"If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer." 
~ Matt. 21:22

To God Be the Glory

To God be the glory, great things he hath done!  
So loved he the world that he gave us his Son, 
who yielded his life an atonement for sin, 
and opened the lifegate that all may go in.
- Fanny J. Crosby, Hymnist
It is fall, my favorite time of the year! With fall, comes picnics, carmel apples, Thanksgiving and the start of rehearsals for our production of "A Christmas Testimony".  Yes, that's right...Christmas.  We have held a several auditions and believe God to have picked us an amazing cast for this year's performances.  He has been so very good to us through this process (afterall, we know He is faithful!) and we are looking forward in moving to the next step - rehearsals.  Tonight marks our first day of official practice for this diverse group of actors and dancers.  Another exciting announcement is that our first venue has been secured for performances during the first week of December - Trinity Baptist Church near 30th & Keystone. We have a long road ahead and ask you to join us in specific prayer our cast & crew members listed below.  

Zach and I have been in an interesting part of the journey the past few months, building relationships.  We both felt a strong leading that God wanted us to start meeting the ministry leaders and churches around us that have this same heart to minister to artists, so we started contacting them. After a month or so, we weren't even doing much of the footwork of looking for people to talk. God started connecting us supernaturally and they started reaching out to us.  It's been an amazinglly humbling experience we must tell you. For CSOs, Executive Directors, Pastors and Administrators to start inviting US out..a little ole' ministry that just took it's name in January; that will drop you to your knees daily.  Then, I remember the youngest brother and shepherd, David and the man that wasn't a good speaker, Moses, and God's Word that states:
"Brothers and sisters, think of what you were when you were called. Not many of you were wise by human standards; not many were influential; not many were of noble birth. But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. God chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things—and the things that are not—to nullify the things that are," - 1 Cor. 1:26-28.  

It is just the way that God does things, for it gives HIM the glory. 

So, maybe you are asking, what can we do to help you in this work? moves mountains, brings comfort and peace, gives us strength and provides us with all we ask. Prayer has been the fuel to this fire God set in 1heart Arts Ministries and we ask you to keep with us in taking our needs to the Throne.  You can see our specific needs for the Christmas production by clicking here or reading below. If God is moving on your heart to do something more, please consider attending in our upcoming Mystery Dinner Fundraiser on Oct. 29th, purchasing from our Yankee Candle fundraiser or making a monitary donation online through Faith, Hope, & Love International.  You can see all the options on our Support Page. Together, we will continue to "connect, equip and encourage artists" as 1heart Arts Ministries.
As always, please enjoy our newsletter and if you would like to share your input on how to make it even better, please complete a very short survey at

Ministry Updates 
Praises & Prayer Requests

Mystery Dinner - Oct. 29th - Drama Ministry - The Lord has been doing AWESOME things with partnership and connections! We have so much to be thankful for as we continue this exciting journey - relationships built, partnerships made and more importantly, people being reached for Christ, One specific prayer we ask that you lift before the Throne is that our communications will be strengthened and protected. In the past six months, almost every area has been attacked - phone, Internet, email, speaking, printers, vehicles (that get us to the meetings) name it.  We ask that you pray that Lord protect us in this very specific area as only He can.  Also, please be praying for the cast & crew members listed below.  If you able, we would love for you to attend our Fundraising Mystery Dinner on October 29th. Click on the flyer to the right for more details and/or to reserve your tickets (only $10/adults & $2/kids). Another very specific prayer for our Christmas production is for God to bring us SINGERS and DANCERS. We haven't received them yet and are waiting for God to move in this area. If you know of anyone, please refer them to our production website or have them contact

Our Cast & Crew
Zachary Francis - Co-Producer & Assistant Director
Susannah Francis - Co-Producer & Director
Jim Harris - Music Director
Shontay Dickerson - Dance Director
Janean Starms - Assistant Dance Director
Janet Jones - Stage Manager
Stanley Jones - Lighting Director
Janet Veal-Drummond - Lighting Designer
Robin Young - Older Sarah
Eric Abel - Sam
Jaqueline Wheat - Mallory & Assistant Stage Manager
Livi Whitman - Holly
Hannah P. - Jennifer
Madeline Morton - Grandma Mears (1st & 3rd weekends)
Megan Gudeman - Grandma Mears (2nd weekend) & Assistant Stage Manager
Brittany Jones - Melody
Erica Freeman - Barbara
Briana J. - Young Sarah
Arrine M. - Dancer
1heart Praise Band - Zach & Susannah Francis, Jim Harris, Evelyn Johnson & Kelly Mallasch

As mentioned above, we are still looking for dancers, musicians, singers and a few actors to finalize this list - visit our Audition Information Page for more details.   We also have need of a few key crew positions such as costuming, audio tech and set construction. You can see details for these on our Crew Positions page. Please check out the appropriate links if you are interested in being a part.
Playwriting Ministry -  Due to our drama practices being held on Friday evenings, we are having to take a break from meeting with the Morgan Co. Christian Writers Group. However, we fully intend on continuing this in January.  Adiitionally, we are slowing down work on the  "Chords" Film Project, but are praising God for the people that He continues to connect us with for interviews. We've got a bit more leading from the Lord as to the title and storyline, so please just keep praying that this brings healing and restoration to all that it touches.
Artist Bible Study - CONTINUED PRAYER - This group has been struggling a bit to meet throughout the summer, as so many of us have very busy schedules.  However, we are planning to stay solid throughout the fall & winter, so it's an excellent time to join us!  If you know of artists that would like to grow in their walk & craft, please share our website or point them to under the name "Christian Artists". 

1heart Worship & Praise Ministry - Praise God that new opportunities keep appearing for our praise band to worship and minister to the community! We are now working on one of our band member's orginal Christian songs and know that God is leading us into a new stage of this ministry.  There many exciting things in the wings just waiting for God's perfect timing.  Specific prayer needs are that we will have adequate time to prep the songs that will be played through the Christmas production, wisdom on preparing the Christmas Eve Service for Southport Church of the Nazarene and continued strength as all of us balance our busy holiday schedules.
1heart Arts Leadership Committee - Please continue to pray for God to lead us to the leadership He has appointed for 1heart Arts Ministries. We just held our Quarterly Committee Meeting and know for certain that God has amazing things in store for the coming years!
Kingdom Design Administrative Ministry - CONTINUED PRAYER - I'm going to stop praying for a partner to assist me, as I think maybe that was the wrong thing to be asking.  Instead, I ask that you pray for God to lead me to the resources that will allow this ministry to multiply.  God put a major passion in my heart to create an understanding as to the necessity of administration and I do my "preaching" through submission to the ministries where God has led me to work. 
Practical and Financial Needs - We have sent out over 40 of our ministry letters to family and friends of 1heart Arts Ministries.  We would love to send one to you if you haven't already received it! Please just send an email to and we will include you in our next mailing.  This letter provides information about how you can partner with us in this year's Christmas Production. You can also visit our homepage for more information and see how much God is blessing us! . Faith, Hope & Love, a 501(c)3 organization, is accepting these donations for the Christmas production on our behalf and has even set up an easy online donation option.  All these funds will be given to 1heart Arts Ministries for the Christmas Production and any money remaining at the end of the project will be deposited into our personal ministry account under our church's line item for our ministry.  If you are interested in donating, please visit our Support Page.  
Karitos Worship & Arts Conference - CONTINUED - Wow, Wow & WOW! If you haven't been able to read our list of blessings from Karitos conference in July, please don't delay. You will be so moved by how much the Lord did in the those few short days. We are now starting to recruit and prepare for taking a group next year.  The Lord put our hearts to start praying for a charter bus to take us all up in 2012!  At first, I thought this was a lofty goal, but seeing how God is moving here in Indy with the ministry, I'm starting to think a caravan of FIVE buses might be more something to pray on.  Also, I would love to sponsor as a ministry a few people from Indy to take with us. These would be teens and/or adults that would benefit from attending, but cannot afford it themselves. Since I first experienced Karitos, the Lord put on my heart that Indy needed this...and I don't believe that was anything but the truth.  The Lord is preparing the way and our next Indy promo event is going to be powerful...I can just feel it coming!!  

If you are interested in participating in one of these ministries, please contact me at and we can talk more!
We covet your prayers!!!



October Happenings

Oct. 6 @ 6-8 pm
 1heart Arts Committee Meeting
Oct. 7 @ 6-9 pm
Oct. 9 @ 4-6 pm
 1heart Praise Band Practice
Oct 13. @ 6-9 pm
Oct. 14 @ 6-9 pm
 Practice for "A Christmas Testimony"
Oct. 18 @ 6:30pm
Artist Bible Study
Oct. 21 @ 6-9 pm
Oct. 23 @ 4-6 pm
 1heart Praise Band Practice 
Nov. 1 @ 6:30pm
Artist Bible Study


Prayer Need Highlights

Drama Ministry - Protection over communication; Cast & Crew protection and growth; Financial needs; Mystery Dinner & Yankee Candle Fundraisers
Playwriting Ministry - Research and interviews on "Chords" Film project 
Artist Bible Study - Prayer for continued growth and connections in the Artist Community
1heart Praise Band - New stage of growth; Christmas Production & Christmas Eve Service
1heart Leadership Committee -Additional leadership; continued discernment on projects and fundraising
Kingdom Design -  For God to lead me to the resources He has prepared to further this ministry.
Practical/Financial Needs -Ministry letters sent; Fundraising and promotion for Christmas production; Donations & Support for ministry
Karitos - Preparing for 2012 Indy Promo Event; Charter buses for next year's event; Financial sponsorship of people that want to attend
1heart Praise Band

Kelly Mallasch-Keyboard & Vocals; Evelyn Johnson-Piano & Vocals; Susannah Francis-Vocals; Zach Francis-Percussion & Backing Vocals; Jim Harris-Bass, Guitar & Backing Vocals


Display at the "Back to School Celebration"

A photo stop on the way back from the Karitos Worship & Arts Conference

 A Glance Into the Ministry


Promo Video for "Grace Beyond Humanity"
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