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The Old Vic's The Crucible - how to prepare
Exclusive Richard Armitage interview
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As you know, The Old Vic's The Crucible is coming to at 2pm GMT on 17 March 2015! We have compiled a few handy
FAQs to help you prepare.

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We would particularly like to emphasise to users that if they have version 5.2.1 or earlier of the Digital Theatre Desktop Player they will need to uninstall and reinstall the player due to recent updates.

As a treat for the weekend, here is a sneak peek at our exclusive interview with Richard Armitage. The full version will be available to purchase on from Tuesday 17 March 2015. 
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How to buy How to watch
How to buy

How much will The Crucible cost?
You can purchase The Crucible on for:
  GBP (£) USD ($) EUR (€)
Rent 3.99 5.99 5.49
Buy (SD) 8.99 12.99 11.99
Buy HD 10.99 15.99 14.49
What are the available payment methods?
We accept all major credit cards including MasterCard, Visa and Maestro (UK only). Purchases made via the iOS app are processed through your iTunes Store account.

What is the difference between a rental and a download?
A rental from can be watched in your browser, on the iOS app and on the Digital Theatre Desktop Player. Rentals are valid for 30 days. Once you start watching the production will be available for 48 hours.
Please note that you cannot watch rentals offline in the Digital Theatre Desktop Player.
You can download productions from in Standard Definition (SD) or High Definition (HD). Productions can be downloaded up to three times using the Desktop Player and are available to watch any time in your browser or the iOS app. Downloads also come with a one-time redemption code which can be used through the Samsung Smart TV app.

What is the difference between Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD)?
High Definition offers a better and clearer image quality than Standard Definition. Please note that the file size of an HD download is greater than that of an SD download.

Can I buy The Crucible through the iOS app?
Currently, The Crucible will only be available for purchase on To watch in the iOS app, purchase The Crucible on and you will find it in your library when you enter the iOS app and sign in with your login details.
The Crucible will be available to purchase via the iOS app at a date to be confirmed. Keep following us on Twitter
@DigitalTheatre for updates.

Will I be able to purchase The Crucible on DVD?
No, does not distribute DVDs.

How long will The Crucible be available for on
The Crucible will be available to all our customers on from 17 March 2015 and for the foreseeable future.

Can I keep The Crucible forever?
Yes, if you purchase an SD or HD download, The Crucible will remain in your library forever.

How to watch
How do I watch The Crucible?
To watch The Crucible you must be a registered user of Visit to sign up now. More details about how to watch are available here:
Can I watch The Crucible in my country?
Yes, from March 17 The Crucible will be available to watch worldwide via
Do I need an Internet connection to watch The Crucible?
Yes, you will need an Internet connection to purchase The Crucible. All productions in your library can be watched online and in the iOS app. If you want to watch The Crucible offline you will need to purchase an SD or HD download and then open it in the Digital Theatre Desktop Player. Downloading will require an uninterrupted Internet connection but once downloaded, you will be able to view offline. 

What Internet speed do I need to watch The Crucible? automatically detects your bandwidth speed and adjusts quality accordingly. For optimum viewing experience you will need an Internet connection that delivers at least 5 MBPs of sustained bandwidth.

Where do I find The Crucible once I have purchased it?
To find The Crucible in your library choose ‘My Library’ on the top right corner of your screen. Your library should automatically open once you log into your account.

What do I do if I forget my password?
If you forget your password click ‘I’ve forgotten my password’ and a new one will be emailed to you.

Can I use The Crucible in my classroom? productions are available for private use only. To watch The Crucible in your classroom visit Digital Theatre Plus ( where you can subscribe to watch the full production online and also access exclusive Study Guides and cast and creative interviews.

Can I watch The Crucible on my Apple TV?
Yes, productions can be watched on your Apple TV using the iOS app and AirPlay. AirPlay Mirroring is also now available for certain Mac models using OS X Mountain Lion and later. Visit for more information.

How do I generate a redemption code to watch The Crucible in the Samsung Smart TV app?
To generate a redemption code, purchase a SD or HD download and navigate to ‘My Account’. You can then generate redemption codes in ‘My Smart TV’.

How can I watch The Crucible on the Digital Theatre Desktop Player?
To watch The Crucible on the Digital Theatre Desktop Player, you need to install the player on your computer, available here: To view purchased productions go to ‘Library’ and click ‘Update Library’. Please note you cannot purchase in the player.

My desktop player isn’t working, what do I do?
If you have an older version of the Digital Theatre Desktop Player (version 5.2.1 or earlier) you may experience a ‘Certification error’. To correct this we recommend a full uninstall of the player before re-installing the newest player from

 Is The Crucible still playing in cinemas?
The Crucible is still playing in selected worldwide territories. Visit for more information.

If you are still experiencing technical problems please email
Cinema screenings continue in the UK, Australia, Cyprus, Finland, France, Hong Kong, Macau, Slovakia, South Africa and Spain. Visit to book.
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