "Grace Beyond Humanity"
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