"If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer." 
~ Matt. 21:22


Gathering the Body

Remember the instruction you gave your servant Moses, saying, ‘If you are unfaithful, I will scatter you among the nations, but if you return to me and obey my commands, then even if your exiled people are at the farthest horizon, I will gather them from there and bring them to the place I have chosen as a dwelling for my Name.’

~ Neh. 1:8-9

This past Saturday, we gathered God's artists together for teaching, encouragement & worship. Some of them were in desparate need of God's touch, as seen by a quote by one of the attendees, "I was richly blessed Saturday! And so hungry to have an encounter with God! And I did!". I felt the Spiritual walls that divide fall to the ground and the chains loosen from the hands and feet of His "exiles" that were there with us. He gathered us together and brought us to His place chosen to seek His face, being the Primerica Office on the northwest side of Indianapolis.  You can read more about the Karitos Indy event below. Yes, 1heart Arts and the Karitos faculty did a great deal to "prepare the field", but that was only to let God bring the rain to us.  We did our part by just being obedient to the part He had for us to play.  That is simply what our ministry is all about, we bring His people together and let Him do the miracles.  We invite you to see our first ministry video showing the true heart of 1heart Arts -  God has brought us together for a specific purpose and as we continue gather His people, we ask for your prayers.

REMEMBER: The complete prayers and praises are not gone; they are still viewable on our website. However, we have streamlined our topics to highlight just a few areas where God is working within 1heart Arts.   We want to not only share the praises, but the resources and information that He has given us as well.  Welcome to the new design for 1heart Arts' Prayers & Praises!

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"Karitos" Happens in Indianapolis

God poured down His blessings onto Central Indiana artists this past Saturday at the Primerica office in Northwest Indianapolis. Attendees traveled as far as Gary, Indiana to experience a taste of the Karitos Worship & Arts Conference. Dance, Worship, Theatre, Vocal and Artists Calling workshops were on the menu, as well as a special time for worship & local artists performances.  Attendees of the event had this to say:
I have been wanting to see what happens when people operate in their passion, and from Saturday I can see Karitos happens!!!
Thoroughly enjoyed Charl'z and LeAnzer's classes!
Maura's (dance) workshop was what I really needed and now I'm extremely interested in going (to Karitos in July)
I have never experienced anything like that (dance workshop) in my life. God kept reminding me that it is time for me to dance again. This weekend was the first time I did this in front of anyone else besides God.
Area artists joined together to usher in the Holy Spirit with a time of worship before breaking out into the individual workshop sessions. The prayer shared by Executive Director Bob Hay was that area artists be encouraged by this event and seek a greater relationship with their Creator. His prayer was answered quickly through the first workshop session, offering attendees their choice of Dance, Vocal or Artist Calling workshops.  The dance session, led by long-time Karitos faculty member Maura Hoagland, offered the participants a unique and very powerful opportunity to minister through intercessory dance.  (Continue reading this article by clicking here)

"First Fruits" Given to Faith, Hope & Love

Film has always been a passion of Zach's.  There are numerous family videos of Zach placing a camera in people's faces to play "reporter", asking them about their favorite video games and best friendships. In fact, he started his college career in Communications with film production as his goal.  During his first few years at Ball State University, he had stints at the local PBS station and college station.  It was no surprise when video came back into the forefront of the ministry. Last year, Zach began two video projects - writing a film script for "Chords" and video coverage of the FHL Week events in July.  Some of you may be following the film project blog in fact. It is documenting the process of our interviews and Zach's research through these very sensitive topics of cutting, suicide & the drug culture. However, you may have had no idea about the video coverage that Zach did during FHL Week.  
Recently, our ministry had the opportunity to showcase our first fruits of this ministry, a promotional video for FHL Week 2011.  It truly was a team effort, though Zach definitely was the creative brain behind the whole effort. The technical work of getting the video off the cameras and ready for editing was done by 1heart Arts' Stanley Jones and the audio editing and graphic layout was done by Susannah Francis, utilizing the artwork provided by FHL. It was premiered at the annual FHL Spring Luncheon and was met with very positive results. Over 100 pastors, area leaders and businesspersons were in attendance, including mayors from Greenwood, Westfield and Noblesville.  The video is now housed on their FHL Week site and is being used in training and meetings for this year's event. (Continue reading this article by clicking here)

Annual Christians Artists Family Cookout

All Christian Artists and their family & friends are invited to attend!
Dancers, Filmmakers, Potters, Writers, Musicians and the like...

It will be a time of food, fellowship & praise with other area artists! Feel free to bring a side dish or dessert to contribute. If you play an instrument, please bring it with you to join in the worship!

PLEASE RVSP BY June 20th to

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Other Ministries On Our Hearts

Karitos Worship & Arts Conference - The Karitos Indy event was absolutely fantastic and many are planning to attend the full conference in July. We are praying for God to provide us a bus or 15-passenger van and someone that would like to drive it. Please pray for those people that are feeling called to attend, that they will be able to gather the funds needed. 

Faith, Hope & Love - God continues to pour down His blessings on FHL.  Preparations for the Prayer Celebration are in full swing and we are praying that God will bring many prayer warriors to blanket this event in prayer.  More information is available at

AMTC- CONTINUED - God has given AMTC a really exciting opportunity to possibly have a reality TV show on the GMC (Gospel Music Channel). They have made their pitch and awaiting a response.  Please also be praying for our ministry friend that will be attending the SHINE event. Please also pray for Zach and I as we prepare to go to Orlando in early July for support.

Religion in the News - CONTINUED: Please pray for the new format of the show and the newly acquired commercial slots on WISH-TV8. We are praising the Lord for what He will do through these new opportunities.  You may see the show on the Religion in the News You Tube Channel. This is a ministry that we very much believe in. If you don't know much about it, I encourage you to check it out, maybe watch a previous segment online and start praying for God to continue pave the way to reach the community of Central Indiana for Christ.

If you are interested in participating in one of these ministries, please contact me at and we can talk more!
We covet your prayers!!!

May Happenings

May 13
Mother's Day 

May 15
DEADLINE for Indy Rate
to Karitos '12 in Chicago
 @ 6:30-8:30pm
Artist Bible Study  
 May 27 @ 4-6pm
Praise Band Practice

Looking Ahead...

June 15-17
Creative Arts Conference 

June 24 @ 2-6pm
Artist Family Cookout 

July 3-8
Summer SHINE 
AMTC event in Orlando

July 12-15 @ 5-9pm
Karitos '12 in Chicago
100+ Workshops in Dance, Theatre, Writing, Worship, Painting, Vocal, Signing, Mime, Film, Poetry and so much more!


Prayer Need Highlights

Drama Ministry - CONTINUED: Combining of drama "moments" with praise band sets; Wisdom on starting drama ministry in fall
Writing Ministry - CONTINUED: Favor and blessing on research for "Chords" film project
Artist Bible Study - Growing in wisdom as a group and our personal walks with the Lord; Favor to attend the Creative Arts Conference (the speaker is author of our study text)
1heart Praise Band - CONTINUED: Preparation of set w/ drama on HOPE; Planning of band member retreat in August
1heart Leadership Committee -  CONTINUED: Discernment and protection; Creation of policies and procedures
Kingdom Design -  PRAISE! God has started leading people that I can train; Financial need for purchase of Adobe software programs
Practical/Financial Needs -  CONTINUED: Heavenly doors open to developing relationships & networking; Donations & Support - see full list of needs here
Karitos - CONTINUED: Preparing for Karitos Indy; Van needed for getting to this year's event in Chicago; Financial sponsorship of people that want to attend

AMTC - CONTINUED:  Wisdom & Guidance on how we are to partner with them locally; GMC Reality TV show opportunity
1heart Praise Band

Kelly Mallasch-Keyboard & Vocals; Evelyn Johnson-Piano & Vocals; Susannah Francis-Vocals; Zach Francis-Percussion & Backing Vocals; Jim Harris-Bass, Guitar & Backing Vocals


At AMTC's SHINE Winter 2012
Susannah & Zach, Co-Founders of 1heart Arts

Part of the 2011 "A Christmas Testimony" Cast

July 2011 Interview on "Religion in the News"
J.R. Ryder w/ Susannah Francis & Kelly Mallasch

2011 Summer Family Cookout

1heart Arts Ministries Promo Video

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