"If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer." 
~ Matt. 21:22

Traveling To and Fro

I went to Jerusalem, and after staying there three days  I set out during the night with a few others. I had not told anyone what my God had put in my heart to do for Jerusalem. There were no mounts with me except the one I was riding on.

~ Neh. 2:11-12

Wow, what a few months we have had! Just like Nehemiah, God had us out there inspecting the walls that will be coming together soon; but for us, they are within the Body of artists. We traveled first to Orlando to AMTC's SHINE event, in support of Wynter Veal-Drummond. However, we were so blessed to also meet Stephanie Riley, a Indy actress/model who was also participating in the event. Watch a short testimonial of our journey and read about the amazing miracle of healing that God did during our time there. The second week was all about the Karitos Worship & Arts Conference. Wait until you read about what God did there through the people that attended with us! It was a weekend full of healing and restoration of a few "bricks in the wall". Praise God!  The third weekend was the perfect answer to our worn out and mentally/emotionally stressed bodies - the CODE Drama Conference. There, God gave us some fantastic training and resources. Plus, we connected with another warrior in the army of artists. In fact, we will be attending her upcoming drama presentation "Day of Judgement" at the end of October.  As if all those events were not enough to keep our hearts and minds busy, FHL Week 2012 arrived. It was thrilling for the 1heart Arts Ministries Video Team to travel to the various project sites all over Central Indiana and document the blessings and miracles happening througout the week. You must take a peek at some of the short videos from our coverage. 

Now life is settling back into "normal" and we are compiling all the great lessons that God gave us along the way. It is also time for us to seek our trusted advisors of the 1heart Arts Commitee and seek God together as to what He will have us do this coming year.  The door seems wide open in so many places, as in the way that I am sure that Nehamiah felt that so many of the areas of the wall needed rebuilt. However, I know that God will be faithful in telling us where the areas are for our ministry to begin work.  Will you seek His guidance with us? We all have a part to play in the Body of Christ and I believe God is revealing the path of 1heart Arts Ministries more and more each day.  If you feel that God is speaking to you about something involving 1heart Arts, would you please contact us and share it with us? God has a part for each of us to play within the Body of Christ and we invite you on this journey to where He is taking us. We love you and are so thankful for your prayers and petitions to the Throne on behalf of 1heart Arts!

REMEMBER: The complete prayers and praises are not gone; they are still viewable on our website. However, we have streamlined our topics to highlight just a few areas where God is working within 1heart Arts.   We want to not only share the praises, but the resources and information that He has given us as well.  Welcome to the new design for 1heart Arts' Prayers & Praises!

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A Month Full of Ministry

As you may know, God has been doing so many amazing things at 1heart Arts Ministries. During the past several months, He has been moving even more people into our path and this July was pretty much the culmination of all of the work we are now doing throughout the year. It seems that each event was also a piece of the puzzle of where God is calling us to for future ministry. AMTC’s Summer SHINE in Orlando allowed us to network with the artist community as a whole and afforded us the pure joy of ministering and encouraging those artists. Karitos was all about healing this year and was an extra catapult to our film project and emerging new ministries within it. The CODE Drama Conference was a powerful resource for the drama ministry work we do at 1heart Arts. We learned so much and were given dozens of fantastic tools to begin planning the drama group that God birthed in our hearts several years ago. FHL Week allowed our film team to stretch their wings, as well really brought the administrative ministry of Kingdom Design to integrate in a powerful new way into the projects of 1heart Arts. We invite you enjoy the blessings right along with us! 
“Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.” ~ Romans 12:15 

AMTC Summer SHINE '12
The first week of July we traveled again to Orlando to support gals that were participating in the AMTC SHINE event. As God is One that provide "exceedingly, abundantly", we also were blessed to share 1heart Arts with the 1,500 some attendees of the event by also being a sponsor and having a ministry booth displayed. God did so many AMAZING things through our time there - we prayed with dozens of participants, connected with global ministry leaders, and even more exciting was that both gals that we traveled down with to support had major spiritual breakthroughs and encounters with Christ. There were so many neat days down there. (Continue reading by clicking here)

Karitos ‘12
Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow! 
Much of what happened at the Karitos Worship & Arts Conference this past July can only be shared in generalities because God was doing so much personal work in people's hearts. However, I can tell you that  the weekend was absolutely amazing....the people that we traveled up with had some really powerful moments with Christ and we saw some MAJOR walls fall in their lives and we cannot praising God for what He did that weekend!!!
We took four others with us (two of them leadership in our ministry) up to Chicago for this event and then met six others that traveled separately. Due to the Indy event that we led back in May, there were about 20 some Indy attendees in all. To show even how more amazing our God is, two of the people that joined us for the conference were people we met through our film project research (Zach and I are collaborating with a film producer in Charleston [Karen DeLoach] on a project on the topic of cutting, suicide and the drug culture). The other person is Tracy Lewis, who we met through reading her book "God is Always There" about cutting and her struggles with self-harming. (Continue reading by clicking here) 

CODE Drama Conference

Though this conference was quite small, it was an absolute blessing to have the resource of a professional theater ministry leader at our disposal to ask all the questions that we have stored up from our past six years of drama ministry. One of the most valuable tools we learned was effective use of drama terminology and how to utilize diagrams and short-hand notation to indicate stage movements/blocking. We also were introduced to the powerful ministry areas of dowel rod and sign interpretation pieces. It was amazing to see how God brought forth His Spirit during these pieces! If you haven’t seen these presentations, please click on the links above and watch the videos. There were so many great jewels within the acting and improve workshops. One really neat improvisational exercise was the “5 Seconds Before”, where you keep backing up the scene to improvise/consider what each character was doing just 5 seconds prior to the scene you are actually running. And though it could get a bit wild with where imaginations would go, it was great for placing you into the mindset of what your character would be thinking. All in all, it was a fantastic conference and we are very interested attending this again with others that may want to go with us next year when it travels back to our area., or 

FHL Week 2012

As many of you may know, Faith Hope & Love is a parachurch ministry that Susannah Francis (Co-Founder of 1heart Arts) is on staff with as Executive Assistant. God led them to us in March of 2011 and this past December they partnered with us on our Christmas Production. Each year during the last week of July, Central Indiana celebrates FHL Week, bringing together dozens of churches, organizations, businesses and over a thousand volunteers to facilitate community project and events. This year, 1heart Arts partnered with FHL to provide video coverage for the 50+ projects and events. Our video team consisted of Zachary Francis (Leader & Video Production), Susannah Francis (Team Coordinator & Audio Editing), Stanley Jones (Videography), Janet Jones (Interviewer), as well as partnership with other media groups that offered additional video coverage and production. (See all the FHL Week videos by our team here)

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1heart Arts Ministries Announcement
Central Indiana – August 1, 2012 – Fundraising Partnership.

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We covet your prayers!!!

Current Happenings

August 26
@ 10:15 am

1heart Praise Band at Downey Avenue CC
@ 12:30-2:30 pm
Praise Band Practice
Sept. 4 @ 6:30-8:30 pm
Artist Bible Study

Sept. 6 @ 6-8 pm
1heart  Arts Committee Meeting

Sept. 8 @ 1-2 pm
1heart Praise Band at Rt 6t7 Fun Festival

Sept. 9 @ 4-6 pm
Praise Band Practice

Sept. 16 @ 4:30-6:30 pm
1heart Praise Band at Valley Mills Christian Church

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Prayer Need Highlights

Drama Ministry - Resources and connections for drama training; CONTINUED: Wisdom & guidance & favor in starting a drama group in fall or spring
Writing Ministry - PRAISE! Powerful revelation and guidance being given for the "Chords" Film project; Amazing resources being shown and new ministriy being begun as a result of the research and interviews; Please pray for protection and guidance for those others now becoming involved in this ministry
Artist Bible Study -  Wisdom and guidance after coming back from a very busy July "break"
1heart Praise Band - Wisdom/favor on planning a band retreat; Wisdom & guidance on preparing our upcoming song sets and how the new "drama moments" will be integrated
1heart Leadership Committee -  PRAISE! Wonderful revelation on our spiritual gifts and talents; Wisdom on development of new policies and procedures needed for strong foundation of ministry work; Continued revelation for the projects/events in our upcoming year
Kingdom Design -  Wisdom on balance and how this ministry can integrate better with 1heart Arts; CONTINUED: For God to lead an admin assistant to our ministries friends at Christ Community Church of Lamong
Practical/Financial Needs -  PRAISE! God provided each and every need we had for our very full month of July and all of the amazing events that it held!; Prayer needed on how to begin bringing consistant funds into the ministry; Provision from the fundraiser we are beginning with Cash Saver
Karitos - PRAISE! So many lives were forever changed and even new ministries jumpstarted in people's lives; Fantastic teachings in the evenings by Matt Tommey and powerful healing of the spirits of so many wounded artists; Amazing partnerships begun and a wonderful time of healing and refreshment; Please pray for wisdom as we consider preparing Karitos Indy '13

AMTC - PRAISE! Absolutely wonderful time getting to know the Indy group that traveled with us; Amazing miracles of healing, both spiritually and physically; Chains broken and dreams realized!; Pray for wisdom and guidance for Wynter & Stephanie as they return to "life as normal" and determine God's next step for them; We and our friend Janet also need wisdom as to what God had for us to learn from our time with His people there; AMTC has also requested prayer for an alumn that was involved in the Colorado Theater Shooting that is still in a coma (also has a new baby that was born just after the shooting occurred)
1heart Praise Band

Kelly Mallasch-Keyboard & Vocals; Evelyn Johnson-Piano & Vocals; Susannah Francis-Vocals; Zach Francis-Percussion & Backing Vocals; Jim Harris-Bass, Guitar & Backing Vocals


Cash Savers Program

Save real $$$ (25% to 50%) on dining, entertainment, auto repair, home repair, exercise & fitness, pet services and more for a full year!

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Bonk Goes to Burger King

Coming back from Karitos 2012 we had to make a stop for Bonk to make a cameo at the local Burger King...and Zach Francis got it all on video

At AMTC's Summer SHINE '12
Zach & Susannah Francis, Co-Founders of 1heart Arts with SHINE Indy participants

Part of the 2011 "A Christmas Testimony" Cast

July 2011 Interview on "Religion in the News"
J.R. Ryder w/ Susannah Francis & Kelly Mallasch

Indy Group at Karitos '11

2011 Summer Family Cookout

See more memorable moments on the 1heart Arts Ministries website

1heart Arts Ministries Promo Video

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